Black Boar ATV Gun Holder Case, Installation was relatively easy and I just came back from a 3-day ATV

Delivered on time everything was in good shape. Liked the looks of it seems solidly made. The u-blots work well on the metal rack ( i have a 2018 honda rancher) the only thing i revamped on it was taking some rubber hose and cutting different length pieces to fit the rack making one cut down the side of the hose so it would go over the rack then put the u-bolts over those. Worked great now the seat won’t rattle or wear all the paint off the rack. My wife and kids like how comfortable it is to sit in.

Bolted up nice and tight on 2018 kodiak 450. The seat matches in color and super comfortable tons of space. I’d love to have seen the larger compartment separated left and right so i can throw cold drinks and ice in one side but my spray foam skills will take care of that :). The clearances are professional and the plastic is rock hard there’s no cheap flimsy flexing going on this thing is way better than another product i purchased for $160 that holds two helmets. I strap mine to the rack anyway. Nice half inch lip to stop water creeping in and the keyed entry is a nice touch to stop my buddies from drinking my supplies. Also the grab handles work perfect for a passenger so they don’t have to hold onto you. The arm rests are contoured for a male with broader shoulders. Women and small children may have a fitment problem when it comes to that one thing but my passengers have no problem reaching the grab handles and it’s still comfortable. Seat is plush and backrest is perfect height.

Fairly easy to install, but takes some effort – i used some u-bolts i got at the hardware store to install on the plastic rear rack on a polaris ho 450. Included bolts were inadequate for my install needs. Sturdy so far, but i do light trail rides and don’t haul heavy items inside like tools. The rear rest seat is really up-right (vertical) and not as inclined as it could be to be more comfortable. The ‘padding’ is just bad (stiff/hard) on the seat and rear back rest3. Lock on the rear is flimsy and not reinforced as it should be, luckily i dont keep any valuables in it. The center storage tray inside between the two larger storage sections is not removable and is kind of in the way. Makes storing long items a pain, but i can live with that.

This is an excellent option if you’re looking to add a second seat. It is far better constructed than what you can see in the pictures. The storage space is immense the opening could be a little bit larger but i can’t complain. I would like to see a little bit of insulation around the sides and possibly bottom. I will probably be adding insulation myself in the form of reflectix so that i can use it as a cooler when needed. Also i added a gasket which i bought from lowe’s to seal the lid to prevent dust from back flowing into the cargo box.

I received my lounger yesterday. Packaging was sound and in great shape. I put it on last night and can’t wait to give it a whirl this weekend. I will have to say that it is much easier to drill the holes with the cargo rack removed. The u-lots are tricky to install but with help it is manageable. The keys and hardware were tie wrapped to the underside of the lid pretty easy to find after releasing the hold down straps one opening the lid. Took about 30 minutes to install after the rack was removed and the holes drilled. One thing that is lacking is the mounting brackets on the inside. They could be bigger and cover more surface area. For that i held back a star.

Seems to be a pretty nice trunk but if you have the flat racks like polaris you really need to get rid of the u-bolts and get some serious 3-4′ wide u-bolts to affix this thing from the back cargo rack. Unless of course, you want your passenger to fall off. Ps, the rubber stripping was my add on. Carry compartment let’s in dust and water like crazy. Just like everything else my friends, nothing that is touted as being ‘universal’, fits much of anything without significant modification.

I bought two of these for my 2001 and 2004 sportsman 500s. The supplied u bolts were difficult to get installed on the polaris rack. The polaris rack doesn’t give you any room between fender and rack. Had to take the rack off but the seat covers the four screws that hold the rack to the machine. What should have been an hour job at most (each machine) turned out to be 8 hours. Also the u bolts supplied just barely got through the rack into the storage box for mounting. Had they been an 1/8th of an inch longer it would have simplified the install. One of the boxes was missing the directions but i watched the video on amazon to see how to do it.

Key specs for Black Boar ATV Gun Holder Case with Integrated Carry-Handle and Affixed Soft-Sided Inner Liner, Stores and Protects Most Rifles, Mounting Hardware Included (66012):

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  • Stores and protects most rifles – including scoped guns with high mounts and up to 50mm objectives
  • Integrated carry-handle and included soft-side inner gun case accommodates left and right hand bolt action rifles or shotguns
  • All mounting hardware included, compatible with most tubular racks
  • Measures 53.5″L x 15.5″H x 5.25″D
  • Dust and water resistant

Comments from buyers

“Great seat for the price.
, Love it bought one for my 2017 can am outlander
, Good Value and fit!!

I bought this for my 2017 suzuki king quad. My back rack has 2 square bars on it, so i had to buy 2 different clamps to mount it. Mounting was a bit tricky to do, but i got it on there. My wife and i take turns driving the atv. She loved driving on the trails. Well, that was before i put this seat on there. It rides like you are seating in a big captains chair. I am not a small guy and even i thought it was very nice.

Bought this for my kodiak 700 eps. Installation was relatively easy and i just came back from a 3-day atv trip on the outlaw trails in southern wv. The box worked fine and stayed largely dry and dust free on the inside due to the weather stripping i had applied (suggested by earlier reviews). Can’t understand why the manufacturer wouldn’t install weather seals themselves, seems like a no-brainer. The lock can be a little tricky at times but generally works, the two elastic bands that help keep the lid shut are great. A couple of minor irritants. The box has no dividers, it would have been nice with a bit of webbing or anchor points for dividers. The top of the anchors stick up and will have to be covered by something (rounded nuts would have been nice) or they may rip stuff or (in my case) puncture beers.

Good quality and well built. Fits my honda rancher perfectly.

Put this on my 2018 polaris sportsman 570 utility edition. The utility edition has different rack than the other models and this still worked great. My 9 year old daughter loves it and feels much safer on the back now. 1 small concern that isn’t a deal breaker at all – being black it gets hot in the sun (as you would assume). If your passenger rides in short sleeves keep a something over the arm rests if it will sit in the sun for an extended period of time or they will burn their arms when they put them in the rests.

This rack box has all the features i need and a build quality that feel like it will last. I installed it temporarily by drilling pilot holes through the box and my wheeler rack, and then zipping in some self-tapping metal screws. After a long ride one day, i did notice that 1 of the 4 became a bit loose. I’ll be revising my mounting method to use the supplied u-bolts at some point in the near future. However, it *did* function just fine, and held securely with an adult passenger while mounted with only the metal screws. As for the features and usefulness of this item, i was specifically looking for something that could *comfortably* carry a passenger (primary concern), as well as hold some extra stuff for a longer ride (secondary concern). The way the handles are designed on this make it very comfortable and secure for a passenger- both adult and child passengers had no problem hanging on during trail rides. The seat cushion has ample padding and provides lasting comfort. The only improvement in passenger comfort and security that i could suggest would be to have grab handles vertically mounted, more in a ‘joystick’ type configuration. I’ve never seen one of these rack boxes that has handles like that, but if i were to design one, that’s how i would do it.

Put on 01 honda rubicon 500. Only took about 35 minutes to install alone.

Works good and the price is right however there should be padding on the arms, wife complains about the hard plastic and the angle of her arm to the hand guard. The latches are nice and easy, like that it has a lock, with the whole cap coming up it does make it easier to stuff crap in there but at the same time my last seat had the individual arms come up as storage and the wife could reach in and throw me beers while were riding. With this one i have to wait until &/or stop to drink a beer. Inconvenient because i stay thirsty.

I got 2 of these for our 2016 sportsman 450 and 570. I did not want to permanently install these and did not want to buy a metal rack so i found these toggle anchors at home depot. They are rated at 333 lbs and with 6 of them on each the seat in in tight. I did have to install some 3/8” washers due to bolt is a tad bit too long. My 10 and 8 year old daughter love riding in the seat. We also bought foot holders on amazon for stability when trail riding. Hope this helps fellow polaris owners.

The seat cution flaps around when being towed. I’m using light strenght bungee cord to keep it down. Otherwise it’s working great.

Box is a nice shape and has an appealing profile. The elastic rings used to hold the box closed require a lot of downward pulling force to get them stretched over the hold-down points on the box. It didn’t take long for the strap used to pull the elastic ring to break. It did this when the box was closed which made it very difficult to get into the box because there was no way to pull the ring down to release it. I suspected this system was going to be problematic right from the start because if the box is opened and closed a lot, the elastic rings are pulled over and over – they will only last for so long… a better method to keep the box closed without having to use the keyed lock would be to use snap-down latches. It holds all you need even a couple of small 2 gallon fuel cans. The cusions are adaquate and the seating is confortable.

I’ve only had the seat installed for about a month and around 100 not-so-easy miles but it’s held up just well. It’s nice to be able to take the extra person around. On my grizzly at least, without any passenger footrests, the passenger does end up holding them self up with their arms, in leau of sliding their crotch into the drivers back, especially through the rough stuff. Adds a ton of utility for the cost. I mostly made the purchase for extra storage (and there’s a lot) but if you’re buying it for passenger comfort, i’d highly recommend you get some kind of foot rests for passenger support. Bungees that latch the lid will likely wear out in time. Nice to have the lock as backup for when that inevitabley happens.

Love it bought one for my 2017 can am outlander xmr and it works great. Made my dad so jealous he had me order another one for his arctic cat. Only gave it 4 because they should put some sort of seal around the lid. I work for a door company so i used some rubber smoke gasketing and put it on both upright edges top and bottom. Which helped with the other reason for the 4 stars. If your on some bumpy trails your can hear it rattle a bit at the pivot point since there is some needed play but it’s plastic on plastic. If you spend $5 on some weather strip to seal the box better it eliminates that. Buy one great bang for the buck.

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