Clean Ones Premium Multi Purpose Non Slip Gloves, and easy to put on and take off

As advertised, these are the purple ones that used to be sold by costco. They are comfortable and from previous experience long lasting. The bag holding the six pairs arrived torn open. Each pair is individually packed in a sealed bag and the packaging is really right. I could not open a bag without a scissors. I thought i was cutting above the gloves and i accidentally made a two-inch cut through one glove so use caution when opening a bag. Perhaps cut into a corner and then insert your scissor of knife blade into the bag so that it cuts the bag only. I do not remember having such a problem previous. Given that i had knicked the finger of a new pair of gloves from another manufacturer while i was doing dishes and had one good glove from that pair, i lucked out for my good glove gtom the clean ones pack could be used as a mate to that glove.

I’ve tried mr clean, the huge korean ones, playtex, dollar store, and possibly other brands. I like these the best in terms of durability and value. I like how there are a lot of pairs in this package.

These gloves are very durable. I used them for general cleaning and washing dishes. The ones i get from the grocery store usually tore or got punctured within a couple of weeks. Bought these 2 months ago, so far i’m still using the first pair out of the bag.The material is a little thick, but flexible. They are not slippery in soapy water, don’t have powdery residue inside, and easy to put on and take off.

These gloves are very durable, however, for some reason the thumbs are tighter than the other fingers. This is my only complaint and it seems very weird that they would be made this way. The soft coating stuff on the inside balls up a bit when it’s wet, but i’ve never found a glove that doesn’t do this. Personally, i rinse out the inside of the gloves after each use and just hang them upside down and inside out to dry. I’ve been using these to clean on a regular basis and i haven’t even used a second pair yet. Even with the thumb issue, i recommend these gloves as i believe they will last a very very long time.

Those gloves last me about a week or so. I am pretty happy with the thick material but not the price i paid. I heard from my friendhe told me that he got it from costco almost about ten dollars less. The gloves is durable and easy to take off and in. Will continue to purchase if the price will be better.

These gloves are quite durable with good thickness, not too thick or not too thin. Although they can’t last forever, they clearly outlast the mr clean branded gloves by a wide margin. The grip is nice and not slippery when wet. These are definitely one of the better kitchen cleaning gloves available. These gloves are also suitable for other cleaning around the home, or other applications you may encounter. As usual, buying the multi-pack/bulk is better than individual purchases. Overall, excellent quality gloves and for a good price.

Used to buy this at costco but amazon saved me a trip. Each pair lasts me at least 3 weeks of heavy kitchen dish washing and bathroom scrubbing. Have been using these gloves for years.

Key specs for Clean Ones Premium Multi Purpose Non Slip Gloves, 9 Count (Medium):

  • absorbent cotton lining,
  • drip catching cuff
  • Extra long 13 3/4 length
  • Super soft
  • non-slip grip

Comments from buyers

, Excellent quality for a reasonable cost
, LOVE these gloves

I use this for washing dishes, and the gloves last for months before discoloring. They are thick enough to provide some protection from heat and sharp knives. The sleeves are cuff-able, so you can keep water from running down your arm onto your shirt. Just make sure not to get water inside of them; they take a few days to dry out.

These gloves are thicker than some of the cheaper brands and last fairly long, as long as i don’t puncture them with a kitchen utensil. I was so glad i was able to find them when a local costco no longer had them in stock. I have a pair for washing dishes and another for cleaning around the house.

I like these gloves for the value and bulk shipping option. However, the thumbs are on the small side for a size large. The fingers are long enough, the palms are wide enough, but the thumbs are very tight. I have not had this issue in the same size of playtex’s dish gloves.

Used to get the big pack at costco but some stores don’t have them anywhere and let’s face it, who’s going to willingly go to costco around the holidays?. So i found them on amazon, they’re more expensive than costco was but keeping myself from a few more gray hairs is worth it. These gloves are thick, don’t degrade and work so well to wash dishes.

I buy them again and again because they’re so good. I use them while hand-washing dishes. The fingers have a nice grip so plates don’t accidentally slip and crank. I also like how i can fold the end and create a cuff to catch run-on water and not have them drip up my arm while washing the dishes. Lastly, the size is perfect for my hands. I also use them when cleaning around the house, but mainly for washing the dishes.

I have large hands and they fit me well. They are long enough to cuff. I clean houses and go through rubber gloves like crazy, so these are good for the price. I would have given 5 stars however, i just opened the 9th pack and one of the fingers has a hole in it. Others so far have been fine.

I love these gloves because they are cheap. I use them to wash dishes on hot water and they last a pretty long time. I only need to change them if i accidently stab them with a knife or fork while washing. I did notice that if you use it to handle chemicals like rubbing alcohol, that the rubber will rub off (as expected.

I used to purchase from costco, then they stopped carrying them. . I was so upset, as these are the only gloves that withstand washing dishes & cleaning around the house. I am so excited i found them on amazon & will order again.

I have been using these gloves for years and was bummed when they were no longer available at costco. I was pleased tofind them on amazon despite the significantly higher cost. I do think they are worth it, however. All of the others i have tried are junk, i use them only for washing dishes and a bag of 9 lasts me for over 1 year.

These are the gloves that costco used to sell. They’re a great value because they’re durable and and good for household use like dishwashing and cleaning. My hands don’t get sweaty like the yellow ones from mr. I’m really happy to see them sold on amazon.

I was going through probably a pair a week of heavy duty gloves from my local store for washing dishes. They always got a puncture of some sort within days. I started using these a few weeks ago and the first pair is still going strong.And per set these are half the price i was paying. Plus i can wash it hot hot water with these. I do think they run small , i ordered the medium & they are a little tight.

Better quality than the playtex purple gloves (thats what i usually spend a couple bucks on in store for one pair and eventually they rip at the fingers from my nails) and good value. They feel thicker and stronger and i love that each pair comes individually wrapped. You can keep a pair in your car for emergencies (you know like under the hood issues, car emergencies, murder), in your bathroom, your shed, kitchen, basement, attic. Anywhere you need to clean up really well and leave no trace or dna.

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