8MILELAKE Brake Caliper Wind Back Tool 22pc professional disc brake caliper tool set – Great deal for $20

Used on 2008 volvo c70 rear brakes. I initially attempted the retract the piston by inserting the ends of a pair of large needle nose pliers in the piston face detents while turning and pushing in at the same time but the piston would not budge. I ordered the 8milelake 21 pc kit because i wasn’t sure if the smaller kit would have the necessary adapters (it turns out that the smaller kit would have been fine). Once i figured out the correct adapter (by trial and error) i was able to retract the piston although it took a fair amount of effort to start off. The components seems well made and the blow molded case holds everything securely. The instructions could be a bit clearer and but overall i am satisfied with the value.

I’m extremely happy with this kit, especially for the low price / high quality. I just replaced the pads on the rear of a 2014 ford escape and ended up having to get a loaner kit from a local auto supply when the piston would not turn in with the needle nose pliers trick. That ‘$130’ kit did not even have an attachment to fit the ford piston hole spacing. I ended up having to modify it to get it to work. This kit appears to be of about the same quality and many more attachments. If you do your own brake work this kit is a must.

The tools do work fairly well, but they are made of a very cheap grade of steel. That on itself is not that big of a deal considering the small amount of force needed to work on calipers, but the latching mechanism (magnets) could have been a bit better. No complains otherwise, i got what i paid for.

I just received it i am not sure if what people are referring to as greasy is not from previous use or is it a bad use of anti corrosion material. I thought mine might have been used i went over all the adapters none of them had any wear marks as would be impossible to hide if it was used for a repair. I have a garage full of tools and i am looking forward doing brakes with this new kit.

The one attachment i needed worked great. Trying to use the cheap cube style piston tool just generated sweat and cursing after a lot of wasted time. Left car on jackstands for a couple of days until this tool kit arrived. Was able to compress the brake piston in about a minute. Knocked off one star because of the case. Plastic is really cheap and flimsy feeling, and it came with a dented corner (but outside box was fine). Also, the pieces don’t stay in place, so when you open it they are all sliding around and falling out.

Bought for my dad and he was very happy with it. Others mentioned how the pieces didn’t stay in their spots. The discs slide into little grooves and kinda click into place. They stay fairly well, however if you are going to be throwing it around like packages commonly are when it’s being shipping they will slide out. He hasn’t had any issues with it though. Some pieces are a little dirty, but if you know anything about pure metal tools, they tend to be dirty/dusty. Also if you don’t like getting dirty i doubt you would be working on a vehicle anyway.

  • A very complete kit.
  • Having the right tool makes all the difference
  • Very impressed! Much better than expected.

Backyard/driveway mechanic here. Tool worked as expected for a 2010 vw jetta sportswagen. Sometimes the disks fall out of their spot but no big deal. The right tool, even if it’s not a gleaming work of machined art, is much better than not having the tool at all.

For years i’ve been doing brake jobs on many different cars and trucks, pushing the caliper piston in by hand or in tough cases using a woodworking c-clamp or whatever i could find. The day came when my daughter’s 2015 gti needed some work and i finally gave in and bought this set. Don’t let the price fool you. This is a great quality set and has many adapters for many different cars. I should have bought this years ago.

I like getting a tool with all the options. I replace all the brakes on my vehicles myself and had always used c clamps before. With more modern vehicles, it seemed time to up my game and i never know when one vehicle will have the wind back calipers. The tools seem very substantial and i am happy with the quality of the metal parts. The case is descent but could be better. Each piece pops into a holder spot that is marked for it. When i first opened it, several pieces were out of place sliding around the case. I figured the delivery workers can be rough on things so i clipped them all back in their places. The next time i opened it, 3 pieces were loose sliding around. The plastic is just a tad too thin to have the strength to hold them all in place but it does pretty good as you carry it around.

This is so dang easy to use, comes with absolutely everything you need, and worked flawlessly. Didn’t have to mess with c-clamps trying to push the piston back in or anything ridiculous like that. This fell under the ‘right tool for the job’ category and just turned what used to be a timely process into a quick second thought. Used this on my 2013 vw passat. Just be sure to turn slowly as you’re pushing the piston back. This is important so you don’t damage the brake system. Just go slow, don’t just crank down like a beast, and this will work perfectly. No issues with quality what so ever. Hope this works for my motorcycle, we shall see.

For the price, this tool set can be used on any car to reset the pistons. I used it on a dual piston gm suv from 2006 and it worked very smoothly. 2x the cost of a regular caliper tool, this is a great addition to my tool collection and pays for itself after the first use. I always did my own brakes but used either a c-clamp or a cheap caliper tool. This makes it so much easier.

Features of 8MILELAKE Brake Caliper Wind Back Tool 22pc professional disc brake caliper tool set

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  • Ideal for 4 wheel drive cars/trucks
  • Includes left and right handed thrust bolt assemblies
  • The kit includes 18 adapters which fit a variety of modern car brands
  • 22Pc kits rotates piston back into caliper for fitting of new brake shoes and pads
  • Blow molded case included

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

I am not a pro so consider this review from that viewpoint. I have changed many brake pads over the years and i can’t believe i never bought one of these. I just finished changing the brakes on a ford transit van that has screw in type calipers on the rear. That job would have been impossible without this tool. The tool is easy to use, fit very well and i especially like the magnet on the end to hold on the specific adapter is great. All around good product at an unbelievable price.

Used it a couple of times and this set worked fine. I am a diy mechanic and not a professional so my perception of the quality and usefulness of this tool is based on that. I recommend this for the diy mechanic. I have worked on two fords, three dodges, a pontiac and a honda and i had the right adapter in each case and the tool worked as expected. One of the dodges was a 2500 ram and it did fine with the oversized calipers.

I picked this up to do rear pads on a saab. Only issue i had was that one of the calipers was in really rough shape. I can say that this still managed to get that one to turn in, but it took a lot of effort, banging on the caliper to free up stickiness, and using an adjustable wrench on the body of the tool – the handle on the end actually was bent from the stress. That’s really the only weak point i found in my using it. But i fault that of the caliper, not these tools. Any routine job, this should handle just fine. The pieces not locking into the case 100% during transport, well that just seems like nitpicking. If the handle was a little stronger, this would be 5 stars from me. Again, not the fault of it, but still an issue if it’s something requiring extra leverage.

I used this three days after i got. This was unexpected, a call from a friend with grinding brakes. I used this to replace her front pads. The front brake pad adapter (#3) fit perfectly. No need to use an old brake pad. Compressed the piston easily. This comes with a left hand thread and right hand thread windup. This is pretty important for rear disc brakes, as you have to turn one side with the left hand screw, and one with the right.

Like the previous reviews have said and shown, the inside of my case was dirty and appeared used. However, the package was intact and appeared new from the outside. I inspected each part and they were all dirty, but did not smell like brake dust. This leads me to believe that the set is new but not cleaned up very well at the manufacturer. For the price difference over the local auto parts store i can live with wiping them down.

I’ve been working on cars, trucks, and motorcycles for 53 years. I’m also what could be called a tool freak. I simply love well-made tools. I have so many tools that people are stunned when they enter my shop. Surprisingly, one tool set i don’t have is a caliper piston compressor set. That’s simply because i’ve never needed one. I’ve done more brake jobs over the years that i could count but most have no required spinning the caliper piston while compressing it into the caliper and i just use a fast-action c-clamp or fast-action bar clamp for that. In fact, i’ll still do it that way for calipers that don’t require spinning the piston because it’s faster and more efficient that using a tool like this. (nothing to assemble, almost no screwing down threads (fast-action), etc. A couple did require turning the pistons but i was able to spin the piston using makeshift methods but that was a bit of a pain.

Ideal for 4 wheel drive cars/trucks

How often do you purchase something that pays itself off with one use?. Could not have done the rear brake job on my mazda 3 without this tool. Nice solid quality feel to the pieces in this kit. Love the compact case and the parts all snap into their respective compartments.

I only needed one of the adapters but wow. What a great kit that i will use for the rest of my life. Super well made and a real bargain to boot. I love the magnetic compressors that don’t drop the adapters.

So far it seems to be a good product, however like other posts i did not give it a 5-star because it comes with absolutely zero instructions and i believe the description says it comes with a manual. It is not hard to figure out how to use, took me about 2 seconds, but it might not be that easy for everyone. As far as what discs work for what car, it is easy enough to just size them up yourself, but would be nice if they included a size chart.

Includes left and right handed thrust bolt assemblies

The kit includes 18 adapters which fit a variety of modern car brands

22Pc kits rotates piston back into caliper for fitting of new brake shoes and pads

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