Camco RV Leveling Scissor Jack Socket Drill Adapter With 1/4″ Quick Connect Shank – Good drill socket for raising/lowering TT stabilizer jacks.

This scissor jack, drill bit attachment is well designed, made of high quality materials, and well built, with tight tolerances. It greatly eases the effort of lowering and raising scissor jacks. This should easily last a lifetime, when used as designed. Although with that said, i can’t imagine how one could misuse it enough to actually break it.

All i will say is i will always have one of these in camper from now on. Makes stabilizing camper much much faster and easier. Only draw back is you have to pack a 3/8 inch drill to use it, but well worth it. Be sure to lube your jacks so the drill don’t have to work as hard.

High quality 3/4′ socket to use in my drill when raising/lowering my tt stabilizer jacks. I used to use a regular 3/4′ socket with an adapter for my drill, but i got tired of having to retrieve it from my toolbox before the trip, and then having to search for the socket in the middle of my next project because i forgot to put it back in the toolbox after the trip. I keep this in my tt, just have to remember my drill before leaving for the mountains.

Good quality, but only works in the drill not the 1/4 impact driver. The shank is to large for the driver. Drill will twist your wrist. The 3/4′ socket fit just right and decent quality. Made the job of screwing the jacks up and down a breeze. The drill did not have the torque to lift the trailer like the impact driver did.

I can’t believe how much time my wife and i have wasted in the last two summers with breaker bars and the other such things painstakingly lowering or raising these jacks in sometimes 100 degree heat, pouring rain, when you’re tired, pull in the site late and dark, etc and on and on. The use of this in even the cheapest cordless drill completely eliminates the need for the breaker bars and all that. I can’t even believe as i’m writing this how much time i’ve wasted. The good thing is now i have this.

This socket in combination with a good drill and properly lubricated/ maintained jacks will make setting up and tearing down a breeze. — some people says to just use your 3/4′ socket from a socket set. That also calls for an extension or adapter to be used with a drill. In my case, my sockets seem to migrate (it’s my kid’s fault i swear — or the dog’s) so it’s hard for me to count on keeping up with a full set. This socket is a single piece socket/ drill adapter. Its a dedicated tool, built for one purpose. I’m less likely to misplace it since it stays where is will be used. I keep one in the trailer and another in the glove box, just in case something gets misplaced during hurried take down and departures. For the price, and avoiding the potential hassle of of having to crank by hand (or worse, my wife having to crank by hand, if i can’t get off early enough to be the one to set everything up), it’s way worth it. — and buy a decent cordless drill.

Ordered this adapter for my cordless drill to raise and lower the stabilizers on my new travel trailer. The manual hand crank that came with the rv takes about 3 mins each of the 4 jacks to lower. With this adapter, i can have all 4 stabilizers down in the time it takes to crank one down manually. I’m all for anything that makes setting up my rv quicker/ easier.

Do yourself a favor, get this item and a cheap cordless drill and you will never, ever, want to see the spindly jack handle that most travel trailers come with. Raising and lowering the jacks is super easy with the drill attachment. This is the smallest and best tool i keep on my travel trailer.

My husband said he didn’t want this and it was a waste of money. I was tired of hearing him complain about his back hurting when he raises and lowers the jacks. I bought it anyway and handed it to him. He not only told me thank you (seldom) but also told me i’d had a great idea (rare). He actually even bragged about it to his friend. Now he wants me to find an attachment to raise and lower the hitch post. No way we’d get an electric one for out tiny trailer.

I hesitated for many years before getting this for my cordless drill driver. I just cranked our stabilizers by hand. I finally gave this a try, and i kick myself for not doing this years ago. It literally takes 30 seconds to raise and lower stabilizers now.Perhaps not a ‘must have’, but sure is an inexpensive ‘very nice to have’ item.

The shaft that goes into the drill has a lot of girth. I’m using an 18 volt dewalt drill and almost have to max out the opening. If you have a welder you can easily make this yourself but the price is low enough to just buy it. Bottom line: great product for lifting and lowering the scissor jacks on my popup camper.

Bought this for my new rv and it works like a charm. Fits in both my 1/2′ and 1/4′ drill and saves me from cranking those stabilizers up/down. I bought an extra for a spare.

This camco rv leveling jack socket is a must-have. I ordered a trailer from the factory that was supposed to have electric stabilizers. Well, the travel trailer industry being what it is, the trailer arrived at the dealer with manual stabilizers. Instead of having them retrofit electric stabilizers i decided to take a $640 refund and go the cordless impact driver route. My dewalt cordless impact driver works very well, costs way less, and i have less to go wrong on the trailer. If the impact driver somehow breaks, it is way cheaper and easier to replace. Here are the specifications for the Camco RV Leveling Scissor Jack Socket Drill Adapter With 1/4″ Quick Connect Shank:

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    by entering your model number.
  • Reduces time and effort to raise or lower scissor jacks.  No need for hand cranks.
  • ¾ Hex Socket X 1/4-inch hex quick connect shank
  • Designed to work with 1/4-inch hex quick connect chucks
  • Works with all 3/4″ Hex drive jacks
  • Heavy-duty forged construction

Attached to a cordless drill, with this unit i can raise or lower all four stabilizer jacks in half the time it used to take to hand crank just one. If the weather is miserable, you’ll be glad you have this. Just chuck it into your cordless drill, slip it over the nut on the jack and let it rip. Jack is up or down in about five seconds. Here is a tip, after twice painfully twisting my wrist from the torque of my drill when the jack comes to a stop; i now keep one hand on the trigger and my free hand gripping the battery of my drill to prevent the over twisting.

This is the greatest $5 socket i’ve every purchased. Quite possibly the best $5 i’ve ever spent. Any person anywhere that has scissor jacks needs this. Set your drill to the desired torque and down she goes, stopping at the exact amount of desired pressure all the way around your camper. No more than two minutes later your scissor jacks are securely on the ground and you’re sitting at the picnic table cracking a beer before your now envious camp site neighbor is halfway through his first stand.

Fits my 1/4′ battery operated drill and slips right over the nut on the rear stabilizer jacks of my small camper. The jacks do not raise the camper. Their only purpose is to keep the camper from swaying from side to side when the camper is parked and people are walking around inside. As soon as the drill stops raising the jack, stop. Naturally, it works easily in reverse too when it is time to get back on the road.

This thing is worth its weight in gold. If you are even looking at it, but it. If you dont have an rv, but it anyway and keep it with you. When you see somebody with an rv give it to them and they will become a defacto member of your family. I cannot say that i love any inanimate object, but i do love this.

Will also work with your 3/4′ lug nut. Would have been better if it were a deep wall socket. For years, people have improvised this very tool with adapters and sockets. Now, you can have a dedicated tool. Will also work with your craftsman oil filter tool. A must have for your basic service kit.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • This is fantastic!
  • Good drill socket for raising/lowering TT stabilizer jacks.
  • If you have manual stabilizers, you need this attachment

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Camco RV Leveling Scissor Jack Socket Drill Adapter With 1/4" Quick Connect Shank, Works With All 3/4" Hex Drive Jacks
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