Channellock 3 Piece 9-1/2-Inch : Best quality for this type of tool.

These pliers are definitely top quality and still made in the usa. I’m a mechanical engineer who has some appreciation of metallurgy, manufacturing techniques, and attention to detail; i am pleased with what i can see for these pliers. Nearly all of the wear surfaces appear to have been forged, including the channels and teeth. This is a good thing: it ensures that the grain structure of the metal as it is compressed in the forging process lines up parallel to the surface rather than exposing vulnerable grain boundaries to stress and corrosion. The steel is well-hardened: i’ve been using them on and off around the house for a number of projects, including some which have tested my grip strength and left major scarring on steel pipe, nut, and bolt surfaces but have left the pliers still looking brand new. The fastener holding the two sides together fits well, allowing smooth action without binding or feeling loose. I have some craftsman (made in usa) vice-grip pliers as well, and i actually prefer the channellock if i have enough room to get a proper grip. Since purchasing the channellocks, i only bring out the vice-grips in situations where i need two hands in a tight area but only one hand will fit. The quick adjustment and easy grip on the channellocks, not to mention the wider maximum jaw opening, are highly convenient. I have every expectation that i’ll be able to pass these down to my grandchildren some day.

In case you’ve never used these, the ‘tongue and groove’ channellocks are very handy tools. They tackle most jobs that a regular wrench can do, and function well as a pliers. In particular, they are very handy for household plumbing projects, and have all but replaced my need for a standard pipe wrench. The tongue and groove system allows each pliers to have an adaptable jaw size, tailored to whatever you’re working on at the time. This 3-pack is an especially good value, because certain jobs are more easily handled by the various different sizes.

I own irwin products as well. Each are good in their own way. These are simple and work well.

Solid addition to every tool kit.

This is the original, must have channellock set. It should be in every toolbox. If you’re shopping for the man of the house and aren’t sure what to get, even if he has these guaranteed they get misplaced so it’s nice to have a back up set.

I haven’t had occasion to use all three sizes yet, but the smallest plier worked great for a sprinkler project i had. Excellent quality for the money. Do not go for a cheap knockoff, these are the real deal.

Channellock 3 Piece 9-1/2-Inch, 6-1/2-Inch, and 12-Inch Tongue and Groove Plier Gift Set

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  • Right angle teeth that grip in all directions for maximum bite and minimum wear
  • Patented undercut tongue-and-groove design
  • Patented PermaLock fastener eliminates nut & bolt failures
  • Patented reinforcing edge minimizing stress breakage
  • Channellock Blue comfort grips

I wish the finish was more durable, but the tools are perfect. On these gets worked off pretty easy, but seems to be resistant to corrosion still. Might even put a 2nd set in my truck soon.

For anyone even considering purchasing cheap knock offs don’t. Buy channellocks and the only reason you will ever need to buy new ones is because you lost the old ones.

Reasonable price for crescent quality and functionality.

Been using this brand for years. Cheaper here on amazon than home depot. Great leverage for all plumping needs water & gas usage.

Buy these pliers, they are worth every penny. Channel lock pliers are the best.

I have a pair of channellock pliers from over 40 years ago. These new ones aren’t quite the finish and they have a peened solid rivet holding the two halves instead of a threaded bolt and nut, but otherwise they are as solid and have the same feel and grip as the old pair. I know they have probably cut corners to keep prices competitive, but if these last as long as the old pair they are well worth twice the price.

Great product and great purchasing experience. Highly recommend both product and seller.

Forgot how nice made in america quality is. Spend a little more – these will last 30 years.

I expected a better quality tool, but not the case. The rubber handles wear easily and slide off the pliers. They grip good, but the adjustable part is a little tempermental.

Everybody should have a set of channellocks, these are very good quality.

Channellock 3 Piece 9-1/2-Inch, 6-1/2-Inch, and 12-Inch Tongue and Groove Plier Gift Set :

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Channellock 3 Piece 9-1/2-Inch, 6-1/2-Inch, and 12-Inch Tongue and Groove Plier Gift Set
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