Campbell Hausfeld TL140200AV 1/2″ Impact Wrench : Power to spare

Seems like a good item but one of the things it says on the box but not on this page is that they recommend at least an 8 gallon tank to work properly. They should put this critical piece of info here on this page so we can make an informed decision. I thought i could use it because i have enough cfm at 90 psi but i don’t have enough volume to make it work the way it should. The pics of compressors on this page implies that any of these are usable with this gun but they are not according to the box it came it. This is very misleading imo. A lot of these questions about power and speed are due to this missing piece of information. You may be able to remove a lug nut but will have to wait awhile for more air to continue if your tank is too small. Now i will have to decide either to return it or keep it for possible use at a later time with another compressor.

Great quality for the price. Powerful enough for tire/break work for diy even with a pancake compressor. Tried powryte wrench but did not have any power and didn’t work right. Got this instead and was crossing my fingers. Didn’t want to go high-end for just diy car work, and was surprised how well it works. Reverse only has one speed, but location and type of speed selector is very well designed. Bit hefty and noisy, but doesn’t vibrate too much and has a comfortable handle for quick diy work.

Been using this daily at an auto shop for 9 months, so gar so good. Just one time on a steel rim on a heavy duty truck i couldn’t get the lug nuts loose.

This impact wrench works well and is a good value for the price. Plenty of torque in reverse to bust corroded nuts, and 3 forward torque settings. Trigger is smooth and over-moulded grip is a nice feature.

Really like this impact driver. So far it hasn’t failed to get the job done. I’ve used it with my 60 gallon air compressor as well as my little 6 gallon porter cable pancake compressor ( which is a great little compressor by the way) and it works great with both, though if you are dealing with a lot of stubborn nuts and bolts you will of course find yourself waiting for pressure to build with the smaller compressor. Give it a little oil every time you get it out and it will deliver the goods.

I bought this impact to change out my snow and summer tires which are each on a dedicated set of wheels. This impact does the job great despite my small 6 gallon compressor that is only rated for 3. A little compressor like this is incapable of running the 1/2′ ir impact wrenches i used when i worked with tires for a living, but it’s quite capable of running this impact even with a 50ft hose. My current car only requires 80ft-lbs for the lug nuts, but i don’t think this impact and my compressor would have a problem with the 100ft-lbs that most domestic passenger cars require. If you have a full sized truck that requires 135-150ft lbs, i would suspect you will need a compressor larger than mine to get enough torque.

Campbell Hausfeld TL140200AV 1/2″ Impact Wrench, Air Impact Driver W/550’/Lbs Torque ()

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    by entering your model number.
  • Pair this impact wrench with the right Campbell Hausfeld air compressor to generate 550 FT/LBS of nut-busting torque so you can rotate your car’s tires, change a lawnmower blade, or repair your brakes.
  • 3-Speed power regulator makes it easy to select the speed you need to get the perfect tension on your lug nuts every time.
  • The sturdy composite design creates a long-lasting durable tool so you can complete job after job with confidence.
  • This impact wrenches light weight, smooth twin-hammer mechanism, and ergonomic soft grip design work together to reduce vibration and fatigue so you can work longer with less wear on your hands.
  • Combine with a Campbell Hausfeld 30 gallon air compressor (VT6271 or VT6358) and air hose (PA117701AV) for best results
  • This impact wrench is backed by a 1 Year Limited warranty from Campbell Hausfeld – The Air Power Experts

I was a little iffy based on some reviews but took the plunge anyways and the product exceeded my expectations, works flawlessly removing lug nuts. I made sure to remove all 4 tires just to be sure it was not a hit and miss. The manufacturer recommends using a compressor with a tank capacity of 8 gallons or higher, i used a 6 gallon capacity tank, they recommend not using a quick connector, i use a quick connector and even so it removed the lug nuts effortlessly, i even used it on a friends car to remove all 20 lug nuts some of which were rusted on and it did not struggle. The reason i cannot give it 5 stars is due to what i see as a design flaw, per instructions on lubricating the impact mechanism, you put 1/4 ounce of oil in the oil port after removing the screw but that pin hole is so small rendering it impossible to get that amount of oil in. I’ve gone as far as using a syringe but to no avail.

I originally settled for this due to the price point, it operates at intended. While i read some complaints about the wrench not having the power to undue simple lugs i would have to ask the people what size compressor are you using?. If you are using a pancake compressor, this will not work. Other then that, i used mine to work lugs on a kia spectra, toyota 4runner, and a honda pilot. In addition, i used it for breaking a center bolt and replacing a halfshaft, all with no problems.

I am in love with this impact wrench. Solid build quality and definitely has some weight to it you will know this is high quality and not cheaply made. Obviously your experience will vary depending on the size of your air compressor but so far i have used this impact wrench to rotate my tires, install shocks, control arms, brakes and even axles all from the comfort of my home. I can’t believe i paid this little consider impact wrenches can sometimes go for a couple hundred bucks.

This is a great tool, i used it to remove the front sprocket nut of my bmw s1000rr motorcycle which is torqued at 125nm but felt like 300nm. Came off like butter on the first trigger pull, didn’t even need to brace the rear wheel or anything. 6cfm cheap compressor and it worked just fine, you don’t necessarily need the 4. 6cfm, you may just have to wait for it to refill air, but for quick tasks if perfectly fine.

First and foremost – this impact driver was $50. Therefore, negative reviewers, there are almost no grounds to complain if it doesn’t work perfectly – or even well. On my first use this thing blew my mind.I have a ryobi one+ 18v cordless impact driver rated at 100 ft lbs. I love the thing dearly and have put it through things it should never have been put through in two hard years of use. It has never complained, but it only puts out 100 ft lbs of torque. I have been limited by this enough times that i was looking for a better option. The nimh batteries on my ryobi are getting old and for $100 i could upgrade the battery (singular) and charger to li ion, but the torque spec would not change. Any time i’ve hit a wall i’ve had to borrow my friend’s plug-in dewalt impact driver (rated at 350 ft lbs and costs about $150).

Purchased this to perform a wheel bearing repair on a car. Was able to easily remove lug nuts on the car tire without breaking them loose prior to using the air wrench. This tool has great power for the price. Only using a small portable air compressor barely bigger than a pancake compressor. Would work even better with a larger tank.

I had some tie rod ends with rusted-on nuts, and i didn’t feel like breaking sockets or breaker bars to get them loose- i had already broken one chrome socket. This thing made quick work of those rusted on nuts- i had them off in under a minute. Not sure what the complaints are- if others have just received defective units or what.

Couldn’t get old lawnmower blades off with a breaker bar. Bought this and had all three off in less than 5 minutes. It was so much fun i decided to rotate tires on wife’s car. Best 50 bucks i’ve spent in a long time.

Very useful on not super stuck things. I tried to use it on a very stuck lugnut on a car and it wasnt up to the task, i ended up using a breaker bar and a pipe. So if you are in need of an impact that will handle the big jobs, the rough jobs. If you need an impact to handle the difficult but not extra difficult jobs.

Used this for casual stuff (lugnuts, frozen bolts etc. ) for awhile, but recently had to do wheel bearings on the car, and had to use one of those screw type bearing press kits that everybody uses on youtube. There is no way i could have done that job without this impact wrench. I could barely budge the breaker bar trying to pop out the old bearings. Simple stuck nuts and stuff aren’t a big deal, but that job required a huge amount of air, and my 20 gallon compressor could barely keep up, but i really think that was an exception. I bought this as a luxury item for the toolbox, but it was a necessity for my front end work.

Using this with only 6 gallon 2. 6cfm tank at 90 psi and it is still efficient enough to rip off 150 lb ft nuts. I was worried about having a small compressor but this thing works well for just about anything you’d need around the house/garage. For heavy duty stuff a larger compressor would be needed.

Campbell Hausfeld TL140200AV 1/2″ Impact Wrench, Air Impact Driver W/550’/Lbs Torque () :

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