Boesch Built Qty 10- LED Lights- 3mm : Great bulb replacement

Using two of these in my hotrod project for turn signal indicators. I just poked them through some small rubber grommets i got in a kit at harbor freight tools. They are pretty bright, so i might have to mask them a little, but i’ll wait and see how they are out on the road at night. Super easy to install since wires are colored red for power (the wire has a built-in resistor), and black for ground. Wish i had more uses for them–they’re a lot of fun.

Not super bright but certainly bright enough for my use which was illuminating buildings on a model train layout. I ran these off of the 16v accessory transformer outputs and they work well.

I have two projects with these and will likely buy more. My wife loves the subtle lighting effects. Using them with a 12v outdoor system and sealing the connections with marine grade shrink fit tubing.

Had i needed all 10 lights, i would have been doomed as 3 of them came with the black leads broken off. Luckily with a little soldering skills, i was able to reattach the leads to the leds and get the 3 that came dismantled to work. They are bright leds, nothing like a cree, but bright enough for accent lighting had all 10 worked, i would have given them 5 stars.

I’ve bought several of these led light sets, of different sizes and colors, and all of them have worked perfectly over the years. They really are a no fuss light. I use them on scale model projects and never had a problem with any of them. They are ready to go out of the box, just hook them up to a power source (i use a 9v battery) and bang, you’ve got light.

My only complaint is that the thickness of the wires prevents these from fitting in the boesch built chrome metal base holders that i bought at the same time. They fit the chrome part, but the holes in the plastic insert are too small for the led wires. I ended up using glue to hold them in.

Boesch Built Qty 10- LED Lights- 3mm, 5mm, 8mm, 10mm pre wired 12 volt leds- 12V White, Red, Blue, Orange, Green (5mm, Green)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 10pcs 12 Vdc Pick from 3mm, 5mm, 8mm, 10mm, White, Red, Green, Blue, Amber wired LED’s – 7 inch long red and black wires
  • Input voltage: 9~16 Vdc.
  • Viewing Angle: 20 degree 
  • Low power consumption !!
  • Very bright !! Luminous Intensity 6000-8000mcd

I bought these to indicate various 12v power on in my rv. The pre-wired leads make it a snap to install. You need to purchase led holders or mounts if panel mounting. I forgot this but led is bright and one of my panels semi translucent so i just taped it behind panels and it shows. In another case just drilled tiny hole and taped led behind it. Maybe better this way as you may find them too bright.

Placed one of the lights under my powder loading station on my progressive loader. If i forget to reload the primer tray, a blue light shines through the open primer hole and i know not to release the power. The light is bright and impossible not to notice no matter where i am looking at the progressive reloader.

Needed these for the bump stops on my yards on my n scale model railroad. When i need more i know where to go to get them.

Got these to install on my daughters little electric ride on car, they all worked the wiring seems decent not heavy duty at all but didn’t need it for this application, project turned out great and they look nice.

Love that these come with resistors already attached, and wired ready to goword of advise – if you want the light to be dispersed evenly, sand the light with a dremel to give the entire bulb a frosted look. I wanted to use this as footwell lights (in my wrangler, there are green accents so went with these instead of the dull, generic yellowish footwell light). Without frosting the bulb, it is a small, concentrated light, but after i sanded the bulb it gives a very clean and even green light throughout.

Pre-wired led’s are convenient. Just attach them to a power source and tada.These are a lot brighter than expected. And after 2 years, they still are glowing fine. Yes, i purchased them two years ago for a project and to this day, these led’s will still glow great. Mind you, i have a switch to turn them off and on so they are not on consistently.

I purchased these lights to replace the running lights in a set of aftermarket headlights for my vehicle. Running off the 12 volt battery, the bulbs sometimes last a couple months. However, i have replaced a few of them in my headlights after only a couple weeks of use. I’m sure the bulbs are ok, it’s the resister that is failing. But you need both to operate.

My son wanted to put mod lighting in his car. I bought these leds and helped him install the leds. Each led has a current limiting resistor and is made so that it is easily installed. They are bright and clear with fantastic color. The led can shoot a nice layer of light, or it can be aimed to make it glow in an area with a nice rich color. It was simple to run the wires to each one and put the led in the right places to achieve the results my son wanted. It was a great project to work on together, and the leds were exactly what i wanted. The leds were delivered on time, there were no issues and i couldn’t be happier with the results.

I am using four of these bulbs to illuminate a house number sign on the outside wall of the house. They emit a bright bluish light that allows me to read the house number from about 20 to 25 feet away (at night). I had previously purchased the ‘lse 12v t31/4 e10 base’ bulbs at four for $17. The lse bulbs were not as bright and they lasted only four weeks. These pre-wrired bulbs are much cheaper and they work much better. Caution : these bulbs get hot fairly quickly and i would not install them in a tight unvented space. Also the wires are very thin and difficult to solder for an untrained user like me. All in all, i consider them a good buy and would buy then again.

There was some confusion on my first order when i thought the led’s in the description would illuminate white light,. However, they were clear bulbs that illuminated red. After help from boesch, i did receive the leds i desired on my second order and they met my expectations.

I bought these to replace some discontinued burned out bulbs in my oem 80s radio for my car. These are plenty bright enough (probably even brighter then the original bulbs. )i haven’t actually had time to permanently install them to my radio, but i have temporarily hooked them up to see if it will work, and what do you know, it does.

Boesch Built Qty 10- LED Lights- 3mm, 5mm, 8mm, 10mm pre wired 12 volt leds- 12V White, Red, Blue, Orange, Green (5mm, Green) :

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Boesch Built Qty 10- LED Lights- 3mm, 5mm, 8mm, 10mm pre wired 12 volt leds- 12V White, Red, Blue, Orange, Green (5mm, Green)
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