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[updated 9-2-2016]boy – two days make a big difference. Big enough that i’m convinced that automatic pro deserves a five-star rating. First off – the automatic pro ifttt channel has been updated, such that location based recipes work. This makes it possible to use geofencing based on my car’s position to control just about anything that has an ifttt channel (eg. Second, i was initially unhappy because several things on automatic dashboard (dashboard. Com) weren’t working – or worked sporadically – like updating my trips, or showing my driving style (hard acceleration/braking). This is now fixed – and i commend automatic support for responding to my complaints with such alacrity. Third, several things on automatic labs either weren’t available for automatic pro, or weren’t working correctly through the dashboard. That seems to be largely fixed as well. Finally – automatic support – both email and online at community. Com have been superbly responsive and helpfuli highly recommend this product. [original review]i received the automatic pro adapter yesterday.

After a price drop from $129. 99, i picked this up based on the gps tracking and the free gps tracking. Previously, i have used the t-mobile syncup device, which was $50 plus $10/mo. Obviously, this device beats the syncup in price over only six months–amazingthe automatic pro does a few things right. The app is sleek and easy to use. It offers some advanced statistics unseen in the syncup, and alex functionality (but seriously–this isn’t useful in any way whatsoever). One of the better things about the automatic pro is the web dashboard. Unfortunately, it’s completely unusable from a mobile phone. Not in a “poor web design” way, but in a literal “will redirect you unless on a pc” way.

Go figure, this thing really works. I had this in my may order, may not order, bucket for months. I had the standard automatic unit and ended up scrapping it because it was always dropping connection with my phone. The old unit was really annoying. It wouldn’t connect reliably and i would lose my trip data. The idea of this unit that connects to cellular without my phone being involved was compelling. I decided to pull the trigger and buy it. It does an outstanding job capturing vehicle data.

This adapter is more than a “toy” as reported by others. It offers outstanding tracking and historical data for those needing mileage capture. It offers great live views of car’s location, starts and stops. Coupled with obd fusion software ($) it gives live engine data invaluable for knowing it’s health. But i give it a special, outstanding rating because i have never found a tech support staff so willing to interact, and work through customer problems. I have encountered 2 issues and the tech guys not only got back (nearly the same day), but each issue was worked through with successful outcomes and many emails. These guys are tops in my bookoh yeah, and being 3g, sneak the thing under the dash and you’ll always know where your kids are.

Let me first explain what i appreciate about this device, and then below at the end of this review, i will address two recurring issues mentioned in less positive reviews. First, let’s get it out of the way, this device is wonderful, and here are just some of the things it does:— it connects to the obd2 (on board diagnostic 2) port of your car, which is how mechanics get all their information on a car. — it connects to automatic’s cloud servers with a 3g chip, so you never have to pair it with your phone or anything of that sort. — it stores in real time your itineraries and a lot of data on your car and driving style. My four big reasons to buy automatic are:1) this data that you collect is largely your own and not tied to any insurance provider (such as progressive’s snapshot, or the very new and very neat pay-per-mile system called metromile). 2) your data can be fully exported (including the step-by-step directions). 3) the interface is clean (both the app, the web dashboard) and the set-up was seamless. 4) it provides a wealth of information on how much you drive, how you drive, how your car is doing, and how much you are spending on driving—it also provides an easy way to visualize all this data, and possibly improve your routine. 5) you will never forget where you are parked (in my iphone widget center, i have an automatic widget that always tells me where my car is, see screenshot). In particular, with all this information, since i got automatic, it has encouraged me (and made it fun) to improve my driving style: driving smoother, safer and with the best mph efficiency is fun, if you get to see how your efforts are actually making a difference.

More than we expectedbefore buying, i made sure it was compatible with my car. It wasdownloaded the app from the playstore to my phone. It installed and opened easily. I began the software before plugging the device into my car. Plugged the device in as directed. Then had to turn key to begin electricity in car – but not start it. That took a couple of tries bcz there were two ‘notches’ where my key could stop. I cannot rave enough about this app. I can see all trips the car has made. It also records the mileage. And, after 30days of input, it gauges the skill of the driver.

Like other reviews where, while advertised that there is no monthly fee, the company stops making updates to the app and rolling out a new app when a new hardware device is made available. The current app for this has not been updated since april 2018. On the company’s website now is a new device that is coming out that has a paid monthly model if you want real time tracking. Nothing yet on how it will affect those with this version.

I’ve used a minimum a half dozen of these vehicle gps tracking units both obd2 port and direct wire to vehicle power. This one almost actually did the trick for me but fell short. The interface i actually like it a lot it’s very user-friendly it will report when your vehicle has started or been shut down and it actually calculates your gas mileage and cost of fuel for you and that is amazing. Very simple and to the point and provide you with the pertinent information that you would likely need to have, and it can check your check engine light status for you and even clear the codes which is very convenient. However the problem is the unit misses a bunch of trips or a bunch of pieces of trips and it says that you’ve gone a half a mile when in fact you’ve gone 30 miles or you might be driving and the unit will say that you have parked and a few moments later will say that you started driving again. So recording trip data is not close to being as accurate as it actually should be. In a day my technicians vehicle easily travels a hundred miles and goes into many rural areas along with urban areas. I understand losing cellular connection and the app not necessarily being able to find your current location with no connection; however it should keep in its memory gps location data and be able to update the history when it does receive cellular connection again. I don’t know if that is what’s occurring but i don’t think so being that even right in town it will randomly say that we parked right in the middle of the highway while were actually traveling doing 75 mph. Close very very close but no cigar when it comes to travel logging accuracy.

  • This is THE “smart car” solution you have been waiting for!
  • Treat it as a novelty toy, not a safety device
  • Wow this is an outstanding piece of technology

Automatic Connected Car Assistant New AUT-450C, LTE OBD II Adapter and App, Trip Tracking, Severe Crash Alert, Engine Diagnostics, Realtime Car Tracking, Roadside Assistance and Alexa Skill

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  • Powered by free mobile app and low-profile LTE OBD II adapter for use in cars built after 1996. Made for use in the US only, no international service available. Premium services free for first 6 months.
  • Crash Alert: 24/7 monitoring service that sends emergency services when a severe accident is detected. 3 Years Free.
  • Car tracking: Real-time tracking, location sharing and parked car locator. Great for teens and seniors.
  • Roadside Assistance: Towing and roadside services delivered to you, right when you need it.
  • Driving History, Insights and Business Expense Tracking: Easily keep track of all your trips and tag for business purposes.
  • Vehicle Diagnostics: Decode your check engine light like a pro and possibly save a trip to the mechanic. .
  • Select Service free for 3 years. Premium Service first 6 months free. No contract, $5 per month after 6 month free trial.

I was really excited to get the automatic. My wife and i were able to track driving habits, where our car was parked, and there was an added element of safety in knowing where the car was at in long commutes to work and school. While the ifttt integration never fully worked as expected we figured that was ifttt’s overwhelmed servers and not automatic. However our warm feelings ended when my wife got in an accident no one on our emergency contact list was notified. While the accident was severe enough to total the car it was not enough to have automatic notify us. If you are looking for a safety device you may wish to look elsewhere.

Have used the original automatic basic device in my truck for several years with no problems. The only issue with the original basic is that it has to be connected to bluetooth/ phone to upload data. The automatic pro 3g uploads data to web app over 3g cell in device without need for phone. The value of 5 years free 3g cell service and web app makes this the best bargain over all the others.($600+)device has the basic features needed- location, time, web app, 3g. Hope they sell enough units to stay in business for next 5 years )).

I have owned the old version of automatic for years. The biggest complaint i had with the older version was the lack of gps, because of that you need to have the automatic installed and running on your phone running in the background so it can get location information. So the pro version at first glance would fix this problem, not so fast. In the process of adding 3g they took out real time speed limit tracking, hard acceleration tracking, and hard brake tracking notifications. The new iphone app has also been hindered because of the lack of tracking so a lot of details about your drive has removed. In short for my needs the original product is better. The classic automatic app is much cleaner and easier to understand and i don’t mind having the iphone application running in the background to get the extra benefits of real-time notifications and a better experience on the app side.

The device does what it says it will do, track your car; however battery depletion is an issue. I own a corvette which i drive year around, but not in harsh weather. On weeks in which the car was garaged for several days without driving, my two year old battery kept depleting. I checked all equipment to find the source of the drain, and then remembered that i had the automatic installed. Since i unplugged the device, no more battery drain. I will continue to use the device in the summer, but unless i unplug it after every use, winter use is not feasible.

To start off with, this is an great product overall, i love some of the features including that’s it’s 3g and doesn’t require a bt connection to update. The reason it only has 4 stars is the lack of speed reporting. The tracking it does is remarkable and i love how it interfaces with the odb fusion app. The ifttt stuff doesn’t appear to work at all, not sure what’s up with that, but none of the alerts i have tried to setup actually send me anything.

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Automatic Connected Car Assistant New AUT-450C, LTE OBD II Adapter and App, Trip Tracking, Severe Crash Alert, Engine Diagnostics, Realtime Car Tracking, Roadside Assistance and Alexa Skill
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