Channellock 927 8-Inch Retaining Ring Plier – A little awkward to use but a nice tool

Well-made in the usa, comfortable to use and comes with 5 different-sized tips – incl right-angle tips. Sometimes you can remove (and reinstall) snap rings using a flat head screwdriver or needle-nose pliers. Or whatever you’ve got handy. But using the right tool makes the job so much easier. To change the throw-out bearing in my sportster i had to remove 2 snap rings, one internal and one external. I had to change tips as well, as they are different size rings and the small one would not accept the tips that the larger one did. This tool made the job easy. Channellock has never let me down and i’m glad i found this set at a good price.

Great retaining ring pliers, works for most applications. If you have very small rings or very large ones you may need a special size for your particular need. A hint for those people who complain about moving the shift lever, put some light machine oil on the mechanism and work it back and forth. When moving the lever it helps quite a bit if you gently squeeze the handles to slightly open and close them while moving the shift lever. If your retaining ring is rusted or corroded in place use some penetrating oil first and let it soak in, don’t try to use the small tips of the pliers to break loose rusted in rings.

The pliers are fine, for my limited use: removing retaining rings from dropper posts (mountain bike part). It is handy that they can switch between internal and external and they are a fraction of the cost of the park tool version. The blue handle almost matches my wide array of park tools. My only complaint is that one set of the tips contained a pin with the 90 degree bend the wrong way (see photo). When inserted, the tips will not be level. Other than that, they are fine.

Very nice set of snap ring pliers. Reversible, and with the interchangeable tips, risked the place of an entire set. I have two pairs to reduce time spent changing tips on a job and as a backup in case anyhing happens to one or i lose or break a tip. Lang makes these for channellock, craftsman, and everybody else.

Good tool for occasional usage – but i wouldn’t recommend it for somebody that has to use it frequently for work (those types are probably going to want several specific function retaining ring tools and are going to be spending quite a bit more for a set). It is nice having one tool for internal/external retaining rings, as it really gives a good range of functionality. The mechanism that accomplishes that dual functionality is a bit quirky – but it works. The interchangeable tips are solidly held into the tool. Far better than some cheaper retaining ring tools i have used. I can only give this 4 stars because most of my tools are professional quality – and this tool isn’t on par with those tools. That said, it works, has many functions and is very affordable.

I’ve had a cheap pair for many years and i didn’t realize how awful they were, until i tried using them to remove a tiny snap ring on some bicycle pedals. They wouldn’t work after many attempts. So i checked reviews and ordered these – they worked flawlessly, the very first attempt. So much heavier and more solid. And the tip attachment is so much more solid design than my old cheap pair. I am throwing the old ones away.

  • They’re a better tool than needed for that task
  • Works Fine, May Come With Incorrectly Bent Pins
  • One of the best snap-ring pliers out there, best bang for the buck

We use retaining ring pliers quite a bit in our shop where we assemble labeling machines. I bought these for our engineering toolkit, unfortunately most of the guys on the floor have a different style that is way more complicated and way less effective, so we now need to keep to the engineering tools locked up or these pliers disappear. There is not much to say except they just work. The only drawback to thes pliers is that the pins are easy to loose, but at the same time it is easy to find replacements.

I’ve always had absolute garbage chinese snap ring pliers. That’s what i was raised with and that’s what i knew. Then recently, whilst fighting with my garbage 2 in 1 pliers i wondered why i do this to myself and why not get a good set. I can actually remove a snap ring just how i’d expect. And despite hating multiple use tools, this set seems to be ok. Switches from inside to outside with the flip of a lever. Why didn’t i buy these long ago?.

In the photo is a 6 mm snap ring. If anyone has ever tried to remove and install a ring of that size (small) knows that it will most likely be found by the vacuum after it flys off into the room somewhere. This is a great snap ring plier on many levels. First it comes with several different tip sizes and also has straight and 90 degree tips as well. They can be swapped out easily with the enclosed allen wrench, all of them fit into a little pouch to keep them together. The spring tension is just right, low enough to provide feedback when they engage to ring. A flip of the toggle changes from inside to outside rings easily. For inside rings you have about an 1. 25” reach and they will go that far up to. The grips are plasticoated and easy to keep control of. Best thing other than they work great?. I own several snap ring pliers, i bought these to replace bearings on my bandsaw blade guides. My other ring pliers require you to change the handles for inside or outside and they have fixed diameter tips.

I don’t know how anyone could leave a negative review of these snap ring pliers. I’ve always wanted a good set of these, and i’ve had name brand sets that were junk. These are the best i’ve ever used. My son bought these for me, and i am leaving the review. I’m 67 and have been repairing all kinds of mechanical equipment for many decades. These are the best i have ever used. I am very happy to have them in my tool box. I don’t have any problem switching them from inside to outside rings. If you can’t do that you need to have someone else do your mechanical repairs because you are a total putz and shouldn’t be trying to fix anythingi’ve been using channellock tools since i was a kid and my dad called the water pump pliers his ‘crooked pliers’. Much better than the ‘professional brand’ that starts with an l.

I use these for routine maintenance of my lever espresso machine. Have to reach down into the piston and compress then pull back a c clip to take out lever arm. And i must say they work beautifully. I started off with a cheaper pair of c clip pliers, one of the ones with the interchangeable heads and the spring loaded retention thing. No good, at least for my application. Loved to slip off and was a struggle to get the ring out. Reach in, put the pegs in the ring, squeeze, and pull it out. The ability to switch between squeeze to open and squeeze to close is also pretty nifty, but i don’t really have any personal need for it.

Features of Channellock 927 8-Inch Retaining Ring Plier

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  • External: 1/4″ to 2″, Internal: 3/8″ to 2″ Includes tips: .039, .047, .074 straight and .039, .047 90°
  • Change from internal to external rings with a simple switch of the tab
  • Includes 5 pairs of color coded interchangeable tips
  • Heavy duty return spring
  • Made in the USA

From the manufacturer

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927 8-inch Convertible Retaining Ring Plier

Solid construction and unmatched reliability.

CHANNELLOCK Retaining Ring pliers have the kind of accuracy and engineering that’ll keep them in your toolbox for years to come.

Internal and External Rings

Change from internal to external rings with a simple switch of the tab.

Interchangable Tips

Includes five pairs of color coded interchangeable tips.

Retaining Ring Plier Specifications

  • External: 1/4″ to 2″, Internal: 3/8″ to 2″ Includes tips: .036, .047, .070 straight and .036, .047 90°.
  • Overall Length: 8.00 in 200.00 mm.
  • Jaw Length: 1.60 in 41.00 mm.
  • Joint Thickness: 0.97 in 25.00 mm.
  • Joint Thickness: 0.97 in 25.00 mm.
  • Handle Span: 4.85 in 123.00 mm.
  • Weight: 0.50 lbs 227.00 g.

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Return Spring

Heavy duty return spring.

Internal and External Rings

Change from internal to external rings with a simple switch of the tab.

Interchangable Tips

Includes five pairs of color coded interchangeable tips.

Made in U.S.A.

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

An ingenious design by the engineers at channellock. I know that these snap ring pliers will last a life time and that they are made in the usa. I was going to spend less and get one of the kits that had 4 different snap ring pliers for $5 less. I am glad that i did not go cheap. Snap ring pliers have small tips that will bend easily if they are not made of quality materials. I am confident that the channellock snap ring pliers will not bend as they are made from the best materials. Avoid wasting money on the cheaper brand and buy the best.

  i had previously purchased a different set of retaining ring pliers, and had left a video review (which can be found in my profile). After a very disappointing experience, i wanted to give channellock a shot. And so i started a quick video review from unpackaging through their first use straight out of the box. Since the video, i’ve also played around with the other tips, and used the retaining ring pliers for 3 other barbells (each contain 4 snap rings which all require a significant amount of force to compress for uninstalling and reinstalling). So long as i had the tips fully inserted and maintained pressure while removing and reinstalling, i had zero issues. Very pleasedin the video i do slip up and mention snap-on for some reason. I meant channellock: this should clear up any confusion you might have if you caught my slip.

One of the best snap-ring pliers out there and without a doubt the best for the money. When you need to pull an inside retaining ring cheap pliers just don’t work and i don’t use these enough to spend 40-60 dollars on a german tool. The channel lock seemed like he best compromise between quality and price and i was well pleased with how well these worked and the overall level of quality. There’s no need to buy two tools or six because with a flick of a switch these can be inside or outside snap-ring pliers. Having replaceable pins is also a big plus, the tool comes with several sizes and angles of pins and the replacement pins aren’t expensive. The only bad thing about the tool is that when you’re pulling out a small internal snap-ring there’s some flex in the tool causing it to not close fully by about 1/32′. This caused me not to be able to pull a small snap-ring but i was able to fix the issue by filing the stops in the back of the tool to compensate for this flex and that fixed the problem. Now under pressure the pliers fully close. That’s something that the engineers who designed this tool should have foreseen.

This is a good, quality tool and is a solid value for the price. The change over mechanism (inside to ouside) works well, and i like having the convenience of just shifting a lever rather than r&r’ing a pivot. The pins are solid and tough and i can’t see how they’re being distorted if they’re being used on an free (not rusted or corroded) clip with the correct sized holes. If that’s the case, the tool is being abused. Small metal pins aren’t intended to bust loose stuck clips. If you don’t want to use the myriad of other techniques to free them and choose to sacrifice the pins, that’s your choice, but don’t blame the tips for bending. I’m using them for motorcycle and automotive work, so mostly piston circlips, transmission shafts, and front forks. They were perfect for removing the bearing retaining clips on a subaru forester’s wheel bearings, too. The extra pins come in a small plastic/vinyl bag. Like any small part, they’re easily lost if you have a junk drawer for a tool box.

I bought these so i could rebuild a kitchenaid mixer that i’d broken. They’re a better tool than needed for that task, but it was difficult to know for sure which pliers would fit (several snap ring plier reviews on amazon start with ‘didn’t fit my ka mixer. ‘)i went with these because it seemed likely at least one of the interchangeable tip sizes would work. They may not see a lot of use from me, so it’s likely they’re the last such pliers i’ll need. They’re nicely made, and the switch that flips them from inner- to outer- is slick. If you’ve never used this kind of pliers, and need to get them to work on small snap rings, notice that you can bring the pins closer together just by extending them a bit farther from the ends of the tool. Also notice notice that mounting the pins pointing up or down determines whether they angle out or in—if you have them going the wrong way the pins will just slip off the snap rings.

Lets just say i’m not a big fan of snap rings (can’t stand how difficult they can be to remove – especially if rusty- and then fling across the garage), and have used other ‘cheaper’ snap ring pliers over the years. Not sure why i waited so long to get a ‘real’ set of snap ring pliers. Lol, these make the job of removing wheel bearing retainers so much easier. They don’t bind or twist like the cheaper models, the copper ends are replaceable – though i’ve never had to do that yet and the little button (while it feels flimsy) makes reversing the jaws a breeze.

External: 1/4″ to 2″, Internal: 3/8″ to 2″ Includes tips: .039, .047, .074 straight and .039, .047 90°

I like how you can change the tips – that’s a neat design. They look and feel like a nice quality tool. I don’t really like the spring loaded design. You’ll understand when you use them. The amount of force applied by your hand is not equal to the force on the tips. On a couple of retaining rings, i was squeezing the handles all the way but the tips were not moving proportionally (not applying enough force). I think these are targeted for light duty use.

Change from internal to external rings with a simple switch of the tab

Includes 5 pairs of color coded interchangeable tips

Heavy duty return spring

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