CAPTAIN FLOATY Captain Jaws Flex Clamp Mount, Cheap, but somewhat effective.

The clamp is quite strong and has an adjustable tightening belt inside the jaws. The goose neck is very stable too. I like that i can also mount my gopro 4 silver directly to the clamp if i want to. I use this to record myself playing drums or other musical instruments from the cymbal stand or other stands. As i mentioned before the clamp is quite strong and it marred the finish on my upright bass headstock – totally my fault just beware on instruments. I use a less powerful and rubber clamp for attaching my gopro to my guitars.

It really worksi have other clips and holders but this is by far the best of the bunch. It gives amazing and unique angles for shots. It snakes around and can be manipulated to give you access in tight places. Good product for the $ i would recommend this product.

I love using my go-pro for video and was looking for something more flexible than my chest and head straps. The clamp on this item is very strong, so i’m able to hook it to my bike without any hesitation. As shown in the photos, the long flexible arm is removable, so you can hook the go-pro directly to the clamp, adding an additional perspective. I am very happy with this product and look forward to getting more creative with how i am able utilize its potential.

The clamping pressure is tight. This is absolutely perfect for what i need it for.

I use this to attach my gopro or mount my iphone to it with another attachment to goes with it. The clamp can be tough but it holds nicely onto handle bars or skate board or scooter board. I love how you can adjust the angle of the device it holds.

Extremely stable and secure. The joints on the adjustable neck are tight enough to keep the camera from moving when i don’t want it to but adjustments are still easy. I use this on my kayak since the round shape of my hull doesn’t allow for easy suction cup attachment.

The clamp itself seems to be very strong the goose neck however struggles to support the weight of the camera and the camera does not fully lock into the goose neck. The rubber latch on the camera doesn’t fit to the goose neck when trying to lock the camera in place. For the price it’s worth the clamp alone and then looking for another goose neck.

Key specs for Captain Jaws Flex Clamp Mount with Adjustable Neck for Gopro Hero Sport Video Camera:

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  • Jaws Flex Clamp Mount + Adjustable Neck, Compatible with Gopro Hero 6 5 4 3+ 3 2 1
  • Adjustable neck design, achieve any shooting angle bend, provide any angle for recording.
  • Quick and easy to meet the needs of different directions taken
  • Posted by arc or plane sticker and other accessories
  • It’s extremely versatile and the “jaws” have a very tight grip without risk of coming loose.

Comments from buyers

“I have other clips and holders but this is by far the best of the bunch
, SWEET! for the price! Halft the cost of Go Pro brand and same quality.
, Cheap, but somewhat effective.

This is almost exactly the same thing gopro sells – for 1/4 of the price. The goose neck holds form very well once set up in the desired position. Good night, that thing has some clamping force behind it. I use my little session to record my volleyball matches. I’d buy it again for sure if i happened to lose mine.

This flex clamp mount works perfect for everything i use it for. I clamp this to the tower of my boat for recording as well as the metal fence poles to record my duaghters softball games. The flexible neck makes it easy to adjust angles to get better views for recording. Highly recommend everyone that uses gopro’s to have one.

I’ve used the $50 gopro version of this and it’s exactly the same. Moves, rotates and clamps in all the same ways. Ridiculous that gopro charges so much for a piece of plastic and a clamp. This is in no way inferior to it’s gopro equivalent.

Nice little accessory for a camera i had gotten this for my son who had wanted it for his go pro and it is a nice little gadget. Simple easy set up nice strong clamp on the end of it we can put it on the table and then the farm next part it’s adjustable which is really nice too.

The jaws have a good, reliable spring and clamp to nearly any surface. The flex body isn’t very sturdy and will flop over if mounted to something that bumps around. It does what i bought it for.

Neck performed as expected, however the clamp piece blew apart at the hinge when i tried to attach it to a dining table. Maybe a defect, but you get what you pay for. Update – seller contacted me and offered to replace the device, giving them a shot. Great customer service, replied back very quickly after i attempted to return for defect.

I think this is taller than the go pro brand. You may get a little wobble if you attach to a moving object because its taller. I tightened the screw and you might want to put a piece of tape under the quick release to get a solid connection if you are attaching it to anything moving to avoid any camera shake. Otherwise this is awesome and i could see how good this will work clamping it to anything. This is made just as good as the go pro brand btw at half the cost.

Item as described thank-you.

Just used this mount on a jeep tour, clamped to the tubular front bumper/brush guard. The clamp held on tightly, even over rough terrain. There was no need to readjust the camera despite the jostling.

Clamp has a good bite to it. Pretty much put it anywhere. Great product and would recommend.

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