ARES 70190 | 3/8-Inch Drive by 5/8-Inch Magnetic Swivel Spark Plug Socket | 6-Inch Swivel Extension Permits Access to Most Confined Areas, Should’ve bought this years ago

Great socket to have for spark plug removal. Awesome quality as well, i put quite a bit of torque on this and it never gave way.

Changed a total of 10 spark plugs with this and it was great. Easy to use and doesn’t drop the spark plugs.

Didn’t price around so not sure if cheaper anywhere else, just kinda added to cart last minute prob like most people w some items,easy shopping. Got the job done on 8 spark plugs on an 02′ tahoe.

Used it to get the plugs out of my motorcycle and my vw and it worked great. While using it i asked myself ‘why didn’t i buy this years ago’seriously it one of my favorite tools for plugs and any 5/8 bolt.

Magnet is strong enough to hold the spark plug without any wobble. It made the job much easier compared to the regular socket wrench.

I am just a home mechanic for most of the basics, oil, breaks, transmission, suspension. Used on a 2013 honda accord v6 4 door to install ngk ilzkr7b11 plugs. This unit worked great especially on the rear plugs facing the firewall. The unit fit the factory ngk (which is what i also replaced with). When the unit slides into the spark plug tube the back of the tool sticks out about a 1/2in. If you have ever had a socket get disconnected inside the tube before, you know how great of a feature this is. It is easy to use to hand start the new plugs then attach the ratchet when you do the final tightening. It has a strong hold on the plug so no worries about the plug getting off angle or just simply coming out of the socket when you don’t want it to. I did have 1 situation where the tool almost seemed like it was slightly biting into the nut on the plug and did want to let me take the old plug out of the socket. After that i put just a dab of grease on the socket walls.

I have a bmw m3 and the spark plug close to the back frame on the car is a tight place to reach. This was the perfect size to remove and install the new spark plug along with the help of a few adapters.

Key specs for ARES 70190 | 3/8-Inch Drive by 5/8-Inch Magnetic Swivel Spark Plug Socket | 6-Inch Swivel Extension Permits Access to Most Confined Areas:

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  • SPECIFICATIONS: This ARES Magnetic Swivel Spark Plug Socket is 3/8-inch drive by 5/8-inch and 6 inches long. Constructed of durable, heat treated Chrome Vanadium Steel, it also features Chrome plating for easy cleanup and a professional look. 
  • DESIGN: This spark plug has 360 degree swivel action for maximum flexibility. The interior magnet retains and protects the spark plug for easier installation, and the knurled grip on the shaft helps you keep a tight grip to minimize the possibility of slipping in the middle of a job.
  • MADE TO LAST: The interior magnet won’t wear out over time like traditional rubber gaskets, so this spark plug socket can provide years of reliable use.
  • RELIABLE | EFFECTIVE | EFFICIENT: Users trust ARES to be quality tools. You are backed by our Performance Assurance Limited Lifetime Warranty. If you have any issues with your ARES Magnetic Swivel Spark Plug Socket, simply contact customer service for troubleshooting help, parts, replacement, or refund.
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Comments from buyers

“Used on NGK ILZKR7B11 for a 2013 Honda Accord V6 4 door. Worked great and a must have if like things easy would purchase again.
, Absolute must have for any garage!
, Works great.

Worked great with my chevy avalanche.

Will try it out this weekend. Hope it can get to the plugs under firewall and brake booster. Added bonus, the driver is magnetizedfast, well priced, accurate picture.

This simple tool is highly useful and provides a solution to the socket getting stuck on the plug as you install a new spark plug. It also holds the spark plug, so it doesn’t fall out and crack the ceramic or bend the tip. This tool is long enough to get into my 2015 f-150 3. 5l ecoboost spark plug well.

Made change of plugs on my audi so easy. Swivel allowed plenty of movement to make the process a little easier. I think i might just wish i had an 8′ extension on the end instead of 6′.

Very nice quality, in combination with a great price and instant delivery.

This thing was an absolutely amazing life saver. My honda ridgeline tucks half of the spark plugs on the very back side of the engine pressed against the firewall with very little room to work, and absolutely no room to even look at what you’re doing. The flexible neck of this was critical in navigating in and out of all the tight places, and the magnetic piece inside really ensured a great positive contact with the spark plugs and no chance of them slipping back down again. This is an absolute must have for any garage, whether you are a diy weekend warrior, or an actual mechanic in a shop.

This tool came in handy when changing spark plugs on a v8 engine (ls1). Sparks plugs on a ls1 are in hard to reach places with not a lot of space. This tool was long enough to remove the spark plugs without getting the tool stuck.

I considered giving 4 stars because the universal is very stiff and doesn’t want to spin cleanly. But a bit of lubrication and some time to break in will likely fix that. All in all perfect for my needs (spark plug changes on s 5. 4 2v in an 03 f150 super crew).

Great middle point of ‘just long enough, not too long’. Bigger is not always better and this is a great example. It makes it easy to access those plugs that are near the back of the engine bay where the hood meets the car and space is a bit tight. Use an extension if you need a bit more length. The magnetic feature makes removing or installing plugs easy and fast. The socket seems strong and well built.

I used this to replace the 12 spark plugs on my 2005 e 320. Just can’t praise this product enough. I already bought another one for my other vehicle. I think you will be thrilled with this product.

Changed the 6 spark plugs in my 2008 jeep liberty in about 15 minutes with the help of this. Absolutely zero struggle getting to any of the plugs, definitely would have been much more difficult without being able to use the angle.

Changed spark plugs in my 2005 bmw x5 4. 4i n62 and this tool made it much easier to maneuver through the tight areas of the engine bay. This swivel tool is a must have for those of us who do our own car maintenance/repairs. I would recommend this to everyone.

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ARES 70190 | 3/8-Inch Drive by 5/8-Inch Magnetic Swivel Spark Plug Socket | 6-Inch Swivel Extension Permits Access to Most Confined Areas
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