ChargePoint Home WiFi Enabled Electric Vehicle : Great charger, could use improvements

I purchased a chargepoint home electric vehicle charger. I got the plug in 32 amp version. I use it with my prius prime which actually only accepts something like 15 amps, but i got the 32 amp version for any future vehicle electric vehicle i might purchase. Product was packaged very nicely and as a nice touch it came with both the mounting hardware as well as the right sized drill bit and socket to install the screws, so i didn’t have to dig around in my hardware drawer to try to find the right item. I had the electrician install a 14-50 plug originally, and had to swap it for a 6-15 plug, but it was a $5 part and easy to do. Mounting the charger was also fairly easy, the hardest parts were making sure i hit the wall stud (which i unfortunately missed the first time), and getting the bottom screw in was a bit of a tight space with the plug wires in there. Once installed, it basically just worked right off the bat. I opened the chargepoint app (the same app which i already used for public charging), and i ran through the setup steps to connect it to my network. Plugged in my car and it worked. I also think it is well designed both aesthetically and the way the cord can be wrapped around the charger easily and the plug is held nicely in the cradle.

I called their support line and the guy asked me to check the voltage reading at the outlet before starting an rma. Pros: looks sleek and modern, great aesthetics, installation was very smooth (until plugging it in), i’m trying to slowly go all in with nest products, so i like that this is already partnered with nest and will hopefully add more capability in the future. Does anyone know how to link it to nest?.I like the options of plug/hard-wired and cable length. I went with the long cable and plug for versatility. Cons: mine appeared to be doa. Upon completing the installation instructions by plugging it in and turning the power on, i expected to see the thing come to life, but instead it gave no indication that it had power applied. There’s a nifty troubleshooting section in the app, but it just says to make sure wifi and bluetooth are on and hold the phone close. It does not mention the most basic troubleshooting step of any device, which is to correctly apply power.

I really wanted to like this. Compared to other products, it looks more like it belongs in a home instead of in a commercial setting. I installed it in a conspicuous spot in my little garage so it was important to me to have something small that looked good. Unfortunately, i had some problems. On the positive side, they got most things right. Most of the packaging was excellent and it protected the nice plastic case and covers. The installation guide is essentially perfect. There are a few tasks you need to do to fasten the hardware to the wall and attach the charging cable. Instructions are super clear and easy. They also show how to connect to your local wifi and that was simple and worked right away.

The evse arrived in a nicely laid out box. Obviously, chargepoint put thought into the details of its packaging. The unit is made of thick plastic, giving it a high quality feel. The installation of the unit couldn’t be simpler — screw it to the wall, attach the wires with the friction connectors, and pop on the covers. The unit has a footprint smaller than a piece of paper, but its design allows for the wrapping of cable around itself. It hooked right up with my wifi using my smartphone, and easily connected to the chargepoint servers. My favorite feature is the option to turn on and off charging based on the time. This is an excellent way to save money with time-of-day metering. This feature, alone, is worth the premium chargepoint charges for this device.

First off, this is a great charger and what seems to be reasonably priced compared to other chargers. Good quality and very well built. App works great and charger seems to keep a strong connection to wi-fi. I bought the plug in model with the 25ft cord. Very happy with my purchase after using public chargers for the past 3 years. Now, for the improvements, which is why i couldn’t give it 5 stars. First, as is mentioned in other reviews, there is an led light ring around the “port” of the charger where you insert the plug for storage. This light is very bright and confusing with its different colors and blinking modes. I don’t know what they are and don’t care, i have the app to tell me what’s going on with the charging status. I have to cover up the charger at night so people passing by my house don’t see a beacon of light since it’s mounted in the carport.

2 kwh rated version with 25 ft cord and designed for hard wiring. Setup was easy, but it didn’t include the cord/conduit that goes to the junction box like my clipper creek did, so the electrician will have to install that portion for you. Once i had it hardwired and installed the evse is very easy to use. Download the chargepoint app on your phone if you want to use the smart functionality (you don’t have to) and it easy detected and paired with my unit. My wifi is maybe 20 feet away in the house and i have no issue with signal. Once setup i can check my charging status from anywhere, phone or computer using my charge point account. I like to know my electricity usage, so this is a great way for me to see that in real time, and it even lets you select your service provider to see the electricity rate you are paying so it gives you an estimated price. This is a great way to know what your ev is costing you.

ChargePoint Home WiFi Enabled Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger – Level 2 240V, 32A Electric Car Charger for All EVs, UL Listed, ENERGY STAR Certified, Plug-in, 25 Ft Cable

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  • Level 2, 240 volt, 32 amp electric vehicle (EV) charging station charges up to 6X faster than a standard wall outlet and adds up to 25 miles of range per hour, so you always have the range you need
  • Works with all EVs, including BMW i3, X5, and 530e, Chevy Volt and Bolt EV, Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid, Fiat 500e, Ford Fusion and C-Max Energi, Honda Clarity, Hyundai Kona, Jaguar I-PACE, Nissan LEAF, Tesla Model S and X, Toyota Prius Prime, and more
  • Use the ChargePoint app to schedule charging when electricity rates are low to save money, get access to ChargePoint’s expansive public charging network, track all of your charging in one place and set reminders so you never forget to plug in
  • UL listed charging station is built for electrical safety, backed by our 3-year warranty, covered by 24/7 driver support, and is the first ENERGY STAR certified EV charger (using 40% less energy, on average, than other car chargers when not in use)
  • Plug-in station (indoor installation only) uses a NEMA 6-50 outlet; Hardwired station can be installed indoors or outdoors and does not use a plug or an outlet; Amazon Home Services offers professional installation for your ChargePoint Home

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the chargepoint 32a ev charger. I was evaluating the chargepoint vs a non-wifi enabled brand, which was highly rated and slightly cheaper, as i didn’t see the need for wifi on a charger (after all, my car can determine charging schedule, etc. I ended up with the charge point, as it was on sale on ev day, and with free prime delivery ended up being less expensive than the non-wifi brand. I’ve now changed my mind about wifi. The 2 features that i appreciate the most about wifi and the connected app are:(1) the ability to disable the charger on a schedule — we think of this as ‘scheduling charging’ but what it really means is that when i’m not home, my externally mounted charger can’t be used by someone; while the risk of that is frankly low, it’s a nice insurance policy to have. (2) the ability to input your utilities’ rate schedule and see the total cost of your charging. My only complaints are (1) cord management — i still haven’t figured out how to easily hang the cord without it looking like a jumbled mess (2) the app records ‘total time plugged in’ as charging time; i find this a bit misleading, as if my car takes 4 hours to charge, but i’ve left it plugged in for 8 hours, it shows 8-hours as charging time. I’ve sent a request to chargepoint and they’ve logged it as a feature request.

This charging unit only took a few minutes to install. The included screws, drill bit, driving bit, and paper wall template made everything super easy. Attaching the cord is also very simple and fast. Once the unit was powered on, i opened up the app on my phone and activated it. Everything activated seamlessly and now my ford focus electric charges in no time at all. A real upgrade over the 110v charger that i was using. You could tell that chargepoint put a lot of thought and engineering into making the installation and setup process very easypros:- super easy install and setup- well designed unit, it’s not bulky or unattractive- charges my car at the advertised 7 kw power level- app tracks charging history (date/time, power consumed, cost of electricity) for both my home charger as well as other public chargepoint network charging locations. – integrates with my nest home energy reportcons:- none so far.

I got the hardwired unit and i’ve had it for about a month now. Overall, i’m very satisfied so far. The packaging the unit came in was very well done, on par with highend electronics. It may be a small thing but it tells you that a company cares about their product when they package it nicely. As for installation, the electrician was impressed with how clean and organized the unit was. It ended up being one of the easiest installations he’s done. This isn’t trivial because it means your installations costs could be lower. I got the 18 foot cord, which is a bit shorter than i was expecting but still reaches my vehicle. The upside to the 18 foot cord is that cord management is easier and it nicely wraps around the unit. That said, in hindsight i wish i got the 25 foot cord so it could reach to both parking spots in our driveway.

Full integration with the app. It’s great to see your usage/history per day or per month. Set it up to charge whenever you want it to from the app on your phone. You can receive nightly reminders if your car is not plugged in. I got the hard wired version and installed it myself in my garage. Remember – 40 amp breaker with 8awg wire is a must. The wire is fairly expensive but the other materials are minimal cost. Where the wire is exposed in the garage (between where it came out of the basement and where i mounted the charger) i put it through flexible metal conduit which was slightly more expensive than pvc but super easy to install and secure to the wall.

Installation was very simple and the unit looks great. Time will tell about reliability. This is our primary evse now, replacing the indestructible clippercreek hcs-40 we’ve been using for the last 2 years. We wanted real-time charging status, charging rate, and cost information. If i had any concerns, it was that they do not sell a power cord for nema 14-50 outlets which is quite odd. I had to downgrade my outlet to the nema 6-50 that they do have a power cord for. Clippercreek and tesla both support (and even recommend – for future proofing) 14-50 outlets. It would be very inexpensive for them to offer it as an option.

This charger really works great. Fast and easy to use with a chevy volt. Moving to a level ii charger was necessary because the volt’s 110 volt charger just had hard time keeping up. Now that the car can be charged in a few hours we almost never have to buy gas. In fact once week we intentionally run the charge run down to get the motor to run to make sure it is still working. Haven’t even used all the features because it just does the job of charging so well. The chargepoint gets 5 stars. You don’t need to pay someone to do install the charger if you can read.

The charger installed very easily, with the possible exception of running conduit for the 40a branch circuit from the circuit breaker box (load center). It configured without any technical issues. They could also add a strain relief feature for the 240v power input on direct wire units. Chargepoint could also greatly improve their mobile app by providing a utility / meter view with line voltage, charging amperes, transferred kwh or joules, and the like. One cannot tell if they intentionally omitted this potential feature to avoid conflict with utility providers. These improvements would earn a rating of 5/5.

I originally purchased this chargepoint home evse a couple years ago for my 2014 chevrolet volt and it worked flawlessly. Unfortunately that car was totaled due to someone running a stop sign and t-boning me and i ended up selling the charging station. Several years later i am a proud owner of a 2017 chevrolet bolt and i immediately purchased a new chargepoint home charging station while signing papers at the dealership since i was already familiar with it and had a great experience prior. The charger arrived at my house on a monday after ordering it the saturday prior (kudos to the quick shipping and delivery). I mounted it on the previous spot in the garage, plugged it in, set it up in the chargepoint app (very quick and easy, by the way) and started charging my new chevy bolt without any issue. Doing the the second time through took me about 15 minutes and was just as easy as the initial setup with my prior vehicle. Unfortunately, my unit was a dud. After a couple hours of charging i received an alert that my bolt had a power interruption. My chargepoint home unit was lit up with a red led around the j-1772 connector holder on the base station and even after several reboots (and leaving the circuit breaker off overnight) i was unable to get the fault to clear. I contacted chargepoint support the next day and their team were amazing.

ChargePoint Home WiFi Enabled Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger – Level 2 240V, 32A Electric Car Charger for All EVs, UL Listed, ENERGY STAR Certified, Plug-in, 25 Ft Cable :

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