Camco Wheel Chock With Rope For Easy Removal, Very good for not too steep inclines, prevents a slow runaway or sudden move.

I ordered this for my 5×8 trailer that is stored on a hill. I purchased 1 of these thinking i would receive a pair. I ordered a second one after receiving the first one. They are bigger than i expected. Big enough that you can easily give it a solid kick after placing it under the wheel. The rope helps cause it can take a fair amount of force to pull these out. They really lock in under the wheel. I gave the trailer a big shove after placing these and it didn’t budge at all.

Sturdy, good quality, just the right size for a 600 x 6 aircraft tire, and light enough to chuck in the plane’s baggage compartment. Too tall for some wheel pants. Lanyards make handling without getting dirty easy. If only they made a cloth bag with a drawstring top (of same color) to put them in to keep the baggage area tidy.

These are pretty much the same wheel chocks you can pick up at a big box store or camping store. When i purchased these where on amazon, however, i saved a few dollars. They are made of plastic but support the wheels on our travel trailer and my in-laws rv just fine. I would recommend two sets so you have a set of chocks for each side of your vehicle. Of course, these can also be useful for other vehicle needs (in the shop, or while changing a tire on the side of the road).

I purchased these chocks to use on vehicles while working on them. Basically, when the vehicle is lifted off the ground in any way, i do not want it to roll. My use is important as i have no intent on using these to prevent rolling on hills or inclines, nor do i expect a lot of pressure being placed on them. I have seen the reviews of people crushing them, but i have crushed quite strong metal ones with a car, so misuse will destroy products no matter what they are. Use it right and these things are great. I also want to add that technical support does not approve of using them for my use. I was told they are for their stated application only. With the use of some common sense, i disagree. The size is a perfect fit for most all car, truck and suv tires. Many people use small blocks of 2×4, random wedges of wood and even those small rubber, plastic and sometimes metal wedges.

I assumed these were a bit bigger when i bought them. Now that i’ve used them to secure our 27′ camper all summer, i’m glad they’re the size they are. These chocks stop the camper from moving on any relatively level area. Don’t get stackable chocks if you might use them on dirt, these are way better and wont sink into the ground.

I’ve had a pair of ramps for 40+ years, which were useless with today’s lower cars. After watching a youtube video of how to build extensions for my ramps, i’m actually able to get under my cars again, for oil changes, etc. These camco chocks are a sturdy and inexpensive way for me to avoid getting squished, should my car start to roll.

As always camco delivered a fantastic rv product. Yes you can buy at the big box stores but you do save money on amazon if you hunt around. These were ordered about a week before our journey from alaska to portland oregon, and arrived within 3-4 days. We only used while at 5 different rv parks in our travels, to be fair, 2 spots were completely flat with no worries of movement. We did chock the tires anyway. We only chocked the tires that were not on the leveling platforms but we had no issues aside from forgetting to unchock. But the chicks endured and other than a few scratches will be used again this summer.

Key specs for Camco Wheel Chock With Rope For Easy Removal, Helps Keep Your Trailer or RV In Place (Pack of 2):

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  • Keeps trailer in place so you can re-hitch with confidence
  • Constructed of durable hard plastic with UV inhibitors for years of use
  • Includes rope for safe and easy removal from the wheel
  • For use with tires up to 26″ in diameter
  • Not for commercial use or with heavy commercial type trucks or trailers

Comments from buyers

“Work perfectly for my “not recommended use”, An Expiration Date For A ‘Super Wheel Chock’ ., Changed my Subaru’s snow tires in 1 hour, 15 minutes”

Pros: light weight and steep enough i’m not worried about the tire rolling over it. Made in greensboro, nc and shipped in packaging from thomasville, nc, that was a pleasant surprise. No unsolicited requests for reviews or comments. Cons: they don’t nestle up to my teeny tiny trailer wheels, i didn’t expect a perfect fit and i should have thought about the tire size relevancy.

These work really well, we had a old set of the smaller ones and my camper rolled over them as i was hooking up. If it was not already in the hitch the trailer would of rolled into the woods. Light weight, inexpensive and easy to store.

These chocks will be used for our small, motorcycle, pop up tent camper. They look like they would work for our purposes, but may not be heavy duty enough for a larger camper or tent trailer. The ones we bought do not have a cord on them, but the holes are there for us to add a cord or rope. They are bright yellow and made of light plastic so they won’t be adding excessive weight to our cargo. We have not tried them in the field yet – but it looks like if used on a relatively flat surface, they should be ok. If used on gravelly or rocky surface, i think they may crack or break. I do not consider them ‘heavy duty’ or extra strong.

Yup, this super wheel chock expires 05/2019–so how do you read the correct date?-picture the face of a clock; the numbers 1 through 12 going around-then look for an arrow pointing to one of the numbers, mine points to 5 for may-the arrow has one digit to the left of it and another to the right, mine has 1 & 9 for 2019. I, too, called the company; and was given the same reason; the sun degrades the strength of the plastic due to the uv protectants in it. I like the width of this chock, and it’s sturdy. However may 2019 i’ll replace it; with a different material than one that expires.

These are lightweight and do that job. You get a pair, so, for those that are unfamiliar with wheel chocks – make sure you put one in front of the tire, and, one behind the same tire. That prevents forward and backward movement. I have two sets, in case, there is enough incline to make the trailer still want to move with one wheel chocked.

Used these for many years two decades ago and bought them new again. These strong chocks prevent rolling on an average, not too steep, incline of a few degrees off-level. I use them in conjunction with the orange lynx leverler blocks and so the incline is mostly less than 5 degrees. It is still possible to drive over these chocks, although that takes a big unintended effort (forgot to walk around and check). However, the chock will give before reaching its highest point which is comforting to me knowing you don’t accidentally jump off a high point damaging the car. Also, i put some five feet of paracord (rei) through each of the predrilled holes for easily removing them when departing again. This store easily too in any nook or cranny.

I purchased these without the rope mainly because of the cheaper price (11. They work exactly as they should except that the rope would definitely have made them easier to pull out. Now that i know that, i can’t imagine why you would want them without a rope. Anyway, the only reason i gave them only 3 stars is because i saw the exact same ones, same brand, with the rope at tractor supply for under $4. Camco is selling the ones with the rope on amazon as a 2-pack for $14. I would much rather have had the ones with the rope.

This year i decided to get better tools for changing my snow tires, instead of the scissors jack and lug wrench that came with the car. The torin big red hydraulic bottle jack is the right size for my 2005 subaru outback. Lifting the car is quick and easy, and lowering it just takes turning a knob. A half-inch ratchet driver with the performance tool w32924 1/2-inch impact drive 19mm thin wall socket made it easy to get the lug nuts on and off. Camco 44414 wheel chocks were easier than putting rocks behind the wheels. I had my tires changed in one hour, 15 minutes, including hauling them from the shed, etc. That’s faster than taking my car to the tire shop in the morning and picking it up in the afternoon.

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