BAFX Products Bluetooth Diagnostic OBDII Reader/Scanner : It works, but is only partially ELM 1.4 compatible

Used it on my 2017 chevy camaro ss, it read and i was able to clear the codes, i had a cel. I purchased obd fusion for $9. 99, the app that is needed to use this bluetooth adapter. Once plugged into the obdii port in the car, make sure to either start your car or turn it into acc mode. Select the adapter from your list of wifi and after that it’s all very quick. Great price and great product, a must for anyone that works on their car/truck.

I found this obdii reader to be easy to use and very useful. Basically it reads your vehicles fault codes like any obdii reader but the bluetooth functionality allows connection with your cell phone. Using one of the suggested apps (i used torque pro from google play store, $5 ), you can get all kinds of information, like immediate readout and explanation of the fault code , plus other features if you need them. I got the extension cable that allows the device to be placed on the dash and remain connected for normal driving if desired.

I needed something inexpensive but reliable to keep in the glove box for those check engine lights that happen away from home base. This unit checks off those boxes and more. The only real concern for this unit is that it is pretty big. It sticks out from the the port a bit more than some others and it might be an issue if you keep it installed all the time. That being said, i left it installed for a few weeks and never nailed it with a knee or anything. For the price, you can afford to try it. I bought this in june 2018 to replace one that cost 4x. That one was an exercise in troubleshooting every time i needed it. The bt communication with multiple devices just didn’t work without removing everything and starting from scratch again. Not really what i wanted to do when i have car trouble.

I’ve been a professional in the automotive business for almost 20 years and have ase l1 advanced diagnostic specialist certification. I can say that this is the best bang for the buck obdii device i have ever seen. Naturally it won’t do a lot of things that the more expensive equipment i use ($20k+) can do, but for quick checks and watching limited lists of live data it’s very useful. I use the piston app for android, and this works extremely well with it – quick live data refresh rate, and good access to codes and freeze frame data. With other apps, i use it to monitor fuel economy in real time in my own vehicle. I wish everything worked this well for the money.

Ordered this bluetooth obd2 reader so i could monitor transmission and coolant temps on my 03 ford expedition 5. This unit plugged right in with no issues and hooked up to the tourqe lite app with no problem. After verifying that it worked, i decided to buy the tourqe pro version of the app for about $5 and i am very happy with it. It works wonderfully with this bluetooth unit. I have only two very minor ‘concerns’ that are nothing really, but i think it worth mentioning. One, is that the unit has a lot of blinking red/orange lights (can be seen in the pic near my knee) that some people may find annoying. The second thing is that the unit sticks out a few inches from the port it is plugged into, so it may or may not get bumped by your leg — especially if you have long-ass chicken legs like me. Admittedly it’s unlikely, but possible i think as i’ve come pretty close myself once or twice. As an aside, i had no issues at all with it during a recent 1300 mile trip up i-5 from california to northern oregon and back.

It gives my 1999 f150 several gauges i wanted for towing. Specifically, i now have cylinder head temperature, coolant temperature, transmission temperature (at two different locations), and torque converter slip. These are the critical gauges for towing a load close to the manufacturer’s max tow limit. So far, can’t get engine oil temperature — will keep trying. It does not run the battery down in any noticeable way when the truck is left sitting for a week with the scan tool installed. The scan tool seems to go to sleep after a while and only reawakens when the truck is started. Works well with the android program ‘torque’.

BAFX Products Bluetooth Diagnostic OBDII Reader/Scanner for Android Devices

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  • OUR GUARANTEE – We promise our OBDII reader to work on ALL vehicles purchased in the USA model year 1996 or newer! Unlike so many other cheaper OBD II readers that say they will work on vehicles using J1850 or CAN protocols, but don’t, ours WILL work on these & we PROMISE that! Whether your vehicle is gas, diesel or hybrid, new or old, our OBD reader will work with it. Many people buy cheap first but always end up buying ours, because ours works!
  • WARRANTY – 2 YEAR WARRANTY (YES, 2!) – Covers manufacturing defects from date of purchase. A simple & hassle-free warranty process with USA based support will leave your mind at ease so you can focus on your cars maintenance and health!
  • MONITOR & ANALYZER – The BAFX Products OBD Scanner is a must have tool for your car. With it you can read & clear your Check Engine Light (CEL) & check your vehicle monitors such as O2 Sensors, Fuel Trim, Air Fuel Ratio, DPF Temp, Coolant Temp, Oil Temp, Fuel Pressure & so much more! Professional level diagnostics at a truly reasonable price.
  • APPS & CAR BRANDS – You will need to use a 3rd party app with our scan tool. There are many apps available ranging in price from $0-$40 such as: Torque, Dash Command, Carista, Scan Master, Piston & more! Contact BAFX for a complete list. Regardless of your brand of vehicle our OBD reader will work! Chevy, Ford, BMW, Lexus, Toyota, Nissan, Subaru, Honda, Mercedes, GM, Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep & more, all covered!
  • IMPORTANT – You must have an Android or Windows based device to use our Bluetooth OBD2 reader. Our OBD reader CANNOT be used with iOS devices such as iPhones and the like. For iPhones & iPads, please look at our WiFi version! Also, this device will NOT read AirBag, ABS, TPMS or Oil Change lights. Our diagnostics tool will only read codes for the Check Engine Light.

Very happy with this product, and happy with how remarkably communicative and helpful the seller is. This scanner works perfectly with my iphone 7 and second gen ipad pro using the obd fusion app. I’ve tried it with the following vehicles and they all work with this scanner:2012 mazda32006 honda odyssey2000 honda crv1996 ford rangernot much else to say, other than the mazda’s obd port was tight, and unless i shoved it on with authority, the scanner’s power light would come on, but could not communicate. So if you’re having trouble, make sure the scanner is seated fully.

Honestly, when i first looked at this product, i thought it would be garbage. I figured i would try it since i didn’t want to spend the big bucks on a big name brand scan tool. I received the product and did as it said. It took me a while to get it to connect with my vehicle and when it eventually did, it kicked me back off. The scanner had power but could not access my 99 f250 sd 7. I wasn’t sure if it was the scanner or my vehicle, or because i was using an app on my iphone. So i contacted bafx and i became surprised to find that they were willing to go all out and help me with this problem. They even sent me a new one and a prepaid package to return the old one. I attempted to use the new one and i eventually got it to connect.

I have used code readers before but this one i believe is the best. Being able to view the real-time readings on a larger screen is very helpful. Also the convenience of not being tied to a wire makes it more practical as you can move around within or outside of the vehicle. The feature to search the error codes on the internet is a big help in trouble shooting problems. Being able to save your readings and have multiple vehicle profiles is a nice feature. I chose to use the torque pro app on my android tablet but there are other apps that have similar features.

This device allowed me to locate and fix a troublesome code on a 1995 s10 (v6, w engine). I had an issue of p0172 (system rich) code plaguing me week after week. It would come and go randomly. I went through all the diagnosis i could but it still had me and my mechanic friend stumped. Finally i bought this unit to monitor things in real time as my old serial port reader needed a laptop and was just too cumbersome to deal with every day. I also bought the torque pro app to use with my phone. The bluetooth connection was fast and the device worked well. I needed to learn torque a bit to setup the monitors that i needed and soon it was clear that by monitoring o2s and fuel trims that i had a failing fuel injector spider and a partially failed cat. I changed those two components and everything is copacetic once again. I suspected the fuel rail but could never pinpoint it with certainty without real time monitoring of the sensors.

The obdii reader/scanner plugged in easily, made a quick bluetooth connection with my s8, and was read by the 3rd party application of my choice. Some people like the length of cable between the odbii plug and the actual reader, some do not. One excellent thing this reader has is an on/off switch on the cable. I don’t have to remove and replug when i want to use it. Suggested improvement would be website space dedicated to telling me what sensors my car has or doesn’t have. Not sure if the odbii reader or whatever application i’m using is actually picking up everything my car actually is reporting.

I purchased this obd reader to clear a check engine light on my 08 4runner. I verified on bafx website that this was the correct scanner to purchase with my phone type, it was indeed correct. Easy instructions come in the package, also there are good videos on youtube if you get lost easily. The device connected to my phone easily, i downloaded fusion which is 10 bucks on istore but there are free app options out there if you do some searching. So far the device has performed the actions of connecting to my car and phone and allowing me to clear my check engine light twice now do to a faulty gas cap that i have ordered a replacement for. The only downside to the wifi connection vs bluetooth that is only available it seems with android is that you have to screen shot your error codes or otherwise record them to then research on the internet. The connection with the device disconnects you from the internet. Not really a big deal, and there may be a way in the obd fusion app to record this information for when you are on your usual internet connection i just have not researched.

I bought this because my wife is a little hard on vehicles, and with these newer vehicles, (i’m used to working on the older muscle cars), i got tired of shops telling me repairs were needed that weren’t to try to get more money. Or different mechanics each telling me it was this or that throwing up codes, when it wasnt. Now i know what the code means. I use pro torque, and it’s amazing that it looks up the codes online, and gives a better definition, and what to do to fix it.So, now even i can fix most anything. The only issue, now, is that all my wife’s family & our friends are asking me to diagnose & fix their vehicles, loli love this tool, and think everyone who is tired of mechanics ripping them off should have one.

I’ve got a couple of obdii readers and i really like this one. It took a few moments for my phone to find it and i was afraid i didn’t have it connected well. Because of where the obdii connector is in my car (and most cars), i had to use the phone camera to confirm the light was on. The manual did a great job of explaining the various meanings of the lights and what software to download to your phone. I used torque and it’s also great. With this reader along with torque, i’m able to get so much more information from my car than i get with my other two readers i paid 3 times as much for. They are the typical automotive store models that just give you the code.

For $20 this thing is awesome. I do all my own work on our vehicles but have never had the ability to read codes. I would always just drive the vehicle to the auto parts store and just use one of their code readers. But having the ability to read codes without having to leave your house is pretty cool. I installed the free version of torque on my android to try out this scan tool. It works with the free version, but it is clunky and limited on what it can do. I decided to take the chance and spent the $5 at the app store for the full version of torque and it brought up codes the free version didn’t. I compared the codes from this tool to an auto parts store code reader and it was spot on. Don’t skimp out on the software or it won’t matter what reader you have.

I’m very happy with this product. I initially ordered the android version and had to return it. After getting this one, i tested it, and it worked great. I connected it to my iphone and all connected easily. I disconnected one of my coils to see if it actually was diagnosing the vehicle and it immediately identified the misfire and told me which plug. I reconnected the coil and it showed no issues with system. I’m very happy with this product and highly recommend it to avoid costly charges of having a mechanic come to your home, or a tow truck, to fix something you can fix at a cost a lot less the the home or office or breakdown charge.

The reader powered up in my 2007 4runner, connected to the obd fusion app without issue, and provided the data needed. So far it’s doing exactly what i expected. It’s very handy for instances where you’re interested in specific information, for example on a recent off-road trail run featuring sustained climbs on a rocky, muddy track where i monitored my transmission fluid temperature. (fyi to 4th gen 4runner owners, it stayed well within a safe range, the highest reading being around 198f. )it’s important to know that this device draws current all the time, meaning it will eventually drain your vehicle battery if 1) it’s left installed and 2) you don’t drive your vehicle for some time (the period will vary based on the level your battery is charged to, its age, and so on). Read and understand that part of the instructions to avoid a dead battery. I feel the company’s follow-up message is also worth mentioning. I get that part of it is to get people to write reviews, but it was still nice to receive a message emphasizing their commitment to customer service and the warranty, and encouraging contact if the customer has any issues or questions. I’ve had no need to test that commitment but feel more confident because they reach out to customers that way. On the obd fusion app, i purchased the advanced diagnostics package for toyota vehicles and the reader delivered the information flawlessly.

BAFX Products Bluetooth Diagnostic OBDII Reader/Scanner for Android Devices : Absolutely excellent device. It has already saved me over $1,000. I had a repair shop telling me i needed a new transmission. I bought this scan tool, downloaded a free app (there are many), and saw that the only significant transmission code was a faulty turbine speed sensor. I replaced the sensor myself for $25 and the transmission behaves like new. I’ve had other bluetooth obdii scan tools, and this is the only one that actually works. And the company stands behind it completely. I am impressed not only with the device, but also with the company, whose owner contacted me directly just to see if i was satisfied.

I bought this because my 2003 ford expedition was hesitating around 40mph. Ford wanted to charge over 300$ to diagnose the problem. I figured i’d try to figure it out myself. So, using this i was able to identify a miss fire in cylinder 6. Found the plug to be in bad shape. Replaced all 8 spark plugs for around 30$. Saved myself over 500$ at least. If you have a car with problems this is a reasonable product to try. It worked for me and i’m just an average person. Also if you own a ford i recommend looking up videos on youtube by “fordmakuloco” he has the best videos on repairing tough and easy jobs.

I got this to diagnose a p0420 code that my car had been throwing intermittently for about 6 months. I had it scanned at an auto parts store and got the initial code, but to get a definite diagnosis i would have had to take it to the shop for $45 an hour (i get a discount). I did some looking around for a scan tool, but i did some youtubing and found these things that did all the same things for a fraction of the cost. I researched for a few weeks to find a good one, and this came up as one of the better low-cost ones and bafx seemed like a good company so i got it. The tool came in a plain white box with packing peanuts, a setup and troubleshooting guide, and a tiny compact disc that i suppose goes in a cd-rom drive (never tried it). The instructions were pretty good for getting a basic idea of initial setup. You need an android smartphone or tablet to run the tool, and any smartphone or tablet will be fine (even older ones). Basically you plug it into the car’s dlc port (under the dash), wait until the red light comes on, turn on your bluetooth, and search for the device. It should come up as some weird name or obd scanner.

Nice, you’ll need to get some software, i used torque pro for $4. For my vehicle there were many extra sensors readings available. I used this on a 2014 f150 4×4 and there were no issues and connecting and setup were a couple minutes. Note i used an android phone and torque pro, i didn’t see that torque pro was available for windows. The screens are a bit crowded on a galaxy s6 but certainly usable and informative. Yes you can reset most codes, i reset a misfire code on my truck, by accident. It can show and reset a dtc / cel / fault code like a scantool. I can’t recommend resetting codes though.At least write them down and photograph them to show to a real mechanic before doing so, even if you’re capable of fixing the issue, as there may be future issues you can’t fix and the code and history may be useful tools for others.

I am impressed with this tool. Plug it in and pair it to your phone or laptop ( i did it to both so i could watch the graphs and performance reports on the phone while looking up the fault codes on my notebook computer. ) within a couple of minutes, i had downloaded the free ‘app’ and it was already performing diagnostics on my wife’s ford expedition. I received two fault codes, one on each of the engine banks front cylinders telling me it had a ‘occasional lean’ reading. I reset the ecu on the truck, cleared the error codes and decided to take it for a test drive. The vast majority of the time, these ‘slight lean condition’ intermittent error codes means the mass air flow sensor is near the end of it’s life. I drove the truck, since it is my wife’s and i rarely drive it, and when i hammered the throttle to get onto the highway entrance ramp, there was a sudden but very brief hesitation where the truck ‘stumbled’ and then the truck accelerated just like it should. Sure enough, a new set of error codes appeared and the check engine light was back on. Since the mass air flow sensor controls the air fuel ratio of the engine, i was sure this was the source of both the error codes and the stumble during acceleration. When you get this ‘check engine’ light codes, and the vehicle has this noticeable, yet very brief ‘stumble’ when you aggressively accelerate, it’s time to test the entire truck system and check everything.

Good basic tool to use to pull codes, reading bluetooth to my phone is nice and works very well, i was able to walk about 20ft from car into the garage to read the program on my phone. I purchased the torque pro program on my phone for $5 to read the issues and works great, after you get the codes you can click them and go online to see a more detailed description of the issue, you can also send a copy of the codes to email or text. I did purchase an 1ft extension cable to connect it to since my obd connection is a little awkward to get too. Just a couple notes after you read the issues do not clear the codes until you fix the problem, or think you have, also in no way is this like a professional mechanic code reader, they can look into things and levels this can’t, but this is a good basic reader to give you a heads up on whats going on, no surprises from the mechanic.

I hadn’t used this since 2013; at which time my phone was the issue. Hooked it up to my nexus 6p with android ‘o’ (i am developer), synced and was immediately able verify that my sensors were indeed ‘ready,’ which if i had done this before i went to the oregon emission station, i would have avoided having to come back since i was not aware if you have a discharged car battery it wipes out all previous sensing data, which had to accumulate again over period of time the car is running, which i guess 40 minutes was not long enough. :(app used in the screenshot is ‘torque pro’.

I originally bought this adapter 5 years ago and it had worked great up until recently when it wouldn’t connect to my wife’s car. However, it would connect to my car just fine. I sent an email to bafx asking them if there had been any updates to the adapter since the one i originally bought. About a day later mark from bafx wrote me back and said there were no updates to the device. He had me do some tests and then offered to check my adapter if i sent it to them. I sent it to them and a few days later they sent me a brand new one. I was not expecting this kind of support from them for a device that was 4+ years out of warranty. Sorry for the long review, i just thought i should share my experience. The new adapter works perfect.

First off, i used the recommended app ‘torque pro’. And they are good about responding to emails. Does exactly what it says it does. Now, there is a caveat that your vehicle may not send the specific data you want through the obdii port. For instance, i initially purchased this because i was wanting to know the gear my transmission was in. Unfortunately, my vehicle doesn’t report this data via the obdii using this device. I would be able to access this data using a very expensive mechanics scanner (several hundred dollars) but that’s a big nope for me. It was more for curiosity than practical reasons. Basically, unless you find someone with your same make, model, and year who already bought this reader, you won’t know if it’ll report more unusual data.

I pair it with an android pad and get great real time data as well as diagnostics. Have to admit one can get out of depth with all the ways to extract and display the data, custom info etc, thats dependent on what programs you use and what knowledge you have. But it seems that if the auto computer can output it, this can extract it and pass it to whatever program you use. Also important, no probs clearing codes. I’ve gotten cars with bad problems to pass inspection by clearing codes, then just carefully driving around till the real-time data fills the minimum (before checklight happens) and getting in. This is really good gear particularly for the price. Use whatever bluetooth display, use whatever program.

Vehicle: 2009 honda pilotbought this to diagnose a check engine light. While i would preferred the bluetooth version i have ios so i had to go this route. I tested it with 3 different applications and it connected flawlessly out of the box. Worth the money compared to some of the other items out there in this same category. Glad i purchased it and will recommend it to others. Consider getting an extension cable if your odb port is not in a good place. This device is a decent size and could pose issues in tight quarters.

I know i had car issues but not to this extent. I was able to track down every issue (7) and figure out what it was gonna cost me. Literally saved me $700 from what the shop was gonna charge me to fix them. Makes me wonder if they were trying to rip me off.

I use this with torque engine management app and it works great. Once you learn to work around the app you can really get some detailed info and can leave it plugged in to see how your vehicle is doing while you drive. I’ve helped several friends find out what was wrong with their vehicles. Highly recommend this if you like to trouble shoot your own car and do your own repairs.

I bought this device because i have three older vehicles, a 2004 rv and 2010 and 2012 sedans. Within a month of owning it the check engine light came on and i was able to see that is was catalytic converter or o2 sensor. A quick google found cat cleaner and so far the light has not returned. The car has not other symptoms like poor mileage and the tools allowed me to watch the o2 sensor to know it was not defective. My only complaint is reported mpg. I know that it is inflated, but i also know that is not the fault of the device but the car’s systems. I do wish the device was a bit shorter. It gets in the way a bit, but if it lasts, bigger is worth it. The previous odb2 reader i had (another brand) only lasted 6 months and the replacement another 6 months. I am hoping for better with this unit.

I have a 2008 rav4 that has an intermittent problem that causes three dashboard lights to come on: enginecheck, vsc, and 4wd. The lights sometimes go out in a week or two. Both the bafx 34t5 obd scan tool and the toyota dealer found a p0171 code, ‘engine too lean’. The dealer could not identify a cause for the code and could not explain what this code has to do with the vsc and 4wd lights. There does not seem to be problem with the vehicle, but when the dashboard lights are on i cannot lock the differential. I rarely need to lock it, but when i need to, it’s important. I downloaded the torque lite app to my samsung android phone. The app paired automatically with the scan tool via bluetooth and i can then use torque to turn the dashboard lights off whenever they come on. Bafx products 34t5 bluetooth obdii scan tool for android devices.

Get this with the torque app and you will be amazed at all the data and information that you can get about your vehicle. This will help you identify a problem before it becomes a real problem down the road. I have tried it in a 2006 toyota tacoma, 2003 jeep wrangler tj, and a 2006 ford f-250 diesel 6. The ford has a turbo leak and it was making the check engine light turn on so i used this and the app to clear the code that it was throwing out so that it didn’t just constantly stay on. I was also able to look at what the boost was using this and the app. This is by far one of the best items i have ever bought and would recommend it to anyone. 2 of my friends are already buying it. Even if you don’t want this for a vehicle you have now i would get it for the next time you want to buy a vehicle to see if there are any problems that you might run into.

I downloaded the software, torque (lite) from the android store, pluged it in and did a search for blue tooth device and it worked, about as easy as it gets. I keep mine plugged in at all times. It isn’t just for error codes. If you mess with the program you will figure out how to add read outs on sensors that you never knew existed. It shows up in real time on your phone and can be read while driving. Not that you should, if you do then you may get an array of error messages telling you that you were so busy looking at your phone that you crashed. You can set up screens and read info such as voltage, throttle percentage, trip, timing adv, rpm, speed, mpg, air flow, coolant temp, 0-60 time, intake temp, cylinder state etc.

I have had this for 6 months to use for my 03 honda crv. It had an engine light back a few months and usually go to the autozone to check. I fixed the last time engine had the code and finally came on again, and this is the first time i used it at 6 am. Plugged it in, read the instructions, download torgue lite app, and connected via bluetooth. The instructions don’t really show you what to do, but how to connect. So i started to touchscreen tools icon and found my way to get errors. It gave me the error code for mass airflow, this will be an easy fix. But i also cleared the code, so now, my daughter driving it will not freak out about the engine light. I started to add gauges, and it seems to read a lot of info.

You do have to download an app to actually connect it to your phone. I use torque pro, which is $5. There’s also a free version you can use but it’s fairly limited in functionality. I have used it on both an 06 cobalt and an 01 duramax. Both worked fine, however the duramax is a 6 speed so it sticks out a little in front of the clutch pedal, but not enough to get in the way that i’ve noticed. On the cobalt it was very much out of the way. I used it just goofing around on the cobalt. Used it to read a code and check boost on the efi live powered duramax. (update: tried it on a 99 cavalier, worked great.

It worked the first time with no hitches or hiccups. Cheap looking, and very lightweight, but if you only use it for diagnostics in the driveway, as compared to using it whilst underway on a trip, it should hold up okay. I knew hardly anything about obd2 scanners, and was wary about a bluetooth scanner. But it quickly mated with my moto x within about 15 seconds. On my honda cr-v, the scanner receptacle was situated so that the unit goes in with the flashing lights upside-down. But once the unit is docked via bluetooth to your phone or tablet the virtual guages are easy to read on the display. I downloaded the free torque lite from the android play store to see if the unit would work okay before purchasing the torque pro. In hardly any time at all, i was able to discover that # 3 cylinder was misfiring. There are a bunch of different reasons for a cylinder misfiring, but this piece of information will undoubtedly save me some money when i take it in for repair.

This device works exactly as it should and for a great price. I downloaded the app they suggested from google play but ended up with another app that is free and has no ads called piston. Piston is digital rather than graphic which i prefer and tells you all you need to know. There are much more expensive devices out there that don’t provide anymore information. This device does not do a couple things (abs/srs) that you would have to pay several hundred dollars to get in another device. For that rare or unlikely need you can have it done by a pro, or perhaps autozone has the capability with their scanners and they do it for free. The thing that is really nice about this device is that it can be used at your own home or on the road if needed in a breakdown. And it can help you keep the mechanics honest. You can download the complete list that explains the error codes and save to a file for offline viewing on your smart device. Or you can get an app like obd2 code guide and search for the error code.

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