Broadway BW847 300 Millimeter Rear view mirror : Saved me from a couple of accidents LOL.

If you need a mirror to help you see better, get this one. I drive for lyft and uber and i like to keep an eye on the passengers that are sitting behind me. Not only can you see the person sitting behind you to the right, you can also see the person directly behind you. It gives you a wide view of anyone that is sitting behind you. Not only that, you can see fairly clear of all the cars behind you as well. I ended up buying two of these, and adding one to one of my older cars.

I have [ had ] two of these mirrors, one on my rav4 and one on the 430 sc lexus that got burned up in a garage fire. [i bought one for my brother to put on his car as he was having trouble with “blind spots” — no more. This mirror will fit on almost any car’s stock mirror and allow a driver to see traffic riding along side and out of sight. I find the mirror very useful. One slight down side to having this device— if your wife or girlfriend checks herself out in the little mirror behind the sun visor on the passenger side, they will knock your setting off — every time.

I use this on my 2000 ford 7. I absolutely love this mirror. It lets me see far down the road behind me while also being able to see the back bed of the truck. With the stock mirror i could see one or the other. I constantly had to adjust the stock mirror, this one rarely gets touched. The mirror covers the entire back window and spans rear pillar to rear pillar. I’ll be putting one of these in every vehicle i can.

I’ve used the same exact mirror on my cars for many years. You either love the design or hate it. I love it because the curve in the mirror helps see blind spots. I’ve noticed they tend to work better on coupes than sedans. 4 stars only because the mirror i received looked used. The mirror looked like it was used for a while (maybe the previous owned decided they didnt like it?) wiped the mirror and returned it. I guess at this price point it shouldn’t matter. . But then the product shouldn’t be described as new.

I installed this on my 2014 toyota sienna and it works great. Now i can see all the kid in the second row and also out the back window. It attaches with spring clips that fits easily over the original mirror. I personally install the mirror up side down just to it can clear the built in garage door buttons on the mirror.

Great mirror very easy to install. Gives great vision, i can see out of my rear side windows now too. There are a few issues tho most don’t bother me. One is the mirror shows a lot of vibration from the car at times, the passenger visor hits it when lowered, the mirror has a bending affect to it where objects to the sides look way closer to the car then they are which can make reversing a little more difficult than it needs to be.

Installed this mirror in my wife’s 2009 sienna. It really adds to the amount of visibility. If you angle the mirror properly you can have a very good vision of the entire right side of the van. However, when traveling at faster speeds seeing the landscape go by in the mirror tends to make us a bit dizzy. So we adjusted the mirror accordingly but still have good visibility on the right side of the van and of course the rear window. Nighttime has not been an issue with headlights from behind. The mirror appears to be tinted.

Convex mirrors should be the new standard in vehicles. I can see all my passengers, myself, out the rear window (obviously), and out the rear passenger windows. I was worried a larger mirror would intensify nighttime glare, but the convex surface seems to disperse the light. This mirror is actually easier on my eyes than the stock mirror. This mirror, paired with wide angle mirrors for my side mirrors, makes it way safer for me to drive in heavy traffic in an area where people love to hang out in my blind spots.

  • Great mirror!
  • Must Buy
  • Great mirror, just WONT fit on auto-dimming mirrors

Broadway BW847 300 Millimeter Rear view mirror

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Black trim and convex wide style
  • Clips onto existing mirror; 300R(300 millimeter Convex)
  • 300 millimeter x 65 millimeter
  • Reduces blind spots and glare
  • Attachable mirror height 55-80 millimeter

My lexus ls400 (1998-ucf21) is a pretty big car. Comparable to a personal limousine. Changing lanes in this beast isn’t easy either. You gotta know your limits and estimate your size between your car and others, as well as timing your moves. Before broadway, i used to hesitate. Everyone knows hesitating in traffic will make you nervous and can cause an accident. The reason for my hesitation is my constant head turning to the back windows. After broadway, 300 mm concave, i don’t need to look back anymore. I change lanes and feel safe about it because it shows me my rear right window, and if i move my head slightly to the right, my rear left window is shown.

I’ve been a loyal broadway fan when it comes to attachable rear view mirrors. They’re made of high quality materials and will last you a long time. I simply love them and is one of my top “must buy” accessory for my car. I recently bought a mk6 gti and this 300mm model fits perfectly without hitting the visors when pulled down. This attachable rear view mirror makes reversing, changing lanes, etc. A breeze – thanks to it’s wide angle view, you can pretty much see all your blindspots in the back.

The autodim/antidazzle rearview mirror replacement for my audi was almost $500. I don’t five-hundred-dollars care about that feature, so i got this mirror to stick over the nonfunctioning one. I was worried it would be too big, but it isn’t. I can see so much more, but i don’t feel like i’m losing too much of my line of sight. I do have it slightly more to the passenger side than to the drivers side to help with that, though. It took a bit to get used to the convex view, and i’m still not 100% confident on distances, but it’s a great mirror. My blindspots are minimal, which makes shoulder checks that much faster. I like that i can see what the dog is up to in the back seat, too. That’s a bonusthe mirror feels high-quality.

Great mirror but doesnt fit powered/auto-dimming mirrori have this on my regular (non powered) rear view mirror. On my other vehicle, i have a powered/auto dimming mirror and does not fit. Beside that, this mirror is great.Just make sure it fits the correct mirror type. Also measure the length so it wont get in the way of your sun visors. 300mm is perfect for a 5th gen 4runner. Broadway makes a similar model that uses a rubber strap to secure it. That one fit my powered rear view mirror well.

This mirror is good for seeing pretty much everything in the rear. I also like how it views the blind spot on your right side when driving and changing lanes. Therefore, i rarely use my right-side mirror now. I still look there just in case, but it’s usually not needed. One thing i dislike is that since it is so long, when pulling down the sun-blocking visors, it hits it and sometimes moves the mirror (i’m ocd :p). Other than that, great mirror that lets your view everything behind you.

Very wide view, almost too wide but that’s what i expected. You can almost see all of the windows, yourself and the passenger in the mirror when positioned as a normal mirror would be. Definitely helps with traffic and blind spots, fits and looks great too.

Excellent tool for person who has a bad neck; wish it were even wider but certainly give me a larger view; works well in a variety of vehicles; didn’t notice any vibration like i did with a prior product; clear and steady; be aware things look different. Will need to get used to it.

One reviewer mentioned that it was made in china so i didn’t have high expectations. But upon receiving it, i did like how it felt. Durable and the latches were not flimsy. I used it in my odyssey and like how i can view everyone in the cabin as well as my blind spots. However, i wish i could view a bit more lower in the cabin area since i want to see which kid is pinching who. Another reviewer mentioned the logo “broadway” blocking the view but i used a knife to scrape away the paint as my pic shows. The mirror is fairly scratch resistant (but to a degree) so take care when trying this hack. Otherwise it’s a solid mirror and a recommend buy.

Bought one for my 2000 toyota celica gts works great they do vibrate a bit on my car but not to a point where it hinders my view. Took a few days to get use to the convex view , once my eyes adjusted to seeing the wide view i love it. I can see both blind spots through my back windows. I would recommend this highly over stock mirrors.

I drive a 2017 f-150 and the stock rear-view mirror just seemed too small for the truck. When driving i would have to adjust myself to a more upright position to get a glance back and even then the field of view is so narrow. I needed something that would allow me the same rear view at different driving positions. I remembered a lot of jdm guys running these mirrors in their cars so i bit the bullet. Glad i didi clipped this mirror onto the stock ford mirror and it opened up my view so much more. I’m able to get a good view of my passenger blind spot and the whole bed in case i’m hauling things and something were to fly out. It takes a little bit getting used to the concavity and how that effects the image, but your brain adjusts fine. My friend drove my truck and he said the new mirror was one of the best things i bought for the truck and i would have to agree. The only con i can find is the mirror’s “dimming” functions, that little tab on your rear-view mirror that when pushed angles the mirror to reduce glare from vehicles behind you, is now useless. Luckily the truck sits high enough that it isn’t a big issues for me, but something worth noting.

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