Chevron 65740-CASE Techron Concentrate Plus Fuel System Cleaner – 20 oz : I was skeptical.i was proved wrong.

Like a fool i was very distracted last week and forced a quart of diesel fuel into my 2016 murano before i realized what i was doing. I filled up my tank to dilute it as much as i could because a quart is a relatively small amount and added some octane booster too it too. The suv ran ok but it seemed a little sluggish. A couple of days ago when i needed to refuel i added this to my car with a fresh tank of gas and it seemed to help. Today when i pulled the car out of the driveway after all the techron was mixed in it took off like a rocket. The techron quickly cleaned any buildup that i had had in my fuel system. I highly recommend that you use this stuff a couple of times a year or if you have bought a used car recently.

This is the only additive i will use for my vehicles. Years ago my fuel injector started acting up. My mechanic told me to use this product, and if it did’t fix the problem, i would be stuck replacing the fuel injector. It worked and never had to replace the part. Been using it ever since, esp since we do not have a chevron/standard oil gas station where we live (they have this in their gas). Com/gp/product/b0097sdute?redirect=true&ref_=cm_cr_ryp_prd_ttl_sol_9.

My 2000 ford focus was having severe pinging when going uphill under load. One treatment helped, but it was the second treatment that all but ended this issue. It can still ping slightly, but barely and only at just the right speed and loading. Later this year i will do another treatment.

The chevron fuel system cleaner is the best from what i’ve noticed of the throttle when idle, speeding up, etc. When comparing to other products, it gives better results than the others. I used different tankfuls of gas and had a tank of gas between each one. The rough idle would come back when no fuel cleaner was in the tank. In my comparison with the chevron vs lucas 1 gallon vs gumout one-n-done. I had really rough idle with my car. Lucas and gumout helped 50% of the problem. Chevron took care of the rough idle and hard starting and took care of 80% of the problem. Though i do think the lucas 1 gallon lubricates better than the others just from looking at the consistency of the product. As for power and cleaning, i think chevron is best.

If you are reading this, then you know this stuff is the business. Oh and if you’re a bimmer owner, like me, don’t get suckered into buying the bimmer version from the stealership. This is the exact same stuff. The bottle is even the same shape.

My 2004 saab 95 arc hesitated to start cold. Replaced the fuel pump check valve, no difference. Replaced spark plugs with brand new platinum nkg, no difference. Used one bottle chevron techron concentrate plus fuel system cleaner – 20 oz. Next time used 2 bottles chevron techron concentrate plus fuel system cleaner – 10 oz, $4. 94 each from walmart, and after used:iso-heet (28206) premium fuel-line antifreeze water remover & injector cleaner 12 oz each, 4 pack $6. 84during the winter time i use one 12 oz bottle per tank.

Chevron 65740-CASE Techron Concentrate Plus Fuel System Cleaner – 20 oz., (Pack of 6)

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  • Cleans, restores, protects the entire fuel system (fuel injectors, carburetors, intake valves and combustion chambers)
  • Restores: lost power, acceleration, lost fuel economy, and operation of the fuel gauge sensor
  • Reduces: rough idle, engine surge, hesitation, and spark plus fouling
  • Improves: cold start performance, and fuel stability for up to one year
  • Automobiles and trucks use every 3,000 miles or at your next oil change. All other gasoline engines use as needed (motorcycles, dirt bikes, boats, ATVs, RVs, water craft, lawn care, etc.)

When your a cheap bastard and run old garbage, keeping the mileage somewhat respectable is key. Pop a bottle in at 1/8-1/4 tank, run it down and fill a fresh tank full and add another. Say hello to your aunty for me.

This is the stuff, the real concentrated stuff. The version labeled ‘techron fuel injector cleaner’, which is for example what costco sells, is the same stuff, just a much lower concentration. If you are having fuel system problems, and think techron might cure it, you want this concentration. The other version is better suited for regular use to try and prevent problems, but i still prefer this version for that task.

I was lucky enough to happen upon a cream-puff bmw 3 series, garaged, one owner, rarely driven in last 7 years. I wondered if i was buying a ticking time bomb, since it sat for so long. Had the dealership check it, change the oil and brake fluids, air filters, etc. But my local bwm-trained mechanic told me to put chevron techron in the gas tank before driving it around to clear the fuel line of sediment and gunk. I did so, drove off the stale gas, refueled and a month later, added another quart.

I have no idea whether this works or not because it is a preventative, but it is a whole lot less expensive that buying it at the dealer. Dealer recommends it at regular intervals if most of your mileage is city driving. Please note – read the instructions. I used stp and other similar products in my very old car, and it always said to use with a full tank of gas, so i almost did that in my new car without reading the label. This says to pour it in the tank when it is empty and then fill it up. I guess that makes it more concentrated because it doesn’t mix through all of the gas in the tank – only what is close to the bottom?.

After 70 miles check engine light went out. Slight hesitation in acceleration is gone.

So, i was not very convinced that this would make a difference on my truck. It really works, my mpg has gotten better and the truck seems to run a bit smoother. I used the product as recommended. I say to use every 3,000 miles or at oil changes. I might just will use every 3000-5000 miles. I noticed the changes about less than 100 miles of driving. Oil changes every 3,000 miles and all the needed maintenance at 100k etc. I will use this product till the last days of my truck.

I purchased this right after i changed the spark plugs on my car. The spark plugs were a huge improvement on their own, but i wanted to clean out some of the carbon in my engine as i had noticed a bit of build up on the old spark plugs. I poured this into my gas tank right before filling it up as the directions indicated and by the time my car needed to be filled again it seemed to be running better than ever. I bought my car used, and the engine seems to be running better, cleaner, and more powerfully, than when i got it. A lot of that is from the high end spark plugs i added, but the carbon cleaning that this introduced served it purpose in maintaining my vehicle.

Comes with a good sized bottle and it is a concentrate. My car makes a light ticking noise when it is really cold. This seemed to help pretty good with that. It’s is really best used as a pm. Use it when your car is still in good shape to keep it in good shape. Even if you use it once every year or 2 it’s better than not at all. If your vehicle has more than a 14 gallon tank i would just put 2 bottles in. In is more than affordable enough to do so. I did that on my sho for a little insurance on the super expensive direct injection fuel injectors.

Not sure if this sort of thing helps or not, but i poured them in my gas tank. Now my truck runs like it did before. I only have 30k on the truck, so i wasn’t really after anything from doing so i guess, maybe i was bored. I dumped it in before filling, drove the vehicle, and ended up at the place i was intending on going so that seemed right. The folks that sell this stuff claim that it will do ‘something’ with just one application. I didn’t notice, and it didn’t come with an app or anything for my phone to let me know with a notification that it had done something, so i will just have to trust that it did. I went ahead and dumped a second bottle in when i was done being where i had went, and later arrived at my home, again – a good sign. The people that sell this say that you should do it more than just once and it will continue to do things, but i haven’t tried that out yet.

Fuel gauge in gmc envoy stopped working. Followed the directions and dumped it into a fresh tank of gas when i filled up. After about a week the fuel gauge started working again.

I own a 2008 bmw 335i that made murmuring sounds under the hood on cold starts and would go away after 15-30 mins of driving. A bmw technician said it was due to the ‘older’ version of my fuel injection valves and they needrf replacing. Replacing the fuel injectors is probably a few thousand job, so before i would eventually do that, i decided to give this techron a try. I used two bottles consecutively. After the first bottle, i noticed the idling was a touch smoother as i could fee less vibration my stick shift, unfortunately, the murmuring sound was still there (butt a little fainter sounding). After the 2nd bottle, the idling on my car was very good (rpms super stable), the murmur sound under the engine, pretty much gone and barely audible.

Chevron 65740-CASE Techron Concentrate Plus Fuel System Cleaner – 20 oz., (Pack of 6) : I bought this in september and used it in my 2010 honda odyssey right away (at the gas station) just before filling up the tank. Soon after adding this product we noticed significant changes in the vehicle. Below are few things we have noticed:1. Engine ran so much smoother all of a sudden; similar to what one would experience after a fresh oil change but much better. Significant improvement in the vehicle speed pickup as it was accelerating much better. Slight improvement in fuel efficiency. I noticed an improvement of 11 miles per tank in my first ever use. Additional info:in my research i found that this is the concentrated mixture of the same additive called techron that is found in the chevron gas which is a top tier gas. Most auto forums i follow have advised to use this twice a year for the older vehicles and once a year for newer vehicles just before the oil change; too much can adversely affect the fuel lines/parts so in moderation. Always use top tier gas in your cars which has all those fuel additives. I personally prefer costco for the fuel savings and it being a top-tier gas in most places if not all. Overall this product works for me and my cars that i ordered more for the later part of the year. You cannot go wrong to try it once especially in those older cars that run rough, sluggish and need a performance boost as this product cleans the internal moving engine parts which are essential for the engine’s health in the long run.

I have a mazda miata with 50,000 miles on it. I use premium gas, i noticed the engine is not as smooth as i would like it. So read some of the reviews here and decided to use techron anyway even if i use premium gas. After the first bottle, i already notice a smoother engine, i plan to use another one before i take it for an oil change.

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