Battery Tender (022-0186G-DL-WH) 12V 5 Amp Battery Charger – Works great with cars

I have always been a fan of battery tender and own several of the 1. And over the years they have worked exactly as advertised. I have automobile and tractor batteries that have been in use for over 10 years and still going strong. This 5 amp unit is the best of the bunch. The one disadvantage to the other units was they were a bit slow in recharging a deeply discharged battery. The only suggestion i have is if you plan on mounting it on a wall. The package does not come with mounting screws.

I have a mercedes suv that doesn’t get driven much. It also has a constant current draw that mercedes can’t identify even after having the car in their shop for 10 days. I got tired of dead or weak batteries so i bought this 5 amp deltran battery charger. The battery is always at full charge even if the car hasn’t been driven for a week. Installation was incredibly easy but because i didn’t want to open the hood all the time to plug and unplug the battery, i had to buy a short 5 ft extension cable. The extra length allowed me to extend the short cable deltran provides for permanent hookup to the battery terminals to the front grill of the car. Now, i have the connector hanging at waist height and i can pop it on and off the charger in a couple of seconds. This was a problem with the mercedes because they actually put the battery under the front passenger seat and give you two terminals in the engine compartment for jumping a dead battery. But they put the terminals at the rear of the engine compartment almost back against the firewall. If your battery is at the front of the engine compartment like most cars, you may not need the extra cable. However even with running the extra cable, it took 10 minutes and almost no skill to wire up a permanent solution.

My poor 2005 f150 just doesn’t get driven enough to keep the battery maintained. My truck has less than 32k on its original engine but its on its third or fourth bosch battery (the dealer didn’t find anything wrong with my charging system). By the time i do need to drive my truck its almost always dead. I just purchased this battery tender and i love that it powers on and off automatically, and the 5 amps replenishes the battery really fast. I ended up hard wiring this tender to my f150 using a capped marine ac plug hidden in the side well of my truck. Now if i was to accidentally forget to unplug the ac cable before i drive off, it should unplug without damaging anything. I also added a tag on my steering wheel to remind my family members to unplug the ac cord. My only regret is that amazon’s size specs for the metal version (022-0157-1) of this tender was wrong at the time of my purchase. According to a reviewer (antimorris), the metal version is only 5. 0′ vs this plastic version the measures at 12. I would’ve ordered the smaller metal version instead of this one. But i’m still happy with my purchase, it’s worth the peace of mind, i don’t expect to need a new battery any time soon. Update:my original post was done on august 2016, and today is jan 2 2019. My f150 has only been driven about 800 miles around town ( since we have two other ‘daily driver’ cars).

The item description and images fail to indicate that this item does include the ring terminal harness for permanent attachment to your battery. No need to purchase the item linked here: battery tender 081-0069-6 ring terminal harness with black fused 2-pin quick disconnect plug.

After connecting this item to my 12v lead acid generator battery the yellow charging light came on. Unfortunately, this was before i plugged battery tender in. After plugging battery tender in for almost a week now the yellow charging light is still on. It never turned green indicating the battery was fully charged. I put a volt meter on the battery and it registered 12. 7 volts as it should and the tender should be green. I wrote customer service at deltran (battery tender) on a friday and by sunday still no response. I guess they dont monitor customer service on the weekend, that’s pretty normal although inconvenient. So i notified the seller through amazon on saturday, still no response, i guess they are off too. Not feeling too much love at this point and hoping monday brings better results.

Works great with cars, riding mowers, and just about any farm machinery with a battery. A great feature is if you touch both connectors there is no chance of a spark. Charges battery and a lot of indicators. Only minor issue is the green and red lights provide the status: blinking, solid, on or off and it’s not clear what it means. The legend is written on the wall unit and is very small and hard to read. If this was helpful please click helpful below.

  • Includes harness not shown in pictures. Don’t buy an extra one unless you need to.
  • Works great with cars
  • Five years later, still going strong

This is the ubiquitous battery tender jr. There are quite a few float charger type products out there that bill themselves as ‘battery tenders’ but the actual product name of this is ‘battery tender jr. ‘ – they have other battery tender products, including one with higher charging output, and one with more outputs for charging multiple batteries. But let’s first get back to basics: what is a float charger, and why is it needed?lead-acid batteries, of the type used in cars and motorcycles, lose a part of their charge over time just sitting when they aren’t even connected to something. When left in a bike that has a clock or radio memory circuit in it that constantly draws power even when the bike is off, that loss of charge is even faster. Lead-acid batteries ‘like’ to remain at full charge at all times. A battery that is kept at full charge will have a much longer service life than a battery that is left sitting with less than a full charge. I used to go through a lot of batteries – my motorcycle batteries would last between one and two years before they needed replacement. With multiple motorcycles (not to mention other battery powered things like a generator, snow blower, etc.

Bought a pair of the tender jr. I’m sure they have paid for themselves by maximizing the life of my expensive lead-acid batteries. There are plenty of reviews here proving that this is a quality product that has been around a long time. I wish to add that the company that makes battery tender products, deltran, stands by their products. One of my ‘juniors’ recently stopped working after four years of continuous service. I emailed the company and received a prompt reply. I returned the unit and received a brand new replacement covered under their 5-year warranty. You can’t go wrong with this product or company. Edit: for those considering this product.

Battery tender 022-0185g-dl-wh black 12 volt 1. 25 amp plus battery charger/maintaineri had not driven my truck for about 8 months. It would not start, battery was totally dead. Called aaa and had them jump it. Let it run for about half-an-hour. Took it to go shopping (about 10 miles). Bought battery tender and installed it. It took about 48 hours before green light would come on. But truck started up as normal. I installed tender with ring terminals which make it more convenient to put on and off. Added on/off switch at ac outlet to make it easier to turn on/off maintainer. Probably will purchase another one for my prius.

Bought mine in october 2011 to keep the battery in my convertible trickle-charged when i store the car for the duration of the harsh maine winter. The car and the tender sit in an unheated garage. So far, over five winters, i’ve had zero issues. The reason for subtracting one star is because the manufacturers plays warranty games. If something goes wrong with the product, you have to pay to send it back, pay some more to have it ‘evaluated,’ and if you’re particularly unlucky, you’ll have to shell out a third time for the actual repair. ‘i’m lucky i haven’t needed warranty service, so i’m still happy with the purchase and performance of my battery tender.

Features of Battery Tender (022-0186G-DL-WH) 12V 5 Amp Battery Charger

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 5 amps 12 volt charger/maintainer
  • Water resistant due to factory installed gasket
  • Input voltage 120VAC @ 60 Hz
  • It is UL/CSA, CE and BC approved
  • 5 year warranty.4-Step Fully Automatic Charging (Initialization, Bulk, Absorption, Float)

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

5 amps 12 volt charger/maintainer

Water resistant due to factory installed gasket

Input voltage 120VAC @ 60 Hz

It is UL/CSA, CE and BC approved

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