Alla Lighting CANBUS 194 LED Bulb Super Bright 168 175 2825 W5W Bulb 6000K 3014 SMD 12V T10 LED Replacement Bulbs Car License Plate Interior Map Dome Trunk Door Courtesy Lights Bulbs, Must upgrade for Lexus GX 460 Best Value

As always alla lighting comes thru with correct fit conversion, bright, low draw , plug & play led, at a budget friendly price. This is the 3rd time(fog lights, tail lamps/brake lights/3rd brake light, license plate/reverse/interior lights) i have used alla lighting to concert halogen to led to eliminate dimming due to amplifier draw on my 14’toyota. They fit snugly and have a clean put out a clean bright light. I tried another less expensive brand on this last update and they fit loosely, didn’t work at all, they fried one of my front dome light sockets. I learned a lesson stick with what works even if it means $5-$10 more. You will not be disappointed in the quality product alla delivers at a competitive bargain price. Thank you and keep doing it right.

Replaced all of the map lights and the sliding door courtesy lights with these in a 2009 toyota sienna: wow. Brighteven used them in the license plate sockets as another bulb i bought for that purpose was too big. Was afraid the side-angle was going to lead to a large shadow, but with how bright these are, the pair covered the other’s shadow area well. As noted, they are polarity sensitive, so only work when inserted the correct way (found that out 9 out of 10 times i put them in 🙂 ).

Worked perfectly in my 2009 mercedes benz clk 350. I replaced the burned-out bulb and it made the remaining incandescent look a dim yellow by comparison – so i replaced it as well. These are almost as bright as my low beams creating excellent close-up illumination.

Wow wow wow let me say these led lights are bright. Love the fact it is very easy install. The tough part is to get the dome covers off. These are so bright that you can see all imperfections in your car ha ha ha. But seriously i am glad i invested money in this led bulbs and i am glad i did not go to o’reilly or autozone etc to get ripped off. Don’t waste your time buy this for your car but remember this is bright white not the yellowish light so it may be too rough on your eyes.

Fits in dash cluster and fits all interior lights (except the overhead dome light and trunk) of 1988 i-roc camaro and in some of the lights in a 1969 grand prix. For the i-roc, you will need two ten packs to change all the dash bulbs and foot lamps. The grand prix a single ten pack will be fine. Also, on the grand prix only the speedometer, signal indicators, and warning light cluster, including the warning indicators themselves take these bulbs. The grand prix also makes use of 1895/53 bulbs for the clock (or the in dash tach if you have the option) as well as in the console and heater switch. Only downside to the grand prix is the original green diffuser is not strong enough to make these green. Gives off a teal color instead (kinda dig it though). The clock in the grand prix and the speedometer in the camaro are lit but are so dim in comparison that it is almost invisible in the pictures. I assume the bulbs are the same for other models in the same generation (1969-1972 grand prix and 1983-1992 camaro) the amazon vehicle fit chart is sometimes inaccurate on older cars, that’s why i mention this.

Installed today and the difference is night and day, so much brighter i can see the difference even in the daytime. Direct replacement for the 194 bulbs. I installed them in 6 of the 7 interior lights. The far rear is a 212-2 so these won’t work there. I also replaced my license plate lights and marker lights. In addition i also changed out my headlights with alla led’s, all excellent products. Will be doing all remaining lights, all using alla’s. I bought enough of these 194 replacements for both my vehicles. Btw, you’re not getting a single led on each one, you’re getting 18 led’s per, 9 on each side.

I bought these to replace leds from sirius led. The sirius leds had a slight glow to them when all lights were off. These alla leds turn off completely and are a little more brighter than the sirius leds. I will buy more of the alla lights if i need too.

Key specs for Alla Lighting CANBUS 194 LED Bulb Super Bright 168 175 2825 W5W Bulb 6000K White 3014 SMD 12V T10 LED Replacement Bulbs Car License Plate Interior Map Dome Trunk Door Courtesy Lights Bulbs (Set of 10):

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • (Set of 10) LED Type: 18 pieces high power & high quality 3014 chipsets leds per 194 LED light bulb.
  • Volts: 12V – 18V DC with built-in current IC; about 200 lumens per 194 168 LED bulb,360° full angles degrees view for best light output. No UV or IR radiation, Length is about 1.08 inch.
  • Fits T10 wedge socket, Cross reference number: 194 W5W 168 2825 175 161 921 W5WLL 194K 194A 194NA 194LL 158 W10W,etc. Easy install, just plug and play for most vehicles, CANBUS error free, yet for some European BMW,Audi,Mercedes etc. cars & trucks, extra decoders maybe required to avoid the error code or flickering.
  • Application varies on the vehicle’s trims, it may fit one or 2 more positions: license plate tag light, or interior map light, or dome light, or parking city light,or side marker lights,or trunk cargo room light, side door courtesy light, reading lights, glove box lights, or inner tail light bulb, vanity mirror light, or interior door light,or stepwell light, etc. NOTICE: Please check the owner manual to confirm the stock lamp’s part number or confirm it is T10 base before purchasing.
  • Color: 6000K xenon white T10 168 194 LED replacement lights bulbs. Warranty: Fully ” ONE YEAR ” guaranteed. Polarity bulbs, If the bulb doesn’t light up, please flip it 180° degrees.

Comments from buyers

“2005 Chevy Trailblazer EXT, Exact Fit!
, Amazing how much light they put out
, Great products over and over again!

Love the color of the light and the brightness – great upgrade for any older interior light. Hadn’t realized how much the lights had dimmed over time. Now the entire interior is well lit before the door is opened. Should have done this some time ago. Going to purchase additional lights to finish the other vehicles. Only downside is my sockets (jeep grand cherokee) make contact at the base and side rather than the front or back (no such issue with a suzuki). I had to solder a small piece on the bottom and sides to ensure contact. It wouldn’t take much of a change in the pcb during manufacturing to include this and would save someone else an hour or so of troubleshooting.

I have been looking and looking for replacement lights for my 2006 honda civic. I came across these and was thoroughly impressed. The packaging arrived nice in a transparent bag. Installation was easy despite my civic not wanting to give free the license plate oem bulbs. All in all, i am glad i purchased these.

Every piece of technology you have advanced this much over the past 140 years. These things are amazing and inexpensive. I’m converting everything to led’s.

Amazing value amd excellent product. I don’t normally take the time to do reviews, but felt compelled. 2018 rav4 map light difference. For about $1 a bulb, how can you not.

I installed these in a 2017 honda fit, which uses t10 bulbs for all its interior lights. They produce a nice even white light, a good bit brighter than the bulbs they replaced. Despite being slightly longer than the original bulbs, they fit properly everywhere, even in the map lights (which have perpendicular mounted bulbs). The only downside is that they’re a bit too thin, so they needed a bit of persuading to stay connected in certain sockets. I do appreciate the simplicity of having everything on one two-layer board – and they seem to be well assembled.

Trunk lights are not the best in the world but i got this pack of alla led’s and after installing them – what a difference they made. Now i’m on a quest to upgrade the entire lighting system to led’s. Please be aware that during installation that i had to flip the bulbs as they are polarity sensitive – hence the 4 stars.

These lights are really good. It makes a big difference because they are bright and clear. You won’t regret buying them. They are really good quality. I bought them for my toyota rav4 and for my tacoma. And i will buy again from this company.

These are really bright bulbs. Replaced the incandescent plate bulbs with these. If they do not light up then flip them 180 degrees. Also, be careful when holding them while the current is on (even if they do not light up) or you will get a little 12v zap. The second time i used a paper towel to handle them. Will install them in my other car as well.

Just make sure you find the instructions on how to take apart the actual light since that’s the hardest thing to do. Also these lights don’t fit the light for the back seats which is a bummer. They should definitely add the right bulb for that light.

I replaced the cargo and the lisence plate lights in my 2015 chevy spark. For the price and the amount of bulbs you get it’s great. Installation was nice and easy, all you’ll need is a screw driver. It is noticably brighter, i will never go back to halogens. Leds last forever and are at least twice as bright, not to mention it’s easier on the battery.

I couldn’t stand the low light in my 2-year-old car (2017 equinox) – i replaced all the interior lights with these and wow. – i can’t believe that gm put old bulbs that would barely illuminate the interior – the first picture shows the new and old bulb side by side, the 2nd picture shows the illumination with the old, 3rd illumination with the new and another side by side. It took just a few minutes to replace them all. Note, these will not replace the bulbs in the vanity mirrors. They require a different bulb. I purchased these https://www. Com/gp/product/b00kui13da/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=utf8&psc=1.

These lights are made with good quality materials, they have a good weight to them and are solid. The light output is amazingly crisp and bright. The footprint or overall size is excellent and fits great anywhere you need to upgrade from incandescent bulbs.

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