Channellock 909 9 – Excellent small gauge wire strippers

Had two pair of these, one in basement shop and one in the garage. Lost the ones in the garage and have been carrying this one back and forth as needed. One of my favorite go-to tools. Even if not crimping, i use for cutting and stripping wire. Bought a pair of woods crimpers at lowes so i would have a pair at both tool boxes again – argh. It can’t cut thru romex in one squeeze and crimper part is just too wide while holding a terminal and a wire in my fingers. Ordered these and i’m happy to have one in each box again.

I keep a pair of small gauge wire strippers in my tool pocket on my pants, historically these have been the klein 1011 but i temporarily misplaced my pair and needed a replacement. Instead of the klein strippers i got the channellock 958’s to try out. The attached photo shows them side by side so you can see that they are almost identical. One of the klein’s disadvantages for me was that there is not a latch to keep them in the closed position, so they were difficult to remove from my tool pocket easily (which is why i removed the spring from the one in the photo). The channellock’s have a latch to keep them closed so they come out of my pocket easily, and a spring which makes them easier to use without changing grip. Both strippers are easy to use and strip 20-10 ga solid and 22-12 ga stranded wire very cleanly with no nicks. The klein’s are slightly more comfortable in the hand and have markings for both stranded and solid wire, as opposed to the channellock’s markings for solid awg and metric wire sizes (which is not very useful to me). Additionally the klein’s markings are actually stamped into the metal as opposed to just marked onto the pliers. You can see some of the marking starting to wear after 6 months of use. Both pliers are priced nearly the same (~$13 right now) and perform similarly.

The crimpers that i received work ok but they have an ugly manufacturing flaw. There’s a seam on the edge of the machined face of the tool just above the ‘channellock’ name that’s jagged and has a sharp sliver hanging out. I can only describe it as ugly and sharp as a knife. I’ve bought many tools from many companies and have never seen something like this slip through quality control. I’m going to have to take it to the grinder so that it’s safe to use. For the price i would expect much better.

Anyone that crimps on a daily/near daily basis will argue the need for a crimp-exclusive tool. The all-in-one wrie stripper/crimper/toaster oven/fax machines aren’t made for constant use like you would find on a job site. Channellock quality plus made in usa makes these my go to crimper. There are other models that are more expensive and just as good, but this is priced great for home/job use. Some contractors prefer a beefier comfort grip like klein or others offer, but i don’t use these 24hrs a day, so the pros can have them.

For decades i have used the traditional multi-tool crimp/cut/strip tool, i never felt confident with the crimps tho. I usually tend to solder/heat shrink, but there are times you need butt/ring/spade connectors. Talked to a buddy that has done professional car audio installs for years, told me to buy a pair like this. Boy was he right, the leverage and ease is unmatched. These put a nice solid/flat crimp that will not come loose, don’t even bother with the ratcheting ones. I had to do a bunch of audio wiring on my boat and these performed flawlessly.

If you’ve been using cheap stamped crimpers, or just soldering everything without crimping, these might change the way you think about crimp terminals. Real leverage here from the long handles, and no wobbly flimsy action. They accommodate 14 to 10 ga uninsulated connectors quite well. I doubt if they would work on anything much larger. However, 95% of what you’ll need for automotive or household wiring will fall in that range. I didn’t try them on insulated connectors, although they should work (as well as those can possibly work). Uninsulated is the way to go however. Slide some shrink tubing on, crimp the connector, solder if you want it to last forever, slide the tubing up and shrink it with a bic. You’ll have wiring to be proud of instead of wiring to worry about. These are far handier and cheaper than compound ratcheting crimpers.

I bought a fancy ratcheting crimping tool months ago because i wanted to step my wiring game up a notch. I was disappointed in the quality of the crimps that the expensive tool was producing. Not only that, but they weren’t attractive either. I purchased this tool because i didn’t trust the crimps of my expensive tool. I also purchased non-insulated butt connectors to go along with these. Using these with uninsulated butt connectors gives such a satisfying squish every single time. The crimps are super solid for both uninsulated and insulated connectors. I will be using these instead of my expensive ratcheting crimp tool.

I’ll add to the long list of 5-star reviews by saying this is a superb, high-quality tool. I’ve only had the cheap crimpers that are part of a wire-stripping tool. I’ve never felt 100% confident with those connections and usually end up soldering stuff. I was facing a pretty extensive golf cart wiring project and sprung for the 909 channellock crimper. Wow, what a massive difference in connection quality. Crimp connections take on a new meaning when you have the right tool for the job, and frankly i feel silly for not getting these 10 years ago. Even for occasional use they are worth every penny. Also worth mentioning is the cutter is very sharp and seems very durable. Great for trimming wire ends before attaching a terminal end. For critical or high voltage/amperage connections i’ll probably still solder, but for control wires and medium loads i feel like connections made with this tool are more than adequate.

Quality isn’t what i expected from channellock. Jaws aren’t ground straight, so the cutting surface is off a bit.

I had a nice pair of nippers that i loved but they didn’t have the crimper. This has the crimper and so has replaced the old pair in my bucket as the go-to tool for electrical work and zip tie removal. If you do much wiring on a boat, you’ll know how important zip tie cutters are. And if you do much 12v wiring these are great for solderless butt connectors. If i lost this pair i would buy the same one again.

‘well they are channellocks’. Do i really need to say anything else. I mean you just cant loose with channel lock. They have been around for a long time and they make great products. There are a bunch of different brand crimpers out there, snapon, klein, irwin, greenlee, and some unbranded crimpers, and i have probably tried them all. These channellock crimpers are my go to though. I always keep multiple pairs on hand. Out of all the crimpers on the market, i find that these are simply the best for the money. They last for quite a while, they do not have to be worked out before they loosen up, the grips are thin material which i prefer, because it allows for more finesse when stripping smaller wire and believe it or not they are as hard on the hands and wrists as the crimpers with thicker grips. Also one of my favorite things about these channellocks that most other brands do not incorporate is the part of the head that is used to pull insulation off of wires.

Definitely a nice pair of strippers. They look to be a ideal clone or a cousin since they might be made at the same place. A lot of pliers a few years back looked identical between these two brands aside from the handles. They have a nice and stiff lock and are completely closed when lock is engaged. Didn’t use them yet but knowing ideal strips like a champ and i own several ideal strippers i am sure these will perform just as good.

The fact that it’s ‘made in america’ was my main reason to consider this tool, but also the design of the channellock 909 has the ‘insulated’ part of the crimp closer to the front of the jaws. It gives a nice tight crimp even on #10 insulated connectors. Here are the specifications for the Channellock 909 9:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Cuts and crimps 10-22 AWG wire
  • Designed for crimping of both insulated and non-insulated solderless connections and terminals
  • Laser heat-treated edges last longer
  • High-carbon C1080 steel for superior performance on the job and electronic coating for ultimate rust prevention
  • Made in the USA

The first pair disappeared before i engraved my name on them. The second pair cut a live 120v feed on a two-way light circuit (in armored lead coated #12) and ruined (melted a big bite) out of the end cutter. In contrast to my red handled klein’s (sorta similar in shape), or the heavier gardner bender’s, the channellock’s cut cleaner and feel better in my hand. I have other expensive crimpers with replaceable crimping inserts (make nice repeatable looking crimps) but for #8 and smaller, these fit into tighter spaces and get used more.

Channellock puts out a quality tool. I like these over the klein version because the portion of the crimper used to crimp insulated connectors is closer to the end of the jaw, which makes it easier to get into tight spaces. I work in the commercial hvac-r field and some of these control boxes and refrigeration equipment run pretty tight on space, these work great. I’m a tool and gadget geek and over the last couple of years channellock has really won me over with the quality of their tools.

This is a really high quality set of torx drivers, excellent fit and finish overall. I really like that the t5-t7 are indented on the rear of the handle which makes them really great for precision work. The ends are finished squarely and they’ve held up well and haven’t rounded off any screws or the tips of the drivers. My only issue is that the oxide finish was scratched up on a couple of them right out of the box, this doesn’t effect function so i’m not bothered. 5 stars if qa would have caught this.

It takes a really good product for me to feel compelled to write a review. With that said, these are the best wire strippers out there right now. I install, service and repair fire alarms so this is a tool i use daily. I’ve tried other top brands (and a few not so top brands) and none compare. They are ridiculously sharp and super comfortable in your hands. I lost mine on a job 2 weeks ago and had to purchase another pair that arrived today. I’ve been using my back up klein pair and i can’t tell you how happy i am to be able to use my channellock strippers at work tomorrow.

I had a set of pair of klein tools that i really liked but damaged by mistake. I ordered these thinking they would be great based on my experience all my other channellock tools. Unfortuunately, while the cutting/stripping is great the tab that keeps them closed does not do a very good job. They come open while in storage or in my tool-belt which is very annoying. Overall an ok tool that will function but could have had better attention to details. I will go back to klein tools for my next pair.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • By far my favorite crimpers
  • Sloppily made
  • Should have bought this 10 years ago

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Channellock 909 9.5-Inch Wire Crimping Tool | Electrician's Terminal Crimp Pliers with Cutter are Designed for Insulated and Non-Insulated Connections | Forged from High Carbon Steel | Laser Heat-Treated Edges Last Longer | Made in the USA
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