BG 44K Fuel System Cleaner Funnel- 2 Cans : This Stuff Really Works

Dramatic difference in the performance of my car. I poured this stuff in my gas tank, when it was nearly empty, and let it idle for about 30 minutes to an hour. I have tried a lot of different products and this outperformed all of them. Now to be clear my car has port and direct injection. When it idles it uses the port injectors. So the top side of the valves get cleaned. This method will not work on direct injection only.

My service department suggested this product and i initially purchased from them. It’s great for my car but i’ll be ordering from amazon from now on.

One of the best quality fuel system cleaners out there. All i ever used as a master technician.

I had two injectors that show weak spray patter on a bench test. Two can of the bg 44k later, we took the injectors out and had them retested and spray pattern greatly improved.

I’m not saying this will fix your vehicle but not check engine light activated in my old bmw for a fuel pump issue. I used this cleanser and it turned off and bmw diagnostics can’t find any error. Definitely get your vehicle checked but this worked for me.

26 years ago an automotive mechanic told me about bg 44k fuel system for my old car. He said you will notice a difference by the time you get home. Wow, i really did notice that the car was running much better. Fast forward to 2018 i am still putting this product in every car i have owned since then. I have spread the word to friends and family, too. I cannot say enough great things about this product. Highly, highly recommend this fuel additive for anyone’s vehicle.

BG 44K Fuel System Cleaner Funnel- 2 Cans

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  • Rapidly Cleans Fuel Injectors, Valves and Combustion Chambers
  • One can treats up to 20 gallons of gasoline
  • For gasoline engines only
  • The choice of automotive professionals for over 40 years

Helps clean and tune-up the engine once you rev high (almost red line) with this stuff in the fuel. More powerful and sounds better. I also noticed an improvement in gas mileage. First discovered this stuff at an audi service department.

I have used this product about a year ago, prior to purchasing it through amazon. A trusted mechanic recommend i use it when i notice my truck was feeling a bit sluggish. I had a 1/4 tank full of gas when he poured it in the gas tank. After driving my truck a few miles, and getting it on the freeway, i notice some improvement in power as it burned through. I was very happy with this product which is why i purchased it again. Again, after pouring it in my gas tank, i was very happy with the outcome.

This works pretty much right away. I noticed smoother acceleration almost immediately. I put it in at home when my gas tank was 1/2 full then drove to the gas station and filled it up. I plan to use it every six months.

Car runs good, can’t say with 100% certainty that this was the x factor, but no complaints. I only have 1 recommendation, either send a better funnel, or don’t send one at all. The one they provide is short and didn’t work well for me when pouring into gas tank. I ended up picking up one at the auto store for under $2 with a longer spout.

Literally the best fuel system cleaner out there. Had random misfire codes and jerking. Took two bottles to fully clear and stop and haven’t had any issues since. It actually cleaned the fuel injector nozzles which was the root of the issue. To replace injectors would have been too expensive for my truck with 271,000 miles.

I could not believe the difference. I was about to replace all 16 spark plugs on my 130,000 mile 2001 mercedes s 500. Instead, i used a can of bg 44k. I could tell the difference after about 1/4th to 1/2 tank of gas. After i used all the original gas and another tank, i did not need to replace the plugs. The car runs as if it’s been tuned up for racing.

I have used this in the distant past, but could only find it then at the dealership for big bucks. This is the best cleaner that i have used yet, and i’ve been using cleaners for years.

I’ve been pouring a can of bg 44k into my vehicles fuel tanks every 5,000 miles for the past thirty eight years. I don’t know what it does exactly, but the motors like it so much, they purr.

This is the best product to clean the fuel system in your car. My car’s mpg jumped 3% after using the 44k.

I spent a couple days reading up on all the fuel additives and well theyre all pretty much the same. Sure it did a little would i buy it again yes probably. But honestly others would do the same as this product did.

This is by far the best fuel clean system i have use and i have used a lot of them. I use it in my 1998 toyota 4 runner and it is working like has not in years. I will recommend this product to any one that needs his car to work like new again.

BG 44K Fuel System Cleaner Funnel- 2 Cans : This is the stuff my dealer tries to get me to buy every other oil change to clean out my system. Here it costs me under $40 for two, at the dealership they charged about $30-40 each time. Great savings and easy to put in fuel tank with the supplied filter.

Handy funnel seals cans well compared to using open funnel. You do not want this solvent dripped onto your paint. I’ve used bg44k since a dealer used in regularly on one of my cars from 1980. I try to use it yearly in each of my cars to keep injectors and cylinders clean.

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