Caltric Carburetor Fits Honda 300 TRX300 FOURTRAX 1988-2000 New Carb – carb. for 1999 honda trx 300 4×4

Fit perfectly on my 99 fourtrax 300. After some adjustment on the idle and a valve adjustment since i had it apart the quad ran like new. Only negative is that some parts are made a bit cheaper than the original, there’s more plastic used but it still works fine. Time will tell how it holds up.

I ordered this with some skepticism since it was so cheap, but the reviews overall were good so i thought for this price it is worth a try. Everything fit perfectly and when i fired up my 95 honda trx300fw it ran better than it ever has. I have always had to use the choke when starting it. Now i don’t and it purrs like a kitten. I’m thinking of buying another just to have on hand when this one will eventually need to be rebuilt.

Just what the ol 94 honda needed only difference from origami is primer and idle adjust knob are reversed.

I ordered this carb for my 1996 honda fourtrax. It fit perfectly and my 4 wheeler runs great. I did not have to adjust anything. Idles perfect and runs like it did when it was brand new. And for this price if it lasts a couple of years i’ll just buy another one. I highly recommend this product.

These aftermarket carbs are typically not preset. Check float height (youtube) and air fuel mixture screw (youtube) and this should get it idling and running. Update: sold the atv with the first carb i bought. Acquired a ‘88 trx300 and bought another carb which seems to work just fine. Set air/fuel set scree to 2 turns out and fine tune from there.

  • 1996 Honda Foutrax 300 – Perfect
  • but I was so happy to get my dad’s 4-wheeler running again I had
  • Good carb. Need to fine tune now

Considering the age of my honda {1994) it started once again as if it was a new machine. And a year later after sitting unused, i needed to boost it because the battery should be changed but with my booster pak, it turned over twice and started with no spits or coughs because of one year old gas. Wow, this really was worth the money to buy a simple to install carb change.

I would highly recomend this carb. Perfect easy swap at a great price installed and started no tuning or adjustments was plowing snow in less than an hour. The other reviews on this carb had to modify choke cable ?. Did have to extend fuel line because different entry angle used automotive fuel line 5/16 and auto screw clamps to complete (2-3 bucks ) don,t know what honda would want for this carb?. But at this price and quality i,m not going to find out.

I bought this for my trx300. I thought i was going to rebuild my carb, but by the time i priced the rebuild kit and a new primer plunger, i was up to 38 dollars. I was able to buy this carb for 60 shipped. Like other people here said, you should buy a new longer fuel line as the orientation of the fuel inlet would make the old fuel line hard to reuse. I also swapped out the vent lines (this one is triple vented) to some new longer ones so that they setup in the oem locations. I did the carb, a new plug and an oil change – my quad went from running like garbage, to running perfectly it used to have terrible idle – it would stall all the time – it hesitated, etc. This carb made all the difference. Although it was not prime, it shipped very quickly. I received it quicker than the estimated date.

I don’t usually review products, but i was so happy to get my dad’s 4-wheeler running again i had to recommend this product. 45 to get old carb cleaned at honda dealer and it didn’t last a year. So i was very pleased to buy a new one for $35, put it in myself, and have it work flawlessly the first time. I did have to drill out the choke fitting (starting enrichment valve) as mentioned in other postings which took about 30 seconds (just look at the old one you took off and you can see the new one is longer, which would require a longer cable, but you just drill out the plastic interior stop so the insides are the same length as the original choke fitting). So, i am very happy to get the 1991 trx300 back in operation after 2-3 years.

First off i am not a mechanic, more along the lines of a weekend diy’er. This unit was easy to install in my 94 honda 4trax. The only modification, i had to make was to the choke assembly. I watched several youtube videos, that explained how to do it. Fired right up and ran great.

Came properly adjusted and ready to run.

Worked good but i needed to drill out the choke cable.

Seemed made better than the original, put on my 25 year old honda 300, pumped it 4 times and fired up better than ever, only had to set the idle up a little. Bought another from another company, came in damaged, doesn’t look as good .

I finally was able to install this item after a long delay. The carburetor was shipped within 3 days and arrived in excellent condition. When i finally was able to install it, it took less than 1 hour. Had to buy longer fuel line, but knew this from other reviews. The atv started right up and preformed as expected. No adjustments were necessary. Would buy again and would also recomment to a friend.

It hasn’t ran that good in years. I did install a inline gas filter to keep trash out of the new carburetor.

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