Armor All AAGFMC20 Charcoal 20′ x 7’4″ Garage Floor Mat, Looks great, could be easier to install.

I unrolled this mat butted it agains the garage door threshold and took a micro cloth floor sweeper and used it to smooth the wrinkles out. It laid flat and hasn’t budged with the car coming in and out of the garage. I did not need any carpet tape to hold the corners down. It is lightweight and thin however don’t let that fool you. It does what it says it will. Keeps the garage clean and dry. Very easy to clean, just vacuum if dirty, rain water drip from the car evaporates quickly so i’ve never had to squeegee the water out. I’m very happy with this mat.

I own an automotive company and have two large garage bays in our shop where i use these mats. First off, i read a ton of bad reviews toward this product before purchasing it. Some reviews say it’s wrinkled, some say don’t by the floor adhesive tape, some say it’s junk. Let me tell you, we pull cars in and out on this thing and so far so good. It has been holding up very well, soaking up oil, soaking up water from cars being detailed, chemicals dripping and spilling on it. I would highly recommend using the adhesive tape and having two people to install. Tape one end of the mat down, once the first side is taped down and secured grab the other end and pull it tight while the second person starts working the next taped side down onto the floor. You do not need to tape the sides. You will see creasing the first few days but it goes away. One thing i will say as a warning is do not turn your tires while on the mat.

I just received the first of two garage floor mats today. It installed very easy and seemed to lay flat almost immediately. I used the two way tape that was recommended for vinyl on each corner even though the mat seemed to hold down fairly well without the tape securing it to the floor. I was concerned when i pulled my car on it perhaps it would roll up. I didn’t find that happen when i drove my vehicle on the mat after it was secured. This definitely seems like a great option to repainting my garage floor. As you can see from the first photo it was a mess with chipped paint and oil stains, etc. I vacuumed it after i laid it down, but really can’t give this a rating on durability and ease of cleaning until it is on the floor for at least several months. So far i recommend this product and will putting down the second one as soon as i get it from the retailer.

I am happy with the product. It would be nice if it were slightly heavier. You need to buy the double stick carpet tape to anchor the corners and near the center of each side. It’s nice that it can be vacuumed with a shop vac to help keep it clean.

Works perfectly for what i got it for. . To capture drips from my car in my garage, when i pull in during a sfl rainstorm. Otherwise, the water puddles and my garage floor gets very slippery. I bought double sided carpet tape to secure it to the garage concrete floor but haven’t had to use it and have had this in place for a month. I come and go a lot during the day. When i got it, i parked in my driveway and laid it flat on my garage floor overnight. The next day, folded it in half, damp mopped that area. A little later when that part of the floor was dry, folded the other way and mopped the other half. Let it dry, laid it back down and have had zero issues with it getting wrinkles, etc, where i’d feel the need to tape the edges w the double sided carpet tape i have. I have a fairly heavy curb weight 4 door sedan, too.

This garage mat was the perfect final touch for the major overhaul of my garage. I learned, however, that you don’t need to buy the double-sided tape to hold it down. It stays nicely put where it’s laid and doesn’t present a tripping hazard. And by not taping it down, i can always pull it out onto the driveway to clean it. This is a great product for the price.

I bought this to use on my greenhouse floor during the winter months to help insulate and keep water from building up during the deep freezes as well as act as a passive solar heating addition. It’s great and at the same time, i have to rework this a bit as the mat does such a great job at holding water, it could potentially cause more problems than resolve them. Oh well, i’m still working it out. If i had a garage floor that i wanted to keep clean and/or dry, i would use this hands down. I can only imagine how great this would be in a garage. It poured the other day and i didn’t get my gutters set up yet, some water that made its way into the greenhouse. The mat was soaked but not one drop touched the deck below it, it’s fantastic. I do see how this could be a benefit in keeping the moisture content up so that’s pretty awesome. It also does a nice job in acting as another addition to my passive solar heating grouping. That nice dark color really brings the heat, looking forward to seeing how well it does in the winter months. After first installing it, it did stink a little but i expected this to happen. Plastic/rubber/whatever mat in a nice warm greenhouse, yeah. Either the smell faded or i’m just used to it now. It wasn’t awful, just weird.

Key specs for Armor All AAGFMC20 Charcoal 20′ x 7’4″ Garage Floor Mat:

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  • Hides unsightly cracks and stains and absorbs rain, melting snow, and other liquids
  • Lightweight, durable material lasts for years; Waterproof backing prevents oil and other substances from soaking through
  • Easy to move and easy to clean, just vacuum, power wash, or hose off
  • Installs in minutes, simply roll out and adhere at edges
  • Proudly made in the USA

Comments from buyers

“Very nice!
, I read a ton of bad reviews toward this product before purchasing it
, Exactly what I needed

My wife and i recently epoxied our garage floor ourselves, it was a ton of work but worth it. Even the best epoxies will start yellowing where the tires drive over time, leaving yellow tracks in the garage. To combat this, i bought this mat. The pictures were taken just minutes after pulling it from the box an laying it out. Several reviews state they had trouble with the corners not laying flat, using double sided tape, being too thin, ect. I didn’t have any of these issues, nor do i think it is too thin for the purpose i purchased it for. As long as you don’t try to adjust your steering wheel too much the mat will stay in place. I actually like that it is thin, it makes it easy to handle and lay out to your liking. The rubber backing is nice and seems to have a nice grip on the epoxy. Time will tell how this holds up over winters, but again what i’m really after is protecting the epoxy from direct tire contact.

I bought this armor all aagfmc17 in charcoal (17×74) and love it so far (purchased 10/2017). It arrived folded in a large box, but the folds came right out once placed in the garage. I used a wide dust mop to smooth out any wrinkles and it stayed flat from the get-go. I had to get the 17′ because of a 3′ step-up area at the entrance to my house, but it’s plenty big for my escape mid-size suv. I use my garage here in central florida almost as an extra room, with all the walls containing upright enclosed storage closets, plus an extra refer and freezer (washer/dryer located on that step-up area). The rug makes the room come together, looks great, and is functional for its intended purpose.

No need for a lengthy review as i can only highly recommend this product. I was contemplating making this purchase for a week or so because i didn’t know if it would be worth it and it was over $100 but i am glad i purchased it and honestly should have done it sooner. This garage mat literally transformed my one-car garage into a functional room that i plan on using as a workshop. Granted i installed some led lighting to brighten the space up but you have no idea how much covering up a less-than-perfect garage floor with this mat can transform that space for the better. I used to hate walking into the garage because i didn’t like the way the floor looked but now it looks much nicer. The space actually looks more inviting. The mat is easy to vacuum and it has a fairly durable backing that helps to keep it in place. I recommend using double-sided tape for at least the corners so that when you open the garage door, the wind does not flip it up. The mat is thin but it is definitely durable. It ships all folded up in a box that was surprisingly more compact than i thought it would be.

I purchased a new home, and like most new home owners , i wanted to maintain my new home. . I personally epoxy coated my 3 garage floors, not only time consuming and moderately expensive. . But i still needed to clean the tire marks about once every 4 months. Not bad, but these armor all mats are amazing. Easy to put down, and yes there are some initial wrinkles, but they will go away over time. I applied a 6′ x 2′ industrial grade velcro strip at the 4 corners and pulled the mat snug. . These are absolutely great, and easy to maintain. . Pull in correctly and do not turn the wheels abruptly and the mats will do their job for many years. They are very cost effective and look great as well. I will show all my new neighbors also.

I got this garage mat after a full garage renovation including epoxy paint on the floor. For the price i think it could be a little thicker. Both the “felt” top and rubber backing are extremely thin. I am nonetheless rating the product five stars because of the ease of handling, and because it looks sharp and stays in place perfectly. The mat only took a few minutes to unfold/roll (it came in a long box, not like the packaging pictured) and position. Had a few wrinkles which i smoothed out and some light creases which disappeared over a week or two. The mat stays in place beautifully without tape or adhesive. The surface absorbs water (and drys) nicely, but if you live in snow country, as i do, i recommend brushing large amounts of snow off your vehicle before entering the garage as the capacity of the mat is limited and large amounts of snow will most likely cause runoff which will flow under the mat. Only question now is durability. If it’s still looking great in the spring i plan to get one for the other side.

Update, yes i had a problem but without me asking for a refund or return the company tracked me down and sent me a new mat. I think my problem was unique and may not be an issue for everyone. Its a good product, nothing is perfect, but wow what great customer service and what a great company to deal with. It’s better than nothing, but any more than a couple raindrops and it can’t contain/absorb the water. It seeps around and underneath and then you have to park the cars outside, flip the mat over and try to dry both the mat and the floor out. If you don’t it gets funky/slimy. Ok, update, so i’ve got a nice big garage with an epoxy floor, i wanted to protect it with some mid level mats. My jeep leaked some fluids, trans fluid i think. It ate right through the mat, see the last pic. What good is garage floor mat that dissolves when auto fluids get on it.

This product will do the job, and it looks like it will be easy to work with over the long term, but if you are looking for a product that you can use right out of the box, this is not it. The product comes folded and rolled in large folds so it fits neatly in the box (as packaged from armor all, not the amazon shipper). What you get when you open it up is a seriously wrinkled and creased rug. We had to lay it out in the 95 degree sun on the black top driveway, then we watered it down twice so it would lay out flat. This item should be rolled on a cardboard tube and boxed in a 7′ 4′ box. It would present a much nice product to the consumer.

My concrete garage floor had been stained/painted and was flaking up in large areas everywhere the vehicles were driven and parked. I tried sanding and refinishing the damaged areas, – only to have the same problem soon return. I was considering epoxy or interlocking garage tiles when i decided to give one of these mats a try. I first cleaned and repainted the entire garage floor and ordered one mat to test results. After a few months of use, i lifted the mat to see if the paint was still intact and it looked like it was just painted yesterday. Not only did it protect the floor, and eliminate the flaking problem, it also looks great. I then ordered a mat for the second bay. I chose to not tape my mats to the floor to allow adjustment and dragging outside to clean when and if needed. My garage is a side entrance requiring entering at an angle and then straightening up halfway in and i was concerned the mats might bunch up or move due to steering twisting, but that has not happened. If the garage door is left up on a windy day the corner of the mat can roll up, but i can live with that minor annoyance, which tape, could easily prevent.

This review is for the xl size (22′ x 8′ 10′). The product itself is really good and does add a touch of ‘showroom quality’ to my garage. I’m using this as a stop-gap before i do a full floor coating. I wanted something that would look nice and be serviceable in the meantime. Here’s how i broke out my rating:- protection: 5 stars – doesn’t slip (double-sided tape helps, but not necessary), hides cement cracks and prevents tracking dirt indoors. – easy to clean: 4 stars – because of the material it tends to hold grass/weeds within, so ‘just vacuum’ often isn’t thorough enough. – eco friendly material: 3 stars – thank you for helping preserve the planet, but even light weight cars will tend to roll up the material when parked, especially if you turn your wheels slightly on garage entry, so tape really is a good idea. – installation: 1 star – unlike the product picture and claim, ‘install in minutes, simply roll out’, this came folded and reversed (meaning that it required a full unfold, then flip to get material side upright and in place). That may not be a big deal for smaller sizes, but flipping a 22 foot mat over vs. Rolling it in place makes a difference as this is not necessarily lightweight.

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