AUTOANDART Driver and Passenger Fog Lights Lamps Replacement : Good replacement. Good Price.

Maybe just a miss box but i needed these right away. These do not fit a 2002 yukon xl. I had to swap my old brackets and the adjusters are reversed left to right from the old ones so just used bolts and washers to attach and lock to the bracket. Then found i had to drill holes 1 inch over to mount the brackets to the body to line up in the bumper?.Looks fine now as the lenses are the same size but a bit more work than i bargained for :).

Took me about 5 minutes each to swap these out. One of mine was missing the lens and i was gonna keep the other as a spare but then i noticed how fogged the other side was and how easy it was to replace the first one i just did them both. Wait for darkness and a flat wall to shine them at and easily adjusted with a knob/dial on the bottom.

Perfect fit and they work amazing, wish they adjusted left to right but the factory ones didn’t either, for the price these cant be beat, actually why would anyone pay more?. These are just as nice if not better than anything else out there, cant go wrong here. I will look no further than these guys if needing anything again.

I had my mechanic do the as the bolt was hard to reach without lifting up the truck. But after they were replaced they are super bright and super clean and clear.

Super good price and pretty good quality. The only problem was the adjustment screw and spring were useless. Most likely it would fall off because it was extremely loose. The pictures have my old light and on the right the new. You can see the far lower quality spring with less coils and skinnier. I ended up putting the old screw, spring and plastic tightener on the new light and it worked dandy.

Performed a close review of old fog lamps to new, unable to find a single difference. Easy install and still operating well after two years. Do not waste your money at the dealer parts counter. Sometimes we consumers have to purchase dealer parts, however, this is not one of those times. Purchase four ‘heat shrink’ tubes for a water tight seal when connecting.

These are great replacements if you’ve broken one of your original fog lamps. They look great when they are new and very clear. My hesitation with giving 5 stars comes from the fact that they tried to cut every corner to make these cheaper. But the price reflects that and they work for what they’re intended.

The mounts for these fog lights definitely do not fit my 2004 gmc yukon, however i created my own mounting hardware by drilling some strap brace and removing a push clip on each side to run a screw through the open hole where the push clip was and then into the drilled hole of the strap brace. Quality is good enough throughout install as soon said it was cheap, i had no problems with it, my vehicle had factory fog lamps on it and they weren’t really that great either, in fact the lenses had fallen off and needed replaced. Not a bad item if you don’t mind doing some work to make them fit on my type of vehicle as i can not comment for a suburban, tahoe or different year yukon other than a 2004.

  • Quality is good enough throughout install as soon said it was cheap
  • great product and is exactly what is shown.
  • Looks fine now as the lenses are the same size but

Driver and Passenger Fog Lights Lamps Replacement for GMC Pickup Truck SUV 10385054 10385055

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  • Fits 99-00 Sierra 1500/2500 New Body Style, 01-02 Sierra 1500/2500/3500 and 00-06 Yukon/Yukon XL
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I love these fog lights because they help out a lot on rainy nights which is exactly why i bought them because they don’t paint the lines on the roads in my area as often as they should or even on the roads they should but these lights really helped out a lot especially on dark back roads. The only thing i don’t like very much is the plastic mounting bracket which is made very cheap and thin so that it will snap off when you unexpectedly hit into a snowdrift. But as long as drive over 50 mph then the wind resistance won’t snap them off. But other than that i really do like the product and i am happy with it 🙂 i just think they need better mounting brackets.

They fit my 1999 gmc sierra well. Adjustments work appropriately. Have a nice beam and light output. Only flaw is they build up condensation. I fixed this buy using 2 of the rubber bulb gaskets to make an extra tight fit. So far it has worked well throughout the wet winter in washington state.

I replaced the fog lamps on my 2004 gmc yukon with these. Just watched youtube and what a difference driving in the fog with these. Highly recommend these if you have to drive in the fog.

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Driver and Passenger Fog Lights Lamps Replacement for GMC Pickup Truck SUV 10385054 10385055
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