Ceptics 12Pcs International Travel Worldwide Grounded Universal Plug Adapter Set – Charge Your Devices from Anywhere in The World – They work

Purchased this set because i was going to travel to kenya and tanzania and needed a type d and g adaptor. I will also be going to spain, portugal and morocco in the future and wanted adaptors for future travels. The d and g adaptors worked perfectly and i was very pleased. An older set that i purchased years ago did not work when i went to france so needed to get a new set. I am confident that they will work in the future and the great thing is each adaptor is clearly labeled so you know exactly which one you’ll need for your trip.

These are ok for low cost plug adapters. I don’t travel much so didn’t see any point in spending money on a really high quality set. I think these will be fine for the limited use i will give them. They are rather bulky and will not win any awards for design, style or beauty, but i think they will do the job for me.

I borrowed a set of these from a friend for a trip to europe last summer. They cover all the bases – every one of the multitude of european 220v sockets is covered. And they’re pretty compact and lightweight. Upon return, i bought my own set for our next trip.

Comes in a reasonable case, and they appear to be well made. I used it in a trip to 3 countries i had not been to before and needed 3 different adapters. No problems(i did order another companies single adapter so i would have two of one of them).

I have been traveling and bought these because i wasn’t sure what counties i was going to visit. I have been to 5 in the middle east and have always had the correct adapter. I took a short extension cord so i could plug multiple items into it. Just be aware it does not convert the voltage. Whatever you plug in has to support the voltage and hz of the country you are visiting. Always look at what you are plugging in to make sure it’s compatible. I was mostly plugging in a usb charger or laptop and most of them automatically handle the voltage/hz. So far i have not found them to be fragile as some other reviews have suggested.

I wanted an assortment of plugs that would cover me the world over. These were inexpensive, and fit the bill. I had purchased several ceptics plugs when we went to israel. I was pleased with the quality, and knew what i was buying this time.

I traveled to 14 different countries this last year. Some of my friends carried cheaper lighter versions of the adapters or the all-in-one adapters. Both broke or fell out of the outlets often. Mine never had any issues and fit firmly into the outlets in many different countries. Only problem i had was them disappearing. Later to show up in someone else’s bag or plugged into a wall with someone’s phone charging. Yes, they take up more space than the smaller options or all-in-one but the trade off is durable reliable plugs. Depending on where you are traveling you can get away with bringing only 1 or 2.

Each adapter is labeled so you know which adapter type you need. Just look up the country you are going to and which adapter letter you need and grab the one you want. This is my 3rd purchase of this brand, and i have never had one fail or break on me so i can definitely recommend these. They work great and they are a great value.

I did quite a bit of shopping and purchasing this 12 pack was the best deal i could find. They worked just fine for my trip to s. Africa, botswana, zimbabwe, zambia and namibia. I used a separate surge protector with them to be on the safe side.

Has most of what you’d need for anywhere in the world. Inexpensive but not too cheaply built. If you have a 2-prong voltage transformer, or usb chargers that can handle both voltages, as many do, then this allows you to adapt to nearly any socket.

I was able to bring several along with me for my safari to africa and they worked well in each location. I especially like that each adapter was labeled with the type so i could easily select which ones i needed for the countries i was going to. This way i did not have to bring the entire set with me.

I used 3 from the set (england, italy & spain) and they performed as advertised. I left the eu adapter (spain) plugged in for 11 days and it didn’t even get warm.

Just got back from thailand and cambodia where i used the type g and type c adapters. They worked great and i had no issues. I also carried a small, 3 outlet power strip from ikea and both handled all my charging needs. I am still trying to figure out a good way to carry the power adapters to prevent them from getting banged up or bent in my luggage. It would have been great if they came with a case that could carry two or three at a time but i am not going to fault them for that because i knew that before i made my purchase. Overall, i would recommend this very comprehensive set to any traveler. Oh, and they do not convert voltage so make sure your device can handle 100 to 240v. It will usually say, in tiny letters, on your device’s plug or adapter and looks something like ‘input: ac100~240v50/60hz 0. ‘ if you fail to verify this before plugging your device in a foreign outlet, you could be in for a nasty surprise. Here are the specifications for the Ceptics 12Pcs International Travel Worldwide Grounded Universal Plug Adapter Set – Charge Your Devices from Anywhere in The World:

  • Universal input: 2-Prong USA “polarized”, 3-Prong USA grounded, European, England, Australia, China and India plug standards, almost every country EXCEPT large South African plug).
  • – Standard Type A – Ungrounded USA, Canada and Japan – Standard Type I : Australia, China, New Zealand – Standard Type EF: France, Germany, South Korea. – Standard Type G: England, Ghana, Gibraltar, Grenada, Hong Kong, Iraq
  • Standard Type B: American Samoa, Antigua & Barbuda, Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Bermuda, Canada, Cayman Islands, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guam, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Japan, Liberia, Mexico – Standard Type C: Brazil
  • – Standard Type D: India, Pakistan. – Standard Type L: Italy, Uruguay. – Standard Type M: S.Africa – Standard Type J: Switzerland – Standard Type K: Brazil. – Standard Type H: Israel.
  • Lifetime Warranty We have the highest standard adapters, if the unit stop working we will replace it for free. Please feel free to contact us through our website.

I have already used three of them in my travels and this is now nearly part of my passport. I travel with my own extension cable – one that has 2 usb port and universal electrical sources for my appliances. All i need is to use one of these to plug my extension to a wall in any hotel or airport.

Quality plug adapter set that includes every adapter you might need. I’ve used several in thailand, cambodia, laos, vietnam, and south africa. When i’m planning a trip i simply select the ones needed for the countries i’ll be visiting. Be aware that you will also need a voltage converter in countries with 220v.

The most: it covers all bases. However: it did not come with information at all. No info on which converter is used in which country; no info at all. Just the converters in the box. I printed out the page description which i will place in the box for future reference.

I was going to israel and had heard that there were three different plug types i might need. I purchased yours because 1) you included all the plug adapters and 2) because you labeled each plug adapter so i did not have to guess about which i needed. On my trip the adapters worked perfectly.

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  • I was going to Israel and had heard that there
  • of shopping and purchasing this 12 pack was the best deal I could find
  • Works better than the all-in-one and cheaper options!

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