CARTMAN 14″ Heavy Duty Universal Lug Wrench : A Quality but Compact Tool that has limited functionality

My first review stated the wrench size 3/4 was too small for my ford lugs. I than found that it was not the wrench, it was the lug nuts on my vehicle. The heads had become swollen. I got the wrench to keep in my vehicle.

So when they say 14 inch its hard to picture in your head what a normal size tire iron is right?. Well if this is a 14 inch then a normal size tire iron would be around 22inches. It doesnt bother be that its very small as i am a big guy and dont have any problem issuing torque but if your smaller or going to be using this on a regular basis than you might have some trouble. I bought this for the price and assumed it was normal size and not a mini tire iron because it said heavy duty but i can tell you this is not meant for heavy duty applications. Luckily i dont have to use it much and it works way better than the iron that came with my truck.

I purchased this to keep in the trunk of my car, as well as use for routinely switching my wheels out as i do that very often. For the price, it definitely cannot be beat. However, the quality is okay, nothing amazing or high top-notch, but it is not low quality either. A complaint is that it’s somewhat on the smaller side, and it doesn’t provide really good leverage/torque when you’re trying to loosen or tighten lug nuts. Honestly, for $10 more, i would have rather invested in a much better one and gotten better leverage/torque out of it.

This style is much better at removing lug nuts because it gives you better leverage. Most wheel nuts are torqued at least 80 ft pounds and the log wrench that comes with the vehicle. You can also spin the wrench to remove/replace the nuts faster.

Maybe this time my daughter week actually be able to change her tire.

Properly made, no skin snags, well marked, stout, better than those cheapo folding tire wrenches that come with cars these days. Makes a really terrible frisbee, but still good enough for five stars.

The smallest end, 17mm, is still a little bit bigger than my bmw f30 bolts. A tip is to find a longer stick when loosing the lug nuts because it gives you more leverage that way.

Discovered that the lug wrench for my truck’s wheels didn’t match the lug nut size of my trailer wheels. This is a nice, cheap solution to that problem.

  • its ok I guess
  • Solid/Compact, but a Short Lever Arm
  • Every One needs One of these

CARTMAN 14″ Heavy Duty Universal Lug Wrench, 4-Way Cross Wrench

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Durability: Made from Forged heat treated carbon steel
  • Corrosion-Resistant: Chrome Plated
  • 14 inches body length for easy leverage
  • Four socket heads fit most common SAE and metric lug nut sizes
  • Lug sizes included: 11/16″, 3/4″, 13/16″, 7/8″; (17mm, 19mm, 21mm, 22mm)

I was in a crunch when buying this product. My car is a 2002 lancer and unfortuanlty whom ever sold me the car forgot to provide me with a way to remove my tire. After having roadside assistance put my donut on buying one of these was a must.

Looks to be well made but i’m not sure it’s a perfect fit for metric as advertised. Tried it on my hyundai elantra which takes 21 mm socket and there was some slack. Believe it will still remove the lug nuts but i think it’s sae instead of metric.

Purchased this lug wrench to use in my camper. Its solid and works well for me. Its small enough to fit in my storage compartment and strong enough to do the job.

I tried keeping a dogbone style wrench in my truck because they save space. Then i got this, used it, tested it, and it’s solid.

Pros: + seems like a solid tool. + it worked for most of us (but not all) when removing tightened lugs. + at 14′, it’s compact size fits fairly well (not perfectly) in the spare-wheel well of a small ford focus. Cons: — two female members of our staff found it too short a lever arm for them to be ‘easy’ (they were able to get 3 out of 4 lugs off). — petite ladies may be better off with a few more inches of cross-bar to lean on.

Although a tad smaller than the typical lug wrench at 14inches, for the price and quality it’s well worth it. You can still take a lug nut off just as easy with it. And sure as heck beats what comes with your vehicle. Invest 10 bucks and get a decent lug wrench for those times you hope won’t happen. Might consider a bottle jack too. Torin makes a 8 ton for a good price. Both will stow away really easy in the boot of your car.

Bought this to replace my previous one that went amiss. The quality of the tool was better than i expected. Used them to take off a set of tires and put another pair on. My truck calls for the tires to be torqued at 140lbs, and when taking the old tires off, the tool didn’t act like it was gonna come apart at he center weld of the tool (like the one that went amiss.

I bought this as a backup to a full size 20′ lug wrench. In that capacity it will perform well, although its smaller size maymake rim removal difficult when the lug nuts have been over torqued with an impact wrench. It should have no problem with properly torqued lug nuts, fits in smaller places, and is a handy thing to have on the road.

Unfortunately i had the chance to use this for the exact reason i bought it: changing a flat tire. Fortunately, it’s a quality tool. Highly recommend you purchase one and keep it in your trunk for those inconvenient flats. Way easier to change them out with something like this than those horrible factory tools they give you. Gives you waaaaay more leverage.

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CARTMAN 14" Heavy Duty Universal Lug Wrench, 4-Way Cross Wrench
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