Blue Star Blue-Star Fix your Windshield Do It Yourself Windshield Repair Kit, Easy to use and effective too

I had a ding on my windshield on a day when i knew the temperature could fluctuate quickly and possibly worsen it into a crack. I had one of these kits on hand in the trunk of my car, and it was so easy to use and effective, even on an overcast day. The surface chip was quite small, but underneath you could see a kind of black internal crack in the glass. I thought there was no way this would fix it. I’ve tried a different kit with a suction cup type mount and didn’t like it as much because the plunger didn’t have guide notches like this one. I set everything up and found a better parking spot by my apartment so i drove the car a bit with the full kit on and there were no problems3. The kit was very efficient with clear instructions and pictures. The only thing that could improve is including a small alcohol pad/cleaning wipe in the kit.

This is a great option for filling chips in a windshield, far better and more convenient than having a glass repair company come out to perform the same fix. Granted, their hardware is probably better overall, but i’d say this is 90% as good and if i don’t edit this review the chip never spread. The manufacturer has a video on you tube, i suggest watching it first as the printed instructions will make much more sense after watching the video. The filling process is fairly easy, although does take about an hour to complete from start to finish. You do need sunlight to cure the resin, although theoretically it could be done with a uv lamp. Overall it’s pretty painless. The kit includes a razor blade, but you really do need some sort of razor blade holder to get the pedestal off of the windshield, it is very sticky. This reduced the appearance of a chip in my windshield by 90%, which is about what i would expect from a commercially done fix. I plan on keeping one of these kits on hand at all times now that i’ve used it once.

My windshield was hit with a rock and it left a pit about the size of a bb pellet and spiderweb cracks coming from it to about the size of a nickel. Followed the instructions and as other people have mentioned i watched the video on youtube. The product was easy to use and was very straight forward, i did mine in the parking lot at work. My kit came with everything i needed even the razor blade to clean away excess resin. My issue came during the vacuum and pressure portion. The hole in the syringe that holds the pushpin leaked and i lost vacuum in the syringe. When the pressure step came i had to re-pressurize the syringe twice and it still leaked out. Therefore the resin did not get pushed into the cracks very well and left them showing. Besides the poor design of the syringe, the rest of the product worked as intended and filled the pit in the middle of the crack. I still have the cracks around the edge.

I was skeptical from the reviews. Some of them had me wondering that it might now work. If you follow the instructions to a t it will work. I had a very small star crack. I can tell it is there because i knew where it was and the color isn’t perfect. No one else can tell though. I had a half tube left and gave it to my aunt, i told her to follow the instructions to a t, she did not and her’s looks like crap, i said did you do.

 this all-in-one package is worth the price. I followed the packaged instructions. The instructions are very clear. It took about an hour to fix the window and it looks great. I forgot to take a before picture so you can’t see the complete transformation. The resin gets everywhere so be quick to clean up anything you don’t want resin on. Cut the tube with scissors as close to the top of the point as possible. The packaging is a bit flimsy so i suggest putting all of the contents in a small ziploc bag. The resin is very easy to remove using the blade instead of a towel if it begins to harden.

My wife informed me that a dump truck had spilt stone in front of her on the freeway and caused two bull’s-eyes chips in her windshield. The last time this happened i contacted novus to repair a ding identical to the two we now had in the windshield. Two years ago novus soaked me $75 for the one and it didn’t turn out even close as good to the two i just repaired for $12. Won’t be calling them anytime soon for another repair. There are several bad reviews to this product. And all i can say is that they can’t read directions or follow them property if their results weren’t anything but close to perfect. I can’t even tell where the repairs were done. Unlike the professional one which was always visible from day 1. I would suggest that viewing a youtube video would help. Patients,,, cleanliness and taking the time rather than rushing is key to success.

Worked quite well, though the instructions could, and should, be better-written. In advance, i read the instructions twice, and watched the 5 minute video that the company has on you tube (search for ‘blue star windshield repair’). The video makes clear certain things, like ‘tabs aligned’ means aligned rotationally, not vertically (there should be some adhesive pad tab sticking up above the pedestal tab when the pedestal is perfectly centered on the adhesive pad). Took a very methodical approach, making sure the pedestal was firmly attached to the adhesive pad, that the pin valve was really sealed well, etc. Let the resin set under pressure in the pedestal for 2 hours, not 20 minutes as recommended. Ran the scraper blade across the yellow curing film in four directions from the center out, to seal it to the windshield well. Let the resin cure under the curing film for 2 hours on a day with passing clouds, not the 15 – 60 minutes recommended. When done, the hairline cracks spidering out from the impact pit were completely disappeared. The site of the impact pit was completely smooth, could not be felt when running a finger over it. Just a tiny mark where the center of the impact pit had been.

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Comments from buyers

“Chips and Cracks fixed in about 60 minutes! Windshield will look as good as new.
, Syringe design is poor, good not great results
, Very easy to use

I had a small chip in my windshield, likely from a rock, and even though it wasn’t spreading it was a bit of a nuisance and i feared it might at some point lead to further damage. So i purchased this product hoping it would be a sufficient repair to avoid having to professionally fill the chip. The system is fairly straightforward, and everything needed to complete the repair is in the kit. At the end of the process (which takes a good hour or so) the chip was barely visible from the outside, and only modestly visible from the inside. It didn’t ‘disappear,’ but from the inside its appearance diminished by a factor of about three fourths – in other words the visible chip appeared about 1/4 the size it had appeared prior to the repair. I do believe it was filled by the epoxy, and that the repair will help protect that site in the future. From other reviews i believe my experience is pretty typical. I am satisfied with the performance of the product.

One minute there is a push pin size chip and small crack. It only takes 30-35 minutes to inject the crack/chip and another hour if you chose yo fill the chip flush. Looks great and was super surprised with how well it looks. Or not because you can barely see it.

I cracked the screen of my cell phone & there was one 2cm spot where a sliver of glass was sharp. I used this to fill in that very tiny crevice. Phone still works & it minimized the crack so that i can read text thru it. Still responds to my swipes too. The windshield fix fluid isn’t a conductor – so if you have a large chunk missing – it won’t register the swipe. Works great though if you just want to smooth out a tiny chip or rough crack. I barely pushed on the plunger – because i didn’t want to cause a bubble of liquid under the cell’s glass. I followed that by (placing the piece of plastic that comes with the kit) on top & set it in the sun for 15 min. If you try something similar with your phone – you do so at your own risk – knowing it could go very wrong. I was willing to take that chance & it paid off for me.

I had a ‘professional’ come and fix a chip on my windshield and was not impressed with the repair. Based on his results, i decided to try this product on a chip on a different windshield (can you believe two freeway rock chips in 7 days?. Each kit comes with everything that you need for a single repair. I haven’t tried the other repair kits but this kit worked better than the pro job (could have been a ‘pro’ technician issue). If you follow the easy to use instructions, you should get very good results.

I purchased this item after watching chrisfix video on youtube on how to fix windshield cracks. After following instructions from and using one of the kit, i was able to fix my windshield perfectly. There are no remaining marks or any blemish– it is like there was never a chip there. The product comes with 2 kits. Each kit has an injector, the resin bottle, a push pin (to remove the glass chips from the crack), a piece of two-sided tape, an applicator funnel, and a yellow drying flat piece of plastic to help cure the product. I have applied this on my windshield for a week now with no signs of degradation. It still looks like there are no chip at all.

I have used this kit probably a half dozen times on multiple vehicles over the past decade. I always keep one in my garage or bring one in the car on road trips so that i can repair a crack the next day or same day before it has a chance to expand. It’s by no means a miracle and the results vary depending on the crack and application, but this visibly reduces the crack by 90%-99%, and most importantly, keeps the crack from expanding.

In a two week period, in two different vehicles, and occasions, i received a rock and what looked like a bolt. The bolt really did some damage to one of the windshields. Most window repair shops are way overpriced now days. You might as well pony up a little more dough and get your windshield replace. This was the perfect alternative. I was a little skeptical at first, but then i used it on both my cars. The instructions are simple and they have plenty of videos demonstrating how to use the product. The first one i tried wasn’t perfect, as i didn’t use enough of the compound at first. It came out with some air bubbles, but then i repeated it once more, and it came out better. My second windshield was a home run on the first go round.

If you have a small crack that has not spread, this thing made my window crack seem like it’s barely there. It sealed it up the crack well. I’ll check in a week or few days to see if it stays. There are different types/shapes of window cracks. Mines was a combination crack-bulleye or half moon with a crack. The instructions in the package were very clear with written and pictures to help. I read the instructions and used youtube by chrisfix to explain it better and more clear before attempting it. Some tips i recommend: 1) when putting the resin into the pedestal, make sure you insert tip of the resin tube all the way into the pedestal.

While star repair is generally free now, i find it inconvenient to deal with and getting windshields replaced is even worse. I hadn’t caught a rock in years, and when i did a couple of months ago i remembered past success with similar products. Coupled with my amazon prime subscription i thought it would be a great alternative to getting someone else to fix it. I ordered the kit and applied it when it showed up a couple of days later. The star was expanding because i waited too long, but the blue-star kit application sealed it off and prevented it from ruining the windshield. I promptly ordered another kit and within a week i took another rock on my other car. This time i was ready and fixed it as soon as i got home. In this case the big star completely disappeared. Good thing too – unlike the first one this one was right in my line of sight. Needless to say, i have a third kit hanging from a hook on the peg board in my garage.

Not as good as professional job, but will suffice. I tried this on two dings, one with star cracking around it, no more than a ½-inch in diameter. I tried it on the star crack first, following the directions exactly—20 minutes suction, 30 minutes pressure—but the spider cracking was still visible from the inside. It looks like all it did was fill the main pit. The damage on the second ding was not as bad, but i went a bit further with the kit. I dug out the hole as directed with the push pin, but also blew out the dust with canned air. I filled the well with resin, then used a toothpick to get the air pockets out. For suctioning, i let it sit for 30 minutes. To pressurize the resin, i cut a 3rd notch on the plunger so i could apply more pressure (it will make sense when you read the directions), and left it for almost an hour. The result was noticeably better, but still not as good as pro jobs where i have trouble finding the original ding.

Took about 30 minutes altogether. Could’ve been done sooner but i forgot that i needed to tap gently on my windshield to help ease the air bubbles out when the syringe was fully depressed. Let the yellow film bake the resin for 3+ hours while i worked. Came back outside and scraped off the excess resin very easily on my lunch break. Took about 2 minutes to do that. I could still barely make out where it was chipped. Will update if problems arise but i feel confident that i did the job right. Watch the chrisfix video on how to apply it. He did a good job demonstrating how to properly do it.

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