BlueDriver Bluetooth Professional OBDII Scan Tool : This thing will save you cash.

Completely amazing is the only way to describe it i told two different obd scanner is i own after i bought this item the blue driver has totally changed the way i diagnose my personal car and friends and family. It also fits in your pocket and takes up hardly any room in your toolbox. Before i bought this i had a big scanner with multiple different plugs and cables it took batteries that constantly were popping inside of the unit and making a mess. There is no subscription required you to download the app and start enjoying not to mention you don’t just select any vehicle the application allows you to scan your vin number on your windshield or on your door and you get the exact vehicle with every specification about that car. I personally have to chevys and one ford and it works amazing on them i have not used on any other vehicles thus far. At soon as the application is opened it starts making contact with the bluedriver as long as the bluedriver is plugged into the obd connection on the vehicle. Start scanning as soon as you press the button whether you were doing a full system scan or you’re doing a less intense scan. After you have input your vehicle if you remove the bluedriver and take it to another car it will automatically find that car in your vehicle history and start scanning that vin number. Note when i removed it from the box there’s not many instructions on what to do to activate it you need to plug this into your vehicle go sit in your car because the unit has no batteries it needs a power source from your car that was just something i ran into you i found it a little bit confusing hopefully it helps you.

Okay, i have been sent two chinese scanners to test. This however is much better, and only a little bit more expensive. I bought this because i have been having intermittent vdc issues on my nissan frontier. The slip light would come on and the truck would buck on dry roads going straight. Sometimes the abs light would come on until i shut the vehicle off and started it back up again. I tried two chinese scanners and although they are good enough but they only tell me engine codes, and weren’t any helpi scanned my truck and it came up with 5 codes. Two were just flat tire codes, and three were important abs codes that told me why my issue was happening or at least where to lookthe codes were. Steering sensorleft rear speed sensorand low power supply voltage. In reading through descriptions of causes of the codes, it brought me back to what i had suspected.

Its not the best scan tool out there, but as far as bluetooth scan tools goes this is definitely the best ive ever used. Yes you can get more out of a professional grade obd2 scan tool and pc software but you will also have to dish out a lot more money for that equipment. For any backward mechanic or diy guy this little guy is all you need. Some of my favorite features include data logging that allows me to save the reports i pull from someones car that way i can clear the codes, try to fix the problem, and see what pops up after the repair as opposed to before. I also am a huge fan of the suggested repair feature, its not always 100% accurate but it at least gives you an idea as to what you should be looking at, and i imagine this feature will get better as time goes on as its based on the most popular repairs that worked with the codes that pop up. The app is very user friendly, and i would recommend this to pretty much anyone other than audi and other vw group vehicle owners who don’t plan on needing a scan tool for anything but vw group cars. For the vw group cars id recommend obdeleven, for everything else id recommend this.

I picked this product because of both the number of others that had purchased and the great reviews it had. I have a 2006 f350 and was expecting to do 2 things with this product:1. ) i was expecting that it could and would alert me to any codes that were currently active. It does this with flying colors. It even senses dash codes and tranny codes. I had no codes other than a few misc dash codes. During a long 3 week road trip, i did get a plugged egr which threw a code. Ended up doing a restore flush on the road and it fixed the problem. ) i was also expecting to use this product to monitor my engine with it’s live features.

I had difficulty deciding between the bluedriver, and the obdlink. After testing both, i hope the review below may help you. The ability to use ios is nice, however, the obdlink coupled with a $63 android phablet worked better in my situation, as described below. With the bluedriver, i was disappointed with the layout of the real time live data screen. It is nice to have the option to show the graphs on the main page along with the data, however, it was laid out in a semi-confusing manner, hard to tell at a glance which line the data referred to, with no obvious visual breaks between lines. As a mechanic, i prefer the capability to show many items at once on the page, with the field description at the left, and the data on the right. When the graphs always included, it really limits how many fields can be displayed at once. Some of the parameter descriptions were vague, and hard to identify when on the data viewing screen, although they were clearly labeled on the parameter selection screen. It was especially hard to identify which o2 data i was looking at, and which sensor it was for. I have heard this interface is being redesigned, and will be much more customizable in the future.

The product connects quickly allowing me to get results fast. However, apparently the database is incomplete as i’ve found several codes that don’t show up. When i contacted the programmers about it, the response i got was that they didn’t think that code should be included. If i pay any amount of money for a product that says it will read all the devices and all of the codes, it shouldn’t be up to a handful of programming geeks to say which codes should be important to me and which ones shouldn’t. Read all the codes from all the devices, display them all to me and allow me to clear them. All dtc’s are important to my job.

BlueDriver Bluetooth Professional OBDII Scan Tool for iPhone, iPad & Android

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  • The Professional OBD2 Diagnostic Scan Tool trusted by mechanics and developed by Professional Engineers in North America
  • Officially licensed and certified for Apple and Android devices
  • The BlueDriver App and BlueDriver Sensor work exclusively with each other to ensure quality
  • As easy to use as a code reader with all the capabilities of an expensive handheld scan tool, plus the benefits of your smartphone or tablet (free app updates, portability, saving data, interactive graphing of live data)
  • Free vehicle-specific Repair Reports drawn from a database of over 6.6 million fixes verified by certified auto mechanics

Does an infinite amount more than just read codes . The smog check, mode 6 and live data etc function are unbelievably helpful. Being able to choose various live data such as oxygen sensor voltages at various rpms and engine loads is great for example. As well as short and long term fuel trims, maf values and so much more. And then save and especially email and / or print the readings is a fantastic advantage over other devices. I own an actron tool that costs twice as much and does most of the same things as bluedriver except it cannot email my live data. And the cable is a major pain plus not very safe driving with a cable across my legs etc. Bluedriver’s bluetooth connection is much better .

In my opinion most of this devices poor reviews come from the time when you had to pay for the app to activate features. Other reviews simply come from individuals not understanding obii or how it basically functions. This app imo is awesome 1st i am a used car dealer i need a fast obii that is accurate and that can do a basic scan of all vehicle to make sure the car can pass emissions and to check for trouble codes or pending codes when a check engine is not on. This does it plus so much more. Another import aspect is i need something small to carry around auctions. It gets tiring even carrying a small obdii that has a cord. This is perfect it can fit in my front pocket & for rainy days i just toss it in a waterproof wristlet. Today i scanned about 50 cars nissan maximas/ altimas/quests/ muranos/ toyota siennas and prius honda accords, civics, odysseys, bmw 3 series 335 and 325, porsche boxster, vw passats, jetta, bugs/ audi a4/ acura rsx and tl. Basically it scanned every car i needed it to. Now on some cars the extra features did not work but that is expected most handheld scanners cannot do certain advanced features unless you have a scanner specifically for euro cars.

I should’ve written a review for this along time ago. I recently bought a used car and this helped me weed out like 10 lemons. Ended up buying a car that was in much better shape for a really good deal.

I downloaded the app from the itunes store (free) and installed it on my iphone se. The download and install went perfectly. The first test was on a 2013 chevy silverado pickup that had the check engine light on. I scanned the codes and the error was in the ‘vapor recovery system’. I was already familiar with this error but the trouble-shooting guide recommended checking the gas cap. We tightened the cap, reset the code and the check engine light was gone and has not returned for one month. I leave the module plugged into the obd2 port on my 2011 mercedes gl350 (diesel) constantly since i purchased the bluedriver in june, 2017. I tow a trailer with the suv so it lets me monitor the engine as we travel. I am a mechanical engineer that studied automotive engineering at oregon state u. (1972) (beavers) so i was not intimidated by the 70+ parameters that were supported in the logging mode.

Going with 4 stars for right now as some of the vehicles 98, 2004 and 2006 weren’t in there but if you know what mode6 data is you’re still able to retrieve the codes. I did send message via app to manufacturer. Note ***** when you get this connected via bluetooth go in and update the firmware as there more than likely will be a update available. These updates help with functionality, improvements my manufacturer, etc. I like the report concept and ability to send reports but i don’t like how the sensor data is sent in excel format as i just want the report to analyze the data. If you want a more clean faster data refresh then 4 or less items being monitored is the way to go. 1 is the best but more than 4 and you’re wasting time and will get slow data updates. This is the same way with the $6k snap-on scan tools so it’s something i’ve seen many times before. Don’t read to much into the data. If it gives you a code you still have to verify the part is bad by testing it.

This product paid for itself the first time i used it. I’m not a mechanic, might not even qualify as a ‘shade tree mechanic’, and i have no idea how to use most of this products capabilities. This said, i’ve used this device on multiple cars with great success. This product doesn’t just read the cars computers codes, but scans them, provides live data, mock smog checks, and resets codes (allows you to see retest results). It also reads your vin number and provides volumes of information related to your vehicle. This includes any recalls/campaigns and technical service bulletins (tsb). I learned the tsbs are issued to provide repair suggestions and info to auto repair professionals. The device connects to your phone or ipad via bluetooth and accesses the internet via wi-fi or cell. In my opinion, this is what enables the capability most helpful to a rookie like myself. It doesn’t just give you a 5 digit code (ex p0106) and a description.

BlueDriver Bluetooth Professional OBDII Scan Tool for iPhone, iPad & Android :

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