ABN Axle Nut Socket – Does not fit axel nut on Chrysler 300c

I mean, it’s a socket, so there’s not really much to say about it. It definitely fits 30mm axle nuts and it’s definitely 1/2′ drive. The finish is even, and the machining is nice, no sharp edges anywhere. Size stamp is well defined and easily readable.

This socket is usable with a hand ratchet, breaker bar or an air impact. Most impact sockets are not supposed to be used with a breaker bar. I bought these to use on my harley because they fit both the top fork nuts and the rear axle nuts. They also fit several axle nuts on some of the newer cars and trucks.

The 33mm axle nut socket is top quality tool. I bought it to remove my mustang axle nut. Unfortunately it is the wrong size to fit my car. It won’t be used so, i will not be able to verify it’s functionality. Mustangs must have various axle nuts and this one came up in the search under ‘your garage’ on amazon and i ordered it.

My husband needed the socket for his hummer, so he can change the ball bearing in car. He was super happy when he try it, it work. From ordering which was very easy to on time delivery, i give it a 10 and tell anyone to everyone how super easy this was.

Perfect as described how ever it was a little bit of a ‘loose’ fit on the axle to the point of almost not being able to use it at all as it would slip off if applying tremendous torque. To be quite fair my axle nut could’ve been slightly smaller than the repair manual said it was so i will not hold it against the socket. All in all it got the job done.

Works well with my cordless impact to remove truck lug nuts. I have only had to use it a few times, and already can see the wear starting around the drive end of the socket, but is still holding up for now. When ordered the socket did arrive quickly. If anything happens to this one to the point that i can’t use it, i will most likely get this same one again.

Five star quality, 3 star price (not bad)happened to go to harbor freight two hours after ordering on amazon. I shouldn’t have been quite so hasty and it would have been worth a few $$ to have it delivered.

I bought it for work to do tires on semis with my mikwaukee m18 fuel 1/2 in. It is definitely strong enough to survive the ugga chuggas my impact puts out. At the moment it’s a little snug, but it probably just needs to be worn in.

The price was fantastic and the quality exceeded my expectations. ’18), i wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of quality and fit/finish. The socket was hefty, well cast and has a nice, not perfect, finish. Seriously, this was only $9. I needed a 38mm 1/2′ drive socket for removing a gear nut on my 1979 fiat x1/9 engine. I looked locally without finding a decent 1/2′ drive, 38mm socket for less than $20. I didn’t need the socket right away so i checked amazon and found the abn axle nut socket.

I bought this socket to replace the front axle shaft on my 06 duramax pickup. This socket paired with my ryobi 1+ 1/2′ impact was all i needed to remove the spindle nut and reinstall the new axle shaft. I’m very happy i didn’t have to buy a whole set of larger sockets to get the 35mm one i needed, being able to buy one socket at a reasonable price is great.

I needed this to replace the wheel bearing hub assemblies on my car. Only $10 and it worked great for removal of the 30mm axle nut with my impact and for re-installation with a standard ratchet and final tightening with a torque wrench.

When it comes to tools, i buy quite a bit from abm. My first purchase with them i was a little hesitant because of the low cost. Normally with tools, low-cost means low-quality. This is not the case with them.Their tools are a quarter of the price of what you pay at the auto parts store and probably 10x the quality. However, this axle nut socket worked for what i needed it for, the only bad thing i can say is it was very sloppy. I was concerned that it would strip out the hex head on the nuts when used with an impact socket. Fortunately it did not do any damage, but i was hoping it would be a little tighter fit.

The largest size in my impact socket set is 33mm. As luck would have it i had a need for a 35mm socket. I ordered a single 35mm socket from amazon. This 35mm socket is a better quality tool than my old set. It performed so well that i placed an order for a 34mm socket as well. I’m just waiting on murphy ’s law to kick in and require a 36mm socket. Should that happen i know where to get a good impact socket at a very reasonable price. Here are the specifications for the ABN Axle Nut Socket:

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  • PRACTICAL FOR HUB AND AXLE NUT APPLICATIONS: Use the ABN Axle Nut Socket, 38mm, 1/2″ Inch Drive, 6 Point – Universal for All Vehicle 6pt for removing, installing, and repairing hub or axle nuts on your vehicle
  • BUILT TO LAST: Constructed from chromium-molybdenum steel (CR-MO) for strength and longevity; Impact quality with a 6-point design
  • USE YOUR TOOLS: Fits standard 1/2” inch socket wrench drives; For use with ratchet, breaker bar, impact wrench, or torque wrench
  • VARIOUS AXLE LENGTHS: Output shaft has a 1/2” inch deep socket drive for an easy fit for various axle lengths
  • FITMENT: For removal and installation of axle nut and automatic transmission tail output shafts

This is one tough socket, it took a beating and is unmarked. This is the size for general motors product trucks front axle nuts on 4 wheel drive hubs. If you are tackling hub replacements on these vehicles save time, frustration and injury.

Needed a 36mm to do some work on a yamaha fz1 sprocket swap. I had up to 34mm in my tool kit, never needed a 36 before this job. Held up well with my impact both pneumatic and electric on the m18 milwaukee. I wouldn’t trust this against my name brand sockets. But for the task i had it worked well.

Does not fit on my chrysler 300c axel nut like amazon suggested it did it’s way to small to fit on my axel nut so i have no use for this item hints the 3 stars. As for quality and price it’s a nice socket looks like it would serve well for a 32mm and for the price its deff cheaper than store sockets but not what i needed.

It took the axle nut off my navigator, and then, with a torque wrench, put it back on. I needed it, it was cheap, it worked. If you need a 35mm, 6-point socket, just buy. Oh, it got here two days early, and shipping was free.

This is a superb socket for removing the large nut that holds the drive shaft to the hub. Using a 1/2 drive flex handle, the nut was effortlessly broken loose and removed. It made the task of replacing front wheel bearing hubs on my front wheel drive automobile easy.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • It arrived as described and well packaged. It worked for my use-case (Fiat X1/9 engine rebuild)
  • Worked great!
  • Very Good Quality at a Reasonable Cost

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