Astro Pneumatic Tool Astro 4008 Spray Gun, Great product for the price

Bought this for spraying interior 6 panel doors. We had to make minor adjustments for air and paint flow and used floetrol to thin the latex paint. We sprayed 14 quarts through it with no runs or drips. Our experience with this paint gun is very positive.

I bought this specifically to paint a graphic stripe on a motor home. I used an behr exterior latex diluted with 25% water which worked flawlessly but in retrospect, i think 20% dilution would have worked just as well and required less passes, (the paint was very thin). The compressor used was a 6 gallon rigid pancake compressor set at 50 psi. No problems what so ever keeping up. Most people say that you need a 30 gallon compressor but the 6 gallon worked fine for me. Additionally, people said that you need a 1/4′ hose. I bought one but didn’t use it. I used an inline water and oil separator as well.

Worked okay at first, but nothing compared to my old binks. Still, i didn’t expect much for the price. Using latex extender and getting a good thinness, i was disappointed that it sputtered intermittently. Constant nozzle wiping with a wet cloth, never letting it sit for more than 5 minutes in a humid room, nozzle covered with that rag, and yet still it would start to sputter. I used a cleaning kit on this twice, thinking maybe i overlooked something. Ran dawn risky soapy water through it, then just water, and even tried thinning my paint even more. Tried a ton of adjustment combinations to try and just stay consistent. I ended up returning it and upgrading to the astro as7sp, similar to a binks.

I followed the exact instructions that jake m put in his review and it worked great for painting 6 prehung doors. It takes a while to get the right settings dialed in but by the last 2 coats i had a really smooth finish. My advice is to always work with at least 1/3 of the can full, any less and you will get some splatter. I filled up to about 3/4 full or slightly more and that lasted half the doors on first coat but by the time i laid on the 4th coat it went a long way. I only have a pancake compressor so i paused between each door for the compressor to catch up. This made it take a little longer than brush and rollering but i like the finish better, as i was worried about marks from brush strokes and roller strokes. I also bought the wagner flexio sprayer but didnt even open it. Took it back to home depot and saved myself $70.

I purchased this for my brother-in-law who wad having a hard time with a wagner home sprayer. This thing solved all the problems and he said that it works phenomenally. Also cleans up very nice and is very well made.

The listing claims this gun ‘sprays nearly everything on almost anything,’ but when you get the gun the directions say it is designed to ‘spray enamels, lacquers, stain and primers’ and to not ‘use this spray gun outside of the designed intent. ‘ i had purchased this to spray on interior latex paint but am now contemplating returning it. Reading reviews i see some have had success by thinning latex down while others end up with a gun that won’t work doing that. It should clearly be stated in the description that it isn’t designed for spraying latex. Update: i didn’t return it and decided, like some of the reviewers said worked, to thin the paint out with 10% water and it worked, although not as good as it would with oil based paints. I suspect those who say it worked 2 or 3 times with latex paint and then stopped working didn’t clean the gun as good as they should have, or took breaks in their working with it allowing some of the paint to dry within the gun, gumming things up. It’s definitely not designed for latex but it was faster than using a brush on my basement ceiling. I’ll up my review from 2 to 3 stars, but i still think the product listing is misleading.

Amazing, we have a commerical airless, and the two major manufacterer hvlp sprayers , a g____ & w____, neither of which provided an adequate factory like finish on a custom portion of a cabinet installation (conversion varnish finish) but i connected this to my little pancake compressor fired it up and without any adjustment provided a very smooth factory like finish. I prefer not to buy goods made in china if there are comparible options but this baby is a score for the price. For this price it’s great, clean up is effortless and takes a couple minutes.

Key specs for Astro 4008 Spray Gun with Cup, Red Handle, 1.8mm Nozzle:

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  • All-purpose easy-to-clean paint spray gun
  • Two-piece construction with gun featuring exclusive air valve design
  • Fully adjustable wide fan pattern control
  • 1 quart capacity dripless cup
  • Nozzle Size: 1.8mm

Comments from buyers

“Great Product for the Weekend Warrior
, Buy it!!!!!!
, Jake M is right!

I have never used this type of paint sprayer but was pleasantly surprised considering it was a very inexpensive model. It’s build well and i could adjust the flow and spray very easily. Cleaned up well considering i was using oil based paint and primer. I would recommend this to a friend.

You can adjust the width/height and the amount of paint. By far the best sprayer i have used. My compressor was able to handle it with no issues.

I have had many guns over the years ranging from top of the line to bottom of the barrel. This gun performs very well, and for the price, it simply cannot be beat. It can lay a fairly heavy coat easily which is a common weak spot with most siphon guns. The hvlp adjustment really works to control the velocity of spray. I will be getting a couple more.

I was afraid it would not work with my smallish compressor but the compressor keeps up nicely. This gun has lots of adjustments for getting it set up perfectly for what your doing. As well as being able to easily adjust the spray fan orientation very easily. Also this is not a bleed type gun which i was also concerned about when i bought it but couldn’t find out for sure.

No flopping around as you try to use it. Inexpensive tool that sprays well. I have used this for the finish on my car and i have no complaints at all.

I have had some expensive guns by binks, sharpe, and develbis and this has performed as well as any of them. At this price we can simply replace them when they begin to have issue. Please note the so far to this date i have only shot dp primmer to seal some parts up. However it had a very nice fan, did not sputter and the material control appeared to be quite good. I will be shooting flat finish coats so i may not have the opportunity to see how well it can flow paints.

I used the astro spray gun to redo china hutch. I used chalk paint and thinned it with 10-15% water.

Spray painting for first time – kitchen cabinet doors. Bought this gun and one from big box for $40. This one is more consistent and precise. Had to thin the paint just right to get best results.

I bought this primarily for the canister to use on my expensive binks gun. I’m a professional cabinet maker and i spray everything from shellac to laquer. The cabinet paint i use is thinker than top coats and i’ve been looking for a gun that would give me great results with thicker products. I tried this gun and the results were fantastic. In fact, this gun sprays thicker material better than my more expensive ones. My only complaint is the cup has to remain quite full or the gun will sputter when tilted. This gun is a real bargain for the money and i would recommend it to anyone.

We used it on three exterior doors. Lots more projects planned with it. Came without an attachment for air compressor but hubby was able to obtain one. Also, discovered you must water down paint to make it work (even when paint can says theres no need to).

I dont know if it will show ‘verified purchase’ because i purchased this spray gun so long ago. I love this spray gun, it works as well as any i have used in the time i have been painting. I have painted 2 autos and i boat that you can view at [. i will add my ” shade tree ” paint job to show you how easy it is to use this gun. ]

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