Ckitze European/Asian To American Outlet Travel Plug Adapter – Best deal for the money on this kind of adapter. They work great for me!

Purchased these to loan out to new international students attending my university. The product arrived on schedule and in perfect condition. It is hard to travel for hours and not be able to charge your phone and call home when you first arrive in a new country. The look of gratitude on students faces when we give them something simple like and adapter and say bring it back when you get one so that someone else can use it is priceless.

Very useful part that allows you to use european electronics with dual voltage 110-220v in north america. This little adaptor saves you the heartache to cut your plug and adapt for a north america blade type.

Was perfect for what i needed it for. Didn’t realize it was multiple adapters, making this a better deal.

They are cheap and functional – just right for someone moving to the usa with dozens of lamps with european plugs who doesn’t yet have the time to re-plug them all. Shipped directly from china (of course), no ul certification, so we’ll soon be buying and replacing the european plugs = after all the boxes are emptied and the shambles of the move are no longer evident.

I had a brazilian fish tank that only had a brazilian power plug, that wouldn’t fit in the u. Outlet and let’s you plug brazilian products into it. Super great and useful, and i have a few extras in case i find any other brazilian products.

Hmmm, this little thing is pretty essential for new arriving student’s from europe/asia to usa. But, actually i didn’t need 6 of them, but if you manage to find another in need person then it will be great. Since i had a lot of them, i start to think how to use them elsewhere. :))i use them not only for european/asian to american but also to change 3 terminals to 2 terminals american outlets, since normal extenders doesn’t accept 3 terminal outlet.The only thing is, it is a little bit loose 😐 and the output doesn’t have the standard form (one of the terminals are bigger, which keeps the tool attached to the power plug).

This worked great with a hairdryer that i got it from brazil. It is compatible with america’s plug.

For the price, you can’t beat these. I had so many plugs for various chargers that i collected when i lived in china and europe. Many of them were dual voltage, so i can use them in 220 or 110-volt outlets. But the pin-style plugs were the problem. With these, i did not have to buy all new chargers for my tablet computer, cell phone, and laptop computer. Just be sure your device is rated for some range of voltage between 110 and 120 ac. Otherwise, you might cause damage to your precious electronic devices.

It fulfilled i need but the plastic part is too fragile.

I am converting a german plug and they all fit very nicely (snug) i can not speak for the fit of other european plugs. The previous reviews mentioning the loose screw are correct. The very first one i tried did pop out immediately as i pushed the plug into the adapter. The adapter snaps back together without a problem and seems secure. When you hold the adapter while plugging in the prongs, there is no problem. Then of course, do not pull the plug out of the wall using the cord. A longer or tighter screw would be a huge improvement to the product. Only 3 stars because the loose screw is an inconvenience. Other than the screw, these cheap little adapters work nicely.I feel that they are safe to use, when used carefully-not just yanked out of the wall.

I needed this to test one thing and it worked but never used after that.

So, we bought some items at the kristkindlemarkets on our river cruise in europe – we brought them home, and went to display them – especially the lighted arch and low and behold we couldn’t plug it in – that is until. This works perfectly for our items to plug them into this and then into the outlet her in the u.

This is really good just read how many you are buying cuz i didn’t read it i like the price very cheap but it comes two packages so you got so many. . I just need 2 and i got like 12 cuz each package have 6 just read but is good product. Here are the specifications for the Ckitze European/Asian To American Outlet Travel Plug Adapter:

  • 6 Pack of European/Asian to American U; S; (two prong Flat Pin) outlet plug adapters
  • Countries where the plug adapter may be needed American, Samoa, Antigua and Barbuda, Aruba, Azores, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Bermuda, Brazil
  • Note: Adapters do not convert electricity/voltage they only modify the pins for the electrical outlet

Reviews from purchasers :

  • More than a converter!
  • Best deal for the money on this kind of adapter. They work great for me!
  • It Works!

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