AirCat 1150 Killer Torque 1/2-Inch Impact Wrench – Superior Performance – Owner’s Manual & Amazon product description need more info for novice buyers

I’m a very ‘experienced’ shade tree mechanic (over 55 years. ) and have spent countless hours working on tired and old cars. The most recent of which is an ’87 nissan pulsar which until a couple of weeks ago was my daily driver. The crankshaft pulley bolt decided to loosen causing the pulley to slip a bit and wobble. Turns out the threads at the end of the bolt had begun to strip. I tried several impact wrenches all of which would loosen the bolt about 1/2 turn but no further. Decided i needed something better and sprang for the aircat 1150 after reading a lot of reviews.

I have only been using it for a week but it can remove nuts that no other gun i have can. Puts my ingersoll rand to shame and cost like $400 less. Also, they sell rebuild kits for these, so you can fully maintain it yourself. I am only using this for when i need high torque, it isn’t the best for a daily driver, but everyone should have one of these in their arsenal. Too much torque and no real fine control makes this not optimal for regular work, but when you need to pull out the big guns, this is it. I use it with milton high flow couplings ( https://www. Com/gp/aw/d/b073rnwbbq?psc=1&ref=yo_pop_mb_pd_title ) and it is unbeatable.

As a prime member i received my 1150 aircat yesterday less than two days after paying for it. I was anxious about this purchase, so quickly put it to the lug nut test on my dodge ram 1500. I have them hand torqued to 100 ft lbs and the 1150 removed them with ease. A a result i give it five stars. Before making my purchase i took a long time reviewing a lot of impact gun reviews and you tube videos. As far as aircat i was struggling with a choice between the aircat 1150, the nitrocat 1200-k and the nitrocat 1250-k. Double clutch, or twin hammer were other considerations. I do a majority of my own car and truck repairs and for years used a 1/2′ impact wrench that would not remove lug nuts, brake calibers bolts, and certain suspension parts. I would have to hand brake them, and then use the impact driver. I am very pleased with this twin hammer impact wrench and confidant that i made the correct decision.

First i bought a cheap all metal husky impact gun from home depot. I had to turn my air pressure up passed 100psi before it would start to loosen lug nuts that i had tightened by hand to 80 ft/lbs, and it still didn’t get all of them off. After that, i decided to do some research and bought this aircat. I haven’t had any super rusted fastners to test it on, but lug nuts flew off my car with my regulator set to 60psi. Make sure you use a large enough diameter hose and fittings and this will do the job.

I recently upgraded from a bargain brand impact to the aircat 1150, and i’m astounded. My previously impact constantly disappointed me. It’d fail to remove over-tightened lug nuts, rusted caliper bolts, and even some smaller bolts that required a 1/2′ to 3/8′ adapter for the sockets. The aircat 1150 on the other hand, has not failed to break loose a bolt once in the month i’ve had it. I recently had my tires replaced at one of those big chain tire shops, and realized later they’d tightened the lugs to the point that i couldn’t break them free with a 4-way lug wrench or an 18′ breaker bar. The aircat got them all off without any delay. No knocking, or jerking, or anything. Just a single loud tap as they broke free followed by a second of free spin until they dropped into my open palm. Even old rusty caliper bolts are no problem. What once was an ordeal involving liquid wrench, breaker bars, and hammers, is now a 20 second job.

I’m an auto tech, and rely on impact tools to get the job done. I’ve been using an aircat impact for the last 13 years or so, and when it started getting weak, i decided to try this one. It has more power than my last one, and more power than any other 1/2′ gun i’ve used before, including snap-on and ingersoll rand, plus it’s light.It may not be the most powerful in the world, but it’s a great value.

In my first pneumatic impact wrench i needed precision, durability, control, and power. The aircat 1150 delivered on all four requirements. As a bonus, it is relatively quiet, comfortable, and light weight. I almost did not buy it due to negative reviews on amazon. I was resigned to choosing either a heavy, bulky, hard-to-control tool, or a controllable underpowered one. First, an answer from the manufacturer stating that the user problems claimed in the amazon ‘1 star’ reviews were due to setup instructions not being followed. The second was a review of 1/2′ drive impact wrenches in an air tool journal where the aircat 1150 was judged best in its class. For novices, the manual could include instructions on grease lubrication, optimal hose length and type, and minimal compressor specifications.

So ive been using this aircat 1150 for about a week at the dealership i work at and i use it very often from tire rotations to suspension work ect. And the powers is awesome and feels confortable. I bought a more expensive gun before this one and fail twice. My coworker told me about aircat and im happy i made the choice. I will come back for updates after a month use.

I had a staked gm pinion nut that my other impact could not budge during my last attempt last year. My other impact would not budge the thing, breaker bar was also of no help. So i gave up on trying to change that pinion seal. Now i have the car apart again for some more upgrades, the leak is getting worse, so it’s on my mind again. My other impact can do 350lbs, so i decide to try this impact before i break down and pull the rearend and pay someone to remove the nut. It took me about 10min to get the impact setup, my old air compressor died recently, so i have a little harbor freight cheap 8 gallon compressor borrowed. This impact zipped that stubborn pinion nut off like it was nothingthis is now my favorite tool—editing as i have had more time to work with this tool and a new air system in my garage. I now have a 60 gallon quincy 2 stage compressor and an elaborate air system i set up for painting a car. I also have all of my lines upgraded and switched over to the ‘v’ style high flow connectors on all of my tools and lines. This thing continues to perform, i run my main lines at 160psi, and reregulate down to 110psi for the air tools.

I’m a mechanic at an atv dealership and have been using this gun almost daily for over a month and i absolutely love it. I was previously using a cheap $50 impact that was supplied to me when i started working there 8 years ago but it struggled even with over tightened lug nuts and would not budge other parts on the machines forcing me to constantly borrow the other guys tool truck impacts and it’s safe to say i’ve used just about every model and brand they produce. Finally decided to upgrade and this gun easily hangs with all of them and is probably more powerful than most in it’s class. We don’t typically run into the huge bolts that someone like a diesle mechanic would but since these machines spend their lives in mud and water they tend to be extremely rusty but this gun doesn’t slow down. It will remove them or break them. It laughs in the face of lug nuts, suspension bolts, clutches, and axle nuts. To remove a clutch on these machines requires removing the stock bolt and then inserting what’s essentially a long, threaded spike that you tighten until the clutch pops off of the shaft. This is probably the toughest thing i encounter regularly and this gun breaks them loose with no effort, just a loud pop. A few days ago i was taking a clutch apart (already removed) and the castle nut that holds it together had been tightened by another mechanics tool truck gun the same day (the brand that starts with ‘s’). I put this impact on it and sparks actually flew off of the nut when i pulled the trigger and it broke loose instantly.

This little thing is just the best. Breaks off lug nuts and the toughest of bolts. I have used this to change tires even on a semi with utmost ease. It’ll handle the toughest of tough. I think this thing is even better then some of the snap on air torque wrench’s and at a fraction of the cost. This wrench is also very quiet for how much power is pushing through this thing.

Crankshaft bolt on my 1997 toyota is nasty to remove. It is tightened to 283 ft/lbs of torque. My craftsman 1/2′ impact gun only creates 580 ft/lbs of losening torque and was not doing the job. Couldn’t use a 3/4 driver because there’s not enough space. Therefore, only a 1/2 driver will fit that space. I didn’t want to use a 6′ cheater pipe because when the friction is released, i run the risk of denting my fender no matter how well i pad the bar with foam and blankets around the fender. I decided to get this gun due to the 1295 ft/lbs of loosening torque. First, i hooked the aircat up to my regular 50 foot air hose. Wasn’t sure how much pressure loss but thought i’d give it try. I kept the gun on it for a while and no movement.

I started off my ‘weekend warrior’ tool arsenal with a harbor freight impact wrench. It worked ok but i wanted more. When removing stubborn rusted nuts either it will or it will shear the threads right off. Either way the part comes off. It seems to do this with less air consumption than my harbor freight tool as well. A helpful hint is to always use the shortest line possible with least amount of flex in the line to remove the hardest of nuts/bolts. It is also advisable to use the least amount of attachments on your impact wrench. Here are the specifications for the AirCat 1150 Killer Torque 1/2-Inch Impact Wrench:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • sheer power and performance of 1,295 Feet-pounds (ft-lb) of loosening torque and Max. Torque 900 ft-lbs
  • 1,400 Blows Per Minute makes this the strongest hard hitting Twin Hammer 1/2 Impact Wrench on the market
  • 15-Percent larger rotor creates unmatched power
  • Patented quiet technology at 86 decibels
  • 2 year parts and labor warranty

. The last impact you’ll buy. It’s my go to for stubborn bolts, difficult to reach stuff, and everything inbetween. Easily keeps up with other major brand (snapallyourmoney?) and less cash up front. Have no idea about customer service from aircat, as this thing never breaks. Been using it for 2+ years without incident. Just feed it good air, keep it oiled, and break everything but this tool.

This impact wrench had the power to pull and install wheel bearings with my otc hub tamer kit, where my trusty ingersoll rand 231c could not muster up the torque. The ir 231c has been a mechanic’s favorite for decades – it is one tough and powerful impact gun. It has been the only 1/2′ air impact i ever needed, until i had to replace some pressed in wheel bearings on a subaru that had been driven a lot in snow/salt. I was considering the ingersoll rand thunder gun, but have read a lot of good things about the aircat 1150. So, i saved quit a bit of money and took a chance on the aircat. It is lighter and more quiet than my old ir 231c along with being more powerful. Of course, the plastic housing is part of the reason, so i don’t know how well it would hold up in a professional shop environment. But for the weekend mechanic like myself, it is fantastic.

I work in a heavy duty semi repair shop so having a solid sturdy impact is a requirement as it gets used almost every day. Was looking at the mac and snap on ones on the truck but they want over $500 for them and i cant justify that for one tool. So i was shopping around and found this little guy, boy am i really happy with it. I’ve had it now for 2 months and i would never buy a mac or snap on over this guy. The heaviest thing we do is torquing lug nuts and leaf spring bolts. Both get torqued to 450 ft/lbs and this thing will hammer them to that plus some. Its to the point that the only reason i put the torque bar on it is because i have to. I put the torque wrench on and there is no movement of the lug nut and pop shes good. Repeatably this will do this even when i have to do 4 hubs with duals, it doesn’t care. I’ve had several seasoned techs walk up and ask if it’ll do the job and i simply hand it to them and let them use it.

I got a damaged volvo for parts and the aircat never failed to remove any bolt or nut from this car. I used a 100 ft hose with a 150 psi husky compressor from hd.

I am a guy that does a lot of auto repair out of the house (a whole lot). I do it to supplement income as hey we all. Need multiple streams of income these days right. My guys in the shop spend $400 plus on the mac and snap on tools i would tell you this keeps up with them just fine. I decided to go with aircat again as my older aircat gun was a little weaker than what i wanted (5 years old and still works great). So i would be very happy to tell you in my eyes the company has a proven track record of quality as far as i’m concerned. You want a great gun at a fantastic price yes pull the trigger on this one and i am 100% sure that you will be happy with this purchase.

My son told me that i now look for things to use my two aircat impact wrenches on. He might have a point because it makes difficult jobs using had tools super easy and fast. My wife just laughs and lets me have fun in the garage. I also have the 1055-th, which is an awesome tool. I needed this 1150 for times when serious ‘oomph’ is needed, and this never lets me down. It’s so strong that i have to be careful not to over-torque lug nuts or snap off lugs. It has a sweet sound to it as well, which is not loud at all for an impact wrench. Awesome impact wrench and doesn’t cost you an arm and leg.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Superior Performance – Owner’s Manual & Amazon product description need more info for novice buyers
  • Must follow setup to get max torque
  • Doing things like removing lug nuts will violently vibrate the gun to

First off, as far as raw torque goes i have no complaints. Been using it for about 8 months now full time in a shop. It keeps up with the co workers snappy and ir guns no sweat. However i have 2 major complains with this tool. Ones that if not for the price point, would result in a negative review1. This is the one that gets on my nerves. However they cut the output shaft results in a lot of socket wobble when the gun comes up to speed. Doing things like removing lug nuts will violently vibrate the gun to the point of it will stall out when i let off the trigger.

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