Chemical Guys CLD_201 Signature Series Orange Degreaser – Works great!

Used this on a 13 year old diesel engine that had never been cleaned. Many parts of the engine had as much as an 1/8” of grime on it. Sprayed 16 oz of half water and half degreaser on everything under the hood. Did not allow any on external painted surfaces. Rinsed with water 30 minutes later. Engine looks all but new throughout. This product will etch aluminum. Both of my alternators have splotchy etch marks. Beats the coating of grime it had before. I think this stuff easily overnight has become my go to degreaser.

I’m old school and always used products like gunk. This stuff works even better, beyond my expectations. I’ve only used it on greased/oiled up engine and engine parts. Took care of removing anything i sprayed it on. Sometimes had to use a brush for the baked on gunk, but worked so well and not harmful to the surface or skin.

I used this to clean the engine bay on my subaru. It does well on cleaning the plastic and some metal but did not come off the plastic as well as i hoped. I must have done something wrong as it did remove the grime quite well.

There were 2 spots of what appeared to be some sort of white paint spots on a leather steering wheel that i could not get off and i tried everything including a magic eraser, megs sd, citrol, etc. Out of desperation i tried this with a small nylon scrub brush and it worked. So, this whole bottle already paid for itself using less that 4 squirts.It will always have a place in my arsenal from now on.

I bought this to clean both my grill and my car’s exhaust. It works great on the grill, old dried on caked stuff and grease wipes off with a sponge. If it’s very thick i’d recommend scraping/brushing first. Let it sit about a minute and it wipes right off. The odor is not very citrus-y, in fact its very strong overpowering chemical smell so i’d recommend outdoor use only. I ended up using it in my oven as well since it worked so great on the grill and doesn’t smell as toxic as those spray oven cleaner cans of death. It worked fabulously and took off residue from previous oven cleaning attempts. As far as the exhaust goes, i wanted to spiff up the stainless steel and chrome tip. It didn’t quite get the results i wanted but after several attempts and using blue magic polish cream i realized that age and neglect were mostly to blame from before i got the car. Still took a lot of gunk off.

Not only will it degrease your vehicle, it will also clean your bathrooms better than any clean sold in stores. 1 cap + water will fill a good size spray bottle.

  • Works great on grills, ovens, etc
  • I love this degreaser
  • The only thing that worked to remove paint transfer on leather steering wheel

This is probably the best versatile degreaser i have tried. While i was trying to fill a spray bottle in my bathroom, i spilled a small amount on my counter. That small amount removed all the dried toothpaste and soap residue with ease. I then washed my car and used this product in the wheel well and on my wheels and i’m thoroughly impressed. The degreaser along with a pressure washer took out roughly 90% of the dirt that was caked on my wheel after a weekend of off roading without any scrubbing. I knew it would require some scrubbing if i wanted it to be free of dirt but i just didn’t have the time. Those that are looking to make washing cars easier, you should definitely give this product a try.

I forgot to dilute it as instructed and sprayed it for engine cleaning, and it eats away dirt and grime fast. This thing is effective even with a 20:1 dilute ratio. I will definitely use this more often.

I’ve purchased a lot of cg products and have been really pleased with them. I used this product to clean and brighten up some very dirty fender wells and suspension components on a high mileage 2001 toyota highlander. Like any cleaner, be careful not to leave it on clear coated wheels too long.

Not super-nasty or super-strong like a hard-core foaming engine degreaser, this is a good intermediate product to have around for tougher jobs. It loosened the dirt on my neglected rims and made cleaning them a snap. 5 stars because my bottle’s already half empty. I would/probably will buy it again though. Heck i just raised my review to 5 stars. Decided to be generous and grade ‘on a curve’ since it was so close already.

I originally made the purchase to use on my engine. Although i have not gotten around to it, i used it for the first time on my rubber mats. I had these mats pretty much as long as i had the car. They were never given any real cleaning other than what the car was does to them. Today i used the orange degreaser on them and they came out brand new. I followed the instruction and it worked perfectly.

Features of Chemical Guys CLD_201 Signature Series Orange Degreaser (1 Gal)

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  • Professional strength citrus-based formula
  • Removes tough grease, grime, dirt and debris
  • Works great on engines, machinery, tools, tires, rims and undercarriages
  • Works fast to loosen and emulsify grease, oil, dirt and grime for easy rinse
  • Super concentrated – can be diluted to desired needs

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

I use it for cleaning fender wells, tires, and sometimes rubber floor mats. My only complaint is that in the gallon size, the degreaser literally ate through the container and spilled all over my garage floor. Chemical guys needs to improve their containers to where they can actually handle this stuff. Besides that i love this stuff.

It’s a little expense but it’s worth it. I just spray it on and wash my car. It turns out perfect each time.

I dont know what this orange glowy stuff is made of but its awesome. Looks like orange radiator fluidjust spray on, let set for a minute and rinse off. I hardly have to scrub anything. Made my motor look almost new. I attached a couple pics of washing underside of the hood. I’ve used it all over the vehicles and in the house. Of you use it on your motor, it will stink for a day or two as it ‘cooks’ the residue off but it goes away.

Very happy with this product. I have a older diesel pickup that had bad oil leaks and oil got caked onto nearly everything. A lot of products wouldn’t even touch it. Even a pressure steam cleaner didn’t do much. I used this product(diluted 3:1) and just used our hot water from our garden hose. And it took a lot of it off. Without scrubinganything at all. Will be buying again once it’s used up.

Using this as an alternative to the barebones undercarriage product from chemical guys. I use it every time i wash my car, i must be careful though to dilute it 10:1 and if i spray it on my rims, i must be sure to leave it on no longer than 1 minute or chemical oxidation will appear. I made the mistake of doing that once but after washing the rim again and scrubbing it with a microfiber mitt, drying it, and applying a sealant, it was fine.

This stuff is an excellent all-purpose heavy-duty cleaner. Works much better than simple green. Use it to remove soot from glass fireplace doors. Also works great to clean water pipes (bongs). Be sure to use gloves though. This stuff will mess up your hands. Has not caused damage to any surfaces that i’ve used it on (metal, glass, plastic), which is always a plus. I’m sure there is a bulk generic version that’s much cheaper, but it lasts so long i don’t bother.

Professional strength citrus-based formula

I use it for taking bugs off the car. Tried all kinds of other stuff with no success. Squirt this on and then easily clean off the bugs with a micro fiber cloth. It also took off some road tar marks. Sprayer kinda wonky and leaves a bit to be desired as it sticks all the time.

Bought this to get a little built-up glaze and brown grime off my tires to prep for higher quality tire shine product application. No amazing effects like gobs of gunk oozing off or anything like that, but the tires looked pretty clean when i was done, so as far as i can tell it worked.

Removes tough grease, grime, dirt and debris

Works great on engines, machinery, tools, tires, rims and undercarriages

Works fast to loosen and emulsify grease, oil, dirt and grime for easy rinse

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