AURELIO TECH CIT-0001-04 Orange 4pcs Auto Car Radio Door Clip Panel Trim Dash Audio Removal Installer Pry Tool – Served My Purpose Well

I used it to remove some door trim and various light covers throughout the car to replace stock halogen bulbs with led bulbs. So it served it;s purpose for what i needed it to do.

Great tools for trim removal at a great price. These are a nice set of plastic tools that are great to use when removing automotive trim or to even work on other items made of plastic, like audio equipment, or laptops, or other items.

These tools worked very well to pry my interior auto panels. They are a solid plastic, so you can pry without scratching the panels.

For years on multiple cars i’d always use the wrong tool, a screw driver. Just order these and your frustrations are solved. These work amazingly good and won’t scratch your interior plastics.

Bought this set to work on my 2005 nissan altima. Although i did not use all of the tools included, the largest of the four worked great for the job. Strength: these are plenty strong. Initially i was apprehensive as i was afraid i might snap the tool tips trying to pry open the dash panels. But these are built pretty strong. Also the tips are not too sharp yet offer easy access to engage the panels. Witness marks: the other important criteria, based on which i chose these as opposed to a metal one was witness marks during dis-assembly. I must say these have delivered nicely in that aspect. I might have used these at least half a dozen times on the dash and i did not see any witness marks that they left on the interface surfaces. Longevity: here is the more important question.

Not thoroughly impressed for. A couple of the tools are thicker (at the ends) than i would have expected- i suppose i can sand them down.

So if you have any headliners or doors to pop out while running wire or changing speakers this is the tool kit to get. I was very impressed with the quality and the price is ridiculously low. With a price this low you can’t leave that feedback and the product is actually very good.

I used this to help take off my bumper to my car to change the grill. They worked very well and good quality. We have since used them for car stero install and worked great too.

Truth be told, these tools are not necessary. I could’ve used a screw driver to pop my door panels. I could’ve used a plastic putty knife. However, i could also use a screw driver as a chisel, or a box wrench as a hammer but i shouldn’t. These tools were designed to do a specific job and they do them well. They are made of plastic so they won’t scratch any of your door panels and they are firm enough to not flex under that use. At the price these tools are offered it would be foolish not to purchase them to use for their intended purpose. Besides, every job you do that requires a specific tool is an excuse to purchase another tool. Who doesn’t love new tools?.

Bought these to help install a new stereo system in my car. The very first pry i did, one of them snapped right in half and i don’t think i was pressing down hard at all. The ones that didn’t break did work well around the weather molding and didn’t scratch up any of the plastic or paint on my car.

Very useful and inexpensive product for changing the interior lights in my truck and car without worrying about scratching and damaging the trim. Just be gentle with the prying tool as it can break if you put too much force on it since they’re made of composites.

Nice to have some plastic tools made for the trim removal jobi used to replace the side lights on a new car & was able to remove w/o scratching or damaging the paint.

These were much larger than i anticipated; but are well made. The bright orange color helps when working in dark nooks and crannies of the car. Here are the specifications for the AURELIO TECH CIT-0001-04 Orange 4pcs Auto Car Radio Door Clip Panel Trim Dash Audio Removal Installer Pry Tool:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Color: Orange; 100% brand new and high quality
  • Four pieces with different ends to help you easily remove trim, molding, door panels and dashboards.
  • Also works great for furniture repair, soft and hard woods, antiques, restorations, upholstery, leather work etc.,
  • Rugged durable plastic construction prevents scratching
  • Package include: 1 x Car Panel Removal Tool Set (4 pieces/set)

These were great for prying the door panels off my civic as well as the dashboard speaker grills. Valuable tool every diy should own.

Used these to take off some trim pieces around the center console for some dashboard work — worked great w/ no scratches left behind. A nice, safer alternative to using a flat-head screwdriver with one caveat — if you need to take a piece of trim off that’s really clipped in there, you will need to wedge the tip in as much as you can because the tips will flex, bend, and worse case, breaks.

I own an 04 nissan maxima and these came in handy when i needed to replace the radio. All panels came off effortlessly. I didn’t break a single clip or damage any of my dash panels, all thanks to these handy tools. Yes they feel a lil flimsy but they held up to the task at hand. Will keep on hand for any other jobs that may come up.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Perfect tool set that is strong enough but also soft enough not to leave a mark
  • The right tools make any job easy
  • the center console for some dashboard work — worked great w/ no scratches left behind

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