Capri Tools 1/2 Inch Drive Extension Breaker Bar – WOW, Impressed!!

I had to change out the brake rotors on a certain german racing suv and the removal of the calipers called for removing bolts that were torqued at 210-220 ftlbs. The 24′ length of the capri tools breaker bar made the job real easy. Just make sure any socket adapter or the actual socket/bits are rated up to the necessary torque and that you’re as perpendicular as possible. Deviation from 90 degrees will distribute the torque unevenly over the drive face and/or pivot pin and you’re liable to twist the head off. If you must use a longer socket or multiple adapters, have a helper hold the head down with their foot if possible so the axis doesn’t wobble. If you need to use a pipe to extend the handle, then you’re trying to break a screw that is torqued down at a higher rating than this bar – go up one size to the 3/4′ drive.

The quality appears to be right on point. I’m ever so thankful for the design of the grip. I personally hate tools that have a plastic or rubber grip. I like to be able to drop & slide my tools on the cement without having to worry about damaging the handle. I’ve had a few test runs with this breaker bar on some lug nuts just to try it out. In the future if this breaker bar breaks on me i will update my review and drop my five star rating down to a 2. If capri tools honors there life time warranty i will bump it back up to a 4.

I bought it to break some lugnuts free that even my impact wrench was having issues with. I know what they rate the bar as in regards to what it can handle, but i stood on the end of it to break some of those lugs free, and it just flexed a little. Full grown man, over 200lbs and it just took me standing on the end like it was another day in the park. For the price, i figured it would break, but it didn’t. I’m completely happy with it.

I purchased these thinking they might do the job for the price. We had to break 1 inch bolts on brake units on locomotives that were over torqued. They were torqued to 125 ft pounds,and were extremely tough to break loose due to the serrated flange bolts. If you are a mechanic, you know what i am talking about. This handled the job, and we even had to put a cheater pipe on it a couple times to break these loose. I was totally surprised that these performed so well. We had to break loose 320 bolts, and this unit is still like brand new. I don’t write too many reviews, but for the price, this thing is awesome. I would definitely recommend.

Don’t be an idiot and buy it to remove lug nuts. Buy a 1/2 inch breaker bar for that. This is for engine and light suspension.

Yet to be tested, but appears sturdy. I can then use my attachment adaptor to switch it to 3/4′, 1/2′, 5/8′, it’s cheaper that way than for you to buy the 1/2′ as it cost much more so i went for this cheaper one and bought cheap $5-$8 adapter sets as described above. So i saved me a pretty penny ;).

  • Withstood above 200 ftlbs of torque
  • Functionally a good tool, but medium quality finish
  • Maybe a faulty made tool

This tool broke the 1st time it was used. I was very disappointed that a breaker bar snapped into pieces at the bolt on the 1st use. With that said though i contacted amazon and they informed me that it was covered under warranty through capri tools. I emailed them pictures and they resent a brand new tool fast. That new tool hasn’t broke while working on my jeep. So good product but might have had a faulty one from the factory.

I’ve been happy with this breaker bar. I recently used it to remove some locked up bolts on a showblower. They wouldn’t budge with a standard 12′ ratchet. I sheared the bolts right off with almost no effort with the extra leverage. I also use it to remove lugs from the wifes car after the dealership over torques them. I have not used it on anything 150 ft lbs or higher but it has performed flawlessly so far. For the price i wasn’t expecting much, it has greatly exceeded my expectations.

This is exactly what it appears to be, an $18 break over bar. I am a general aviation a&p mechanic and only need extra force when removing the base nuts from a cylinder. I will probably use this break over less than a dozen times a year. Most of my tools are snap-on but no more than i will use this break over i saw no need in spending 10 times as much for a snap-on or even 5 times as much for a craftsman. Yes but it was cheaply priced. If you are a heavy equipment mechanic and use a 1/2′ break over every day then i would suggest going with, at least, a craftsman, or if you need a bigger tax write off, then by all means buy the snap-on. Snap-on tools are, without a doubt, worth every penny they cost if you need that high a quality; but no more than i will need this heavy wrench it will do me just fine.

When reading the reviews keep in mind they are for 3/8 1/2 and 3/4 breaker bars all mixed together. As far as i’m concerned 3/8 and 1/2 breaker bars are not for seriously stuck bolts. I can break 1/2” breaker bars all day long, which i did before ordering this monster. This 3/4 bar is in a category by itself. I used a 4′ pipe on the the end of this 2′ bar and it broke the bolt free without any effort.

Not quite a 4, but better than a 3 star. The swivel head joint has a fair amount of slop / play in it. It you like precision in your tools (as i do) then you will be a little disappointed. The finish is on par with the price. This is no snap-on chrome finish, but it is no snap on price either. In my opinion, the handle end that you push on is pretty narrow. Not very big around (circumference). What this means, is that putting a lot of force on the bar (as you would expect with a 1/2 drive) concentrates too much psi on your palm of your hand. You are pushing this thing down with a lot of force typically, and it is narrow enough it hurts a bit on your palm. The design of the end of the handle could be larger around to relieve pressure on your palm, and the finish is ‘good’ quality, no more.

Features of Capri Tools 1/2 Inch Drive Extension Breaker Bar, 377 ft-lb, 24 inches

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  • 1/2 inch drive, 24 inches long, 377 ft-lb capacity breaker bar
  • Chrome-Vanadium body and Chrome-Moly head for extra strength
  • Sockets are securely held due to the spring loaded ball bearing
  • Rotates 180 degrees for dynamic utilization in a variety of jobs
  • Meets DIN standards and comes with a lifetime warranty

From the manufacturer

Fasteners Beware

What Makes this Breaker Bar so Effective?

Creating a powerful breaker bar is about thinking smart instead of choosing fast. Innovatively combining the Chrome-Vanadium body with a Chrome-Moly head makes this breaker bar stand out as one strong beast.

How Reliable is it?

If the Chrome-Vanadium, Chrome-Moly, and Spring loaded ball bearing aren’t convincing enough, no worries! Each one comes with a lifetime warranty, which gives this breaker bar an edge in reliability assurance.

The Sockets Stay As They Should

Putting these breaker bars to work showed us something valuable and easy to gloss over, and that is the fact that sockets are securely held due to the spring loaded ball bearing, making work easier.

Quick Specs

  • 1/2″ Drive
  • 24″ Long
  • 377 ft-lbs
  • CrV Construction
  • Spring Loaded Ball Bearing
  • Meets DIN Standards
  • Lifetime Warranty

The Capri Tools Difference

Reliable Materials Get It Done

A Chrome-Vanadium body and Chrome-Moly head make for the most efficient breaker bar possible.

180° of Freedom

This adjustment option makes it possible to use the breaker bar on a variety of different jobs.

Standards You Can Trust

Careful thought is given to the construction of these breakers bars. All of our breaker bars meets and exceeds DIN 3122 standard.

Capri Tools 3/8" Breaker Bar Capri Tools 1/2" Breaker Bar Capri Tools 3/4" Breaker Bar
Capri Tools 3/8″ Breaker Bar Capri Tools 1/2″ Breaker Bar Capri Tools 3/4″ Breaker Bar
Model # 40119 40120 40121
Drive 3/8″ 1/2″ 3/4″
Length 12″ 24″ 24″
Head Construction Chrome-Moly Chrome-Moly Chrome-Moly
180° Rotation
Meet and Exceeds DIN Standards

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

1/2 inch drive, 24 inches long, 377 ft-lb capacity breaker bar

Chrome-Vanadium body and Chrome-Moly head for extra strength

Sockets are securely held due to the spring loaded ball bearing

Rotates 180 degrees for dynamic utilization in a variety of jobs

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Capri Tools 1/2 Inch Drive Extension Breaker Bar, 377 ft-lb, 24 inches
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