ARES 70056 – 1/2-Inch 4-Piece Flip Lug Socket Set, Really like the dual 17/19mm socket

I use this on my dewalt 1/2′ impact all the time, and its extended length versus a simple socket means you don’t have to add an extender for deep inset wheel nuts. I particularly like flipping the socket from 17 to 199 mm for different cars i work on. It’s my goto tool for wheel nuts.

This product is currently one of my favorite tool out of the thousands i own. I pride myself on having a tool for any job that could possibly be done. I am also the type that will only pay someone else to do something if i absolutely can’t do it myself. This has been a life saver to work with my cordless heavy duty impact drill. Two sides to each piece so it should universally fit any type. Wow what a time saver for anyone who does brake work or changes a tire i love these.

So i do most of our vehicle maintenance for both my wife and my suvs. I always use an impact wrench to take the lugs off of the tires and recently needed a different impact socket for my new murano sl which takes a 3/16 impact socket. My wife truck requires a 3/4 socket which happens to be at the opposite end of the same socket i use for mine so all i have to do is pull the socket off, flip it around and re-attach to the impact gun. I now only have to take that one socket out to the cars to do both vehicles. Even though i have a bunch of sockets i wanted something a small kit that i could pull out just when doing work on our cars, instead of carrying all of my sockets out to the driveway. This is a 1/2′ drive set and super easy to use, looks great and has the sizes the fit every car i have tried them on. The fit is perfect, doesn’t slip and comes with a nice little box to store them back in when you put them away. For this price this small lug socket kit simply cannot be beat.

I shopped around for a set of these for my garage. These seemed like a good price. They came and i am very pleased with the quality. Have used them several times, no issues.

Grabbing the little case these come in sure beats the heck out of digging through my impact sockets for the right size. Also, for my subaru outback alloy wheels, my impact sockets were too thick and i either had to use a regular socket with my impact (dangerous) or toss the socket on a breaker bar —.

This was a great product that was missing from my toolbox. I needed to supplement my torque wrench and this was perfect. It will even work with an impact wrench. Highly recommend getting yourself a set.

I’ve used this a few times with my rigid impact and it works well. It’s not the same as using a lone impact socket to take off a lug but it’s fine. It’s like a difference of 2 seconds. I chose this particular brand because of high reviews and what the kit includes, 17mm since that’s what my car uses and some kits don’t have that.

Key specs for ARES 70056 – 1/2-Inch 4-Piece Flip Lug Socket Set:

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  • INCLUDES: This Flip Lug Nut Socket Set includes the 6 most common wheel lug nut sizes: 17mm, 19mm, 21mm, 3/4-inch, 13/16-inch, and 7/8-inch, as well as a convenient storage case.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Our Flip Lug Nut Socket set is made of Drop Forged, Heat Treated Chrome Molybdenum Steel. The Electro-Phosphate finish combined with laser etched size markings provides a sleek look and high visibility. These lug nut sockets can be used with an impact wrench, air ratchet, breaker bar, or torque wrench.
  • MUST HAVE: These flip lug nut sockets are a must have inside your car for tire changes, brake jobs, or anything requiring tire removal. The sizes that don’t fit your car right now can be helpful in a new car or for helping friends and family!
  • RELIABLE | EFFECTIVE | EFFICIENT: Users trust ARES to be quality tools. You are backed by our Performance Assurance Limited Lifetime Warranty. If you have any issues with your ARES Flip Lug Nut Socket Set, simply contact customer service for troubleshooting help, parts, replacement, or refund.
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Comments from buyers

“Nice quality but loss of performance using impact tool
, Perfect Solution For Multiple Vehicles DIY
, Perfect tool fits all models I’ve tried and saves sooooo much time.

I also ordered the neiko 00206a 24′ premium breaker bar for the extra leverage that i need, so that i don’t hurt my back. This flip lug nut socket set includes the 6 most common wheel lug nut sizes. You’ll be ready to help anyone on the road.

This set is nice quality, conveniently designed and cleanly packaged but given their light weight and thin build they do not perform as well as a standard impact socket. These are clearly marketed as “lmpact quality” and are shown in several photos with impact tools but i have come to realize that they lack the ability to utilize the full potential of your impact tool due to their low mass. I demonstrate this in the video. Other than this they are still of useful quality in standard use and i generally believe the design is unique.

Hf is usually my go to spot for tools. I caught this on a recommendation and thought it would be great to have. Paid $5 – $7 more than what hf had to offer with the products looking almost identical. Time to go buy a hf set for myself and have my boss pay for these to keep at work.

Very well made, very convenient carry case. Used them a bunch of times already. Cool idea to make two sockets out of one piece, just flip it around and get another size. The extension fits into the side you are not using and connects to your ratchet or breaker bar.

Excellent case, easy to read the sizes, and worked perfectly. The lugs for my winter tires are a different size from my summers, so i had to swap back and forth repeatedly while changing out the wheels. The clear white on black labeling (instead of just a little impression like a normal socket) was a huge help. Sockets fit securely and even worked great on the deeper lugs that came stock with my car.

This set is great to keep in the vehicle or any trailer you might have. I keep it with my cordless impact and in know if i’m on the highway or off road in my truck i can change a tire in just a few minuets. It’s very compact and the case is well made. All markings are clear and easy to read. If you have multiple vehicles at the house you will be covered when it’s time to rotate the tires.

I bought these cause i thought it would be nice to have all the different sizes in one kit. And this kit doesn’t disappoint. Very well made and the connection to the extension is real solid. Doesn’t feel like it wants to jump off under impact conditions. I used them with a kobalt 1/2′ cordless impact to take lugs off and they can handle the abuse well. Also works just as well with a regular ratchet cause i run lug nuts back on with a ratchet and then torque. Overall this is a great kit and i believe they will be in my toolbox for a long time.

I usually don’t post reviews but i thought this might help somebody in my situation. I need a thin wall 21mm socket for aftermarket wheels where the clearance is 1. Unfortunately these are 10 thousands of an inch too big so i’m going to be returning them. Here’s socket ods as i measured using my micrometer:7/8′ = 1. 980’for reference, the 21′ hard chrome (non-impact) socket i use with a breaker bar measures 1.

Great little set to have in your tool box if you have more then one car you work on. I have 4 vehicles all with different lug sizes and it’s good know all have every size in a small compact case. Worked great along with my cordless impact gun as well.

Very pleased with the product. Will be using it once i get the wheel locks in.

Excellent product and exactly what i was looking for. I carry a tool bag in my vehicle and rather than carrying a 4 way lug wrench i wanted a small compact impact set i could use with my extendable breaker bar. This fit the bill perfectly for that. Excellent quality impact socket and adapter set along with a nice carrying case. Will definitely recommend to others.

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