Bluedio T4 (Turbine) Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones with Mic Over-ear Swiveling Wired and Wireless headphones Headset for Cell Phone/TV/PC bass fashion (Black) : UPDATE: Problem fixed, five stars now. OLD TITLE: Good for music but lip sync issue with videos while connected via bluetooth

This is an updated review, but its not about the device as i am still unsatisfied with it. However bluedio customer service is excellent, beyond excellent imo. They stayed in contact, helped me to diagnose the problem which cant be fixed. They have offered to replace my unit, to which i am fully satisfied with what we have agreed too. It may not seem worth the jump from 1 to 4 stars, but to me if a company is willing to take the time they have and offer up a replacement tells me they are a company that cares about the product and their customers. More companies can learn a lesson from them. The good:customer servicethe packaging is very nice for the pricethe sound has deep and rich bassthe bad:the product appears to have been opened before shipping?. Was it pre-owned, refurbished?i can’t pair to my tv, firehd tv, and sometimes won’t even pair with my phone. When it does pair(yay) watching videos it’s a head ache as there is lag of about half a second.

 ok, i have owned the previous 2 generations of these headphones and this is by far the best. You can go spend $200 on a mid level pair of beats if you’re a dummy, or you can buy these for under $50. The t3’s i had before this (still have) are awesome, but the bass was a little to heavy for me, which was fine because i use the spotify app eq and would drop the bass. I nearly had to cut the bass out in order to get the right sound. Now i listen to heavy metal mostly from which really requires a dynamic midrange to enjoy so probably no one will complain about too much bass. The t4’s have a much more balanced native eq and if you really wanna get that hood bass you sill can. So far sound great listening to anything from pantera to meshugga and thy art is murder. They sound great and look amazing.The active noise cancellation button is cool too, but i prefer the natural acoustic with them off.

First off, let me say that these are beautiful headphones. Second, the sound is so pure and natural, you hear every instrument separately, it’s as if god has cupped his hands around your ears. What the hell happened here??.How could you release a pair of headphones with such a video lag?. I have an iphone 6s plus, it has bluetooth 4. 2, same as the headphones, so why such a lag?. Better find a way to fix this before there is ever a t5. Yoursray adamick, peekskill, nyupdate, 10/9/17used the audio cable, the good news, the video lag is gone, but that’s not really the point of being a bluetooth headphone.It’s the ability to be free of the wire.

Let me start off by saying if you want these for music, then they are great. Good build quality, great audio quality. Unfortunately, when i connected the headphones via bluetooth (to my phone, computer or table), the audio sync was off. This was a deal breaker for me. But again, if you are using these for only music they are great headphones at a great price point. I also purchased a set of t2’s that sync up just fine so i know it’s the headphones not the devices. Update 8/2/2017: i was contacted by support and they told me the headphones i got were a old batch that had sync issues. They sent me the t4 superior version which has no issue at all. Great for music and videos now.

Bottom line: they do what they advertise. At the time i purchased these, they were the #2 rated over-the-ear-noise-cancelling-headphone, behind the cowin7 (which my wife owns and likes). Cons:- i have an average-sized head and ears. These do not cover them completely. – they are very loose fitting. Great for sitting still and upright but not for any meaningful movement. They even fall off while laying down. – there is not a hard case available that fits these headphones (that i could find). – the voice prompts are insanely annoying.

Update: providing an update based on the excellent customer service i encountered. Helen from bluedio contacted me regarding my issue to see what could be done and reminded me of the 1 year warranty as well. It was unexpected but turned my attention in a positive way. In addition to that follow-up she identified their updated t4s in which she noted that my issue would be resolved (i’ve purchased and will provide a review for the t4s as well). The quality on these headphones really can not be overlooked. They look, sound and feel ‘premium’ on par with anything you’d find for $100-$200 more. Even with my previous stated issue i really love these headphone. And now from my interaction with bluedio it seems it like takes pride in it’s quality and uses feedback to increase that quality as seen in the updated t4s of which i’m looking forward to trying. I will be checking out several other bluedio devices. They have a few bluetooth speakers i would not have checked out otherwise—————————————————————7/24 – these are great headphones all around; solid construction; great sound with nice base.

Bluedio T4 (Turbine) Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones with Mic Over-ear Swiveling Wired and Wireless headphones Headset for Cell Phone/TV/PC bass fashion (Black)

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  • 【ANC Technology】T4’s Active Noise Cancelling technology cuts off surround noise significantly and lets you enjoy your music in its pure form. The ANC technology works in tandem with the 57mm drivers, so you can enjoy the immersive experience of listening a top notch music sound stage. You can always count on T4 headphones for crisp,vivid highs.
  • 【Vibrant Bass/Treble and crispy Mids】T4’s unique Cavity Design minimizes interference from other frequencies around you, enhances the bass response. The ear cup design includes specially designed vents, which not only adjust airflow and ventilation, but also contribute to a full-bodied, vibrant and bouncy bass.
  • 【Durability】In accordance with Bluedio’s no-compromise on quality approach, the headphone is built with premium materials and high quality Polymers with chrome finish. All hinges, frames and sliders reflect high quality build. T4 is a durable headphone that will last for years.
  • 【TYPE-C Three in One Interface】Turbine 4th generation uses TYPE-C three in one interface which supports charging and data transmitting. It can be plugged in both sides, so it’s very easy to use.
  • 【Rotating cup Design and Flat folding mechanism】To protect your ears, T4 comes with over-ear muffs and a rotating ear cup design for better fit. These headphones can be folded flat so they can accompany you on flights and long journeys without the worry of breaking.

Ok, so i’ll preface this by stating that i’ve never written a review before; however, once i had bought and tested this product, i felt that i had to speak on some key points. The product itself seemed high quality and, due to a recent sale, i took the opportunity to purchase it. I was not disappointed, but i was not impressed either. The quality of the build is definitely substantial, but it did not have the kind of ‘firmness’ in build quality that one would look for in $80 headphones. When i lightly shake the product, i could feel/hear some components rattling in place. If these were priced within the $35-$50 range i would understand. Regardless, the design is sleek, comfortable, and looks nice. When i checked the sound quality, i was again neither impressed nor disappointed. I did a frequency test and my pair could capture as high as 2000 hz and as low as 20 hz. Also, the quality of sound isn’t bad at all.

Right out of the box, the bluedio t4s sounded great, but after burning them in, the sound got much better. The bass hits clean and strong, though it in no-way dominates over anything, and mids and highs come through very clear and balanced. The sound stage is pretty wide from my experience, and given its noise canceling, makes you feel right in front of the music with nothing else there. At low to mid volumes, most (if not all) ambient noise is blocked out, as well as any conversation. At higher volumes, you feel like you’ve traveled to a space where there is only the music that is pumping through your headphones and yourself present; it’s really a relaxing, yet thrilling feeling. It truly feels like utilizing a cutting edge technology in the music industryexcellent and well balanced. If you’re looking for headphones that just amplify the lows and the highs, these are not for you. If you want solid lows, crisp highs and a pronounced mid-range then look no further. These headphones play the music as-is and let you control any equalization you feel is necessary for your best listening experience. Just buy them and actually sleep on your next flight. I actually purchased these to us on airline flights and outdoor work around the house. Though it says not voice cancelling but noise cancelling, it does voices to some extent as well.

I had to return the bluedio’s i received after one week because of the garbled sound when taking calls, bluetooth continuously disconnecting and the sound lag when playing videos. I gave it the benefit because of reviews but those issues never worked themselves out and i was already in works to buy another brand. To my surprise i received a replacement within days that i did not ask for but was reluctant because of the pair i had t return. Soooooo i gave the new pair another try which sometimes i tend to do and all i can say is they work great no issues to date and bluedio’s customer service was outstanding and the only thing bad is that i can only give them 5 stars but they truly deserve 100 stars. Thanks bluedio for the support i’m sure if i buy any for my family i certainly will go with bluedio and not an expensive brand just because of the name.

I’ve included my original review below, but i’ve updated my rating from 2 to 5 stars for the following reasons: first of all, after my review i was contacted by a very friendly and responsive customer service person at bluedio who was willing to do whatever was necessary to make things right with me, whether that was replacing the headphones or working with me at a discount to get a different pair. I should point out that i did not have contact with them before i posted my review, and should have done that before posting. (in other words, the review didn’t ‘force’ a response) as for the headphones, these particular ones are still not the ones for me, but what i can attest to is two main things 1) a lot of other people love them and 2) if there are any issues, you can be absolutely confident that bluedio will work with you. They will also make it as effortless for you as possible and are very, very quick. (indeed, if there was a bottleneck during the process, it was me) they have impeccable customer service and seem to genuinely care about the satisfaction of their customers. That means a lot these days. In the end, it was the single best customer service experience i’ve ever had. I would recommend them as a company to anyone. I’m still wary of prime day and it’s ‘sales’ pricing, but that’s more on amazon than any individual company. As far as bluedio, given my experience, i believe you can be absolutely confident in doing business with them.

Having recorded and engineered music for going on 23 years now, i’ve used a lot of different sets of headphones, which means i tend to be a little bit picky when choosing headphones for recreational listening. I also have to listen to music for about 8 hours a day, so i get a lot of time in with headphones on. I’ll rate this set of cans from a few different angles. This entire review is adjusted/weighted taking into account the amount i paid for them as well. My testing regimen was as follows:-done via bluetooth connection to a phone-tested both without any eq (just the sound going to the headphones) and also with an eq program i like (equalizer fx pro on android)-tested using drum and bass, trance/goa, death/speed metal, orchestral/soundtrack, and industrial genres of musicbuild quality: 10/10these things are built pretty close to tank-solid. It seems like the entire framework is metal, from the ear can covers to the headband strips. As a result they are slightly heavy but nothing terrible. Among the most durable set of cans i’ve ever run into. Comfort level: 8/10very nice comfortable padding on the ear cans. They are supposed to be over ear type and i found my ears just barely fit completely into the padding. After hours of listening i still felt just fine. The head band is fine as well, more than reasonably comfortable. The only thing i did notice is that (likely due to the weight) they do tend to move around a little on your head, but it’s no deal breaker.

I will add updates to this review as i become more familiar with the bludio t4’s. Day 1: i just received the headphones a couple of hours ago. I bought the black set so the review will be primarily on this pair; however, aside from the visible aspects of the headphones, the review should be the same for all three colors of headphones. The first advice i will give to everyone is to read the manual.Aside from turning on the noise canceling feature which is a physical switch on the right speaker, the buttons are not intuitivei tested the noise reduction feature without pairing the headphones with any other device. Turning on the noise canceling feature is easy and intuitive using the switch on the right speaker of the headphone. I could easily perceive the difference in the noise canceling feature. The outside noise didn’t completely cancel out but i could hear a noticeable difference in the lows cutting off in particular, the noise of the air conditioning unit just behind the wall where i was sitting, completely disappeared. Pairing the headphone wasn’t easy. The buttons aren’t labeled so i pushed buttons based on what i thought would be the obvious function without much success.

Customer service from bluedio contacted me and stated that they fixed the lag problem with the new batch of headphones. They exchanged my headphones and the new ones work great. I’ve revised my review to five stars to reflect the pricing and operation of the headphones and the excellent support and customer service from bluedio. >>>>original review below>>>>the biggest issue that i have with these headphones is that there is a significant audio lag when watching videos while having these headphones connected via bluetooth. This issue makes the headphones unusable for watching videos. For music only, the headphones are actually better than the previous t3 version. I’m giving these headphones three stars because of the syncing issue. If not for the syncing issue, these could be five star headphones because of the low price, performance and features. The syncing issues doesn’t seem to happen when using the supplied 3. Pricethese headphones only cost $46 and come with noise cancellation. I was looking for a pair of headphones like this and they usually cost over $100. So, for the price these headphones are a good deal.

I already had the t3 and when i learned bluedio had a made a successor to the t3 (the t4) i figured why not give em a try. The first thing i noticed immediately is that the t4 is alot lighter than the t3 which i love and the headphones are bigger overall. The sound quality isn’t as bass oriented as the t3 was to me personally but the sound quality in no way suffers from this. The active noise cancel wasn’t a big deal to me and i don’t really use it but it works to a degree really depends on the environment. They usb c is my only concern with this product because the usb cord isn’t that long, and if you like me and don’t have another usb c cord it could become a problem if the cord gets damaged or lost as a typical usb for say a phone wont work so be careful or buy another usb c cord to be safe. All in all i recommend the t4 if you want a lightweight upgrade to the t3 that charges faster (the t4 takes less time to charge than the t3) and still has great sound quality.

I bought the bluedio t3’s for my son as a gift. He loved their bt connectivity, the great sound quality and their comfort. However only after a couple months of use, the post on one side of the headphones snapped. They broke cleanly at a joint. Sent them a copy of my amazon invoice along with some pictures of the broken t3’s. They said it was covered under warranty and offered me 2 choices. I could get the t3’s replaced for free, or i could upgrade to the new t4’s for a nominal charge. I took the upgrade and boy am i glad i did. These new t4’s are lighter and sound better than the t3’s. I almost don’t want to give them to my son after testing them out. I guess this problem with the headphone post on the t3 isn’t limited to just me because i notice the t4 has a completely different post design. I don’t think these will break anytime soon. They’re very comfortable and quite stylish. And as much as i liked the sound and bass response of the t3, when you add active noise canceling of the t4, it just makes these headphones sound that much better.

Bluedio T4 (Turbine) Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones with Mic Over-ear Swiveling Wired and Wireless headphones Headset for Cell Phone/TV/PC bass fashion (Black) :

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