Clore Automotive JNC770R N-Carry JNC770R 1700 Peak Amp Premium 12 Volt Jump Starter, Jnc makes the best jump packs. I ran the jnc660 over with my truck and I still use it. The case is cracked but still works great

A huge step up from what i had before. The extra long cables are perfect. Easy to use, and i really like the on/off switch. Only two minor cons are that it tips over easy and it is really heavy. More importantly it starts dead batteries and i really like it. The case i probably won’t use but if i was storing it the case would be nice. Right now i use this item 3 or 4 times a week. I suggest leaving it on a extension cord to keep it charged. It has built in over-charge protection so this will keep your battery topped off.

I like the long leads and the light. You can keep the jump pack on the ground and reach most batteries. The on off switch is nice as well. The digital display you would think is nice, but it is hard to see in the sun. Also the cables are tricky to loop around the cable housing and clamp on to the retaining points, (i think that this will get easier the more i use it). I am a battery tech for a towing company and i use it up to a dozen times a day, still has great power at the end of the day. I would definitely buy it again,.

This item has worked flawlessly for me. Once purchased, i fully charged the unit and put it in my trunk. I had some electrical issues with my car recently that required me to jump start the vehicle after i turned it off. This jump pack reliably read the battery voltage and started the car every time. I have made multiple jump starts so far without recharging between jumps and have never had a problem. The long cables are great and allowed me to set the unit on the ground when jump starting the car. Fully satisfied with the performance of this item thus far and would recommend.

Prepare for some strength training lol. I was on the fence about this one because of it’s lack of features and higher price. Simple means less prone to failure and a focus on purpose. This jumpstart is the ‘chose one’. I have a battery hogging bmw 6 series that wasn’t ran for some months due to traveling from work. You need 700-800 cold cranking amps just to turn the big v8 under the hood. I had this happen before when i came back from traveling and my old jumpstart from a big box store couldn’t cut it. I got this one, charged it fully and took it out for a test jump. I would usually have to get out my plugged in, wheeled jumpstater to crank up the car. It costs more than other jump starters with the same ratings. It weighs 29lbs and requires upper body strength.

Unit arrived fully charged, i used it to jump my optima battery in my 2004 fully loaded chevy trailblazer ext with added aftermarket custom audio and video equipment. It started my weak battery without hesitation, quickly and on the first try. It is a bit heavy to move around for little 112 pound me but muscle sometimes requires muscle. I have owned three other less expensive portable jump starter/chargers over the past 20 years but i have never been more impressed than i am with this one. The only issue i have is that it is a bit difficult for me to open and secure the clamps as they are somewhat stiff and beefy. Other than that so far it is percect.

 comes with built in led light (with flash mode) has 2 usb ports and digital screen for voltage level. Very well made unit and an upgrade for longer cables, stringly recommend the upgrade from the jnc660. I have used these product in the industry for many years and have to say nothing can compare. Not snapon, matco or any other major selling brand.You get what you pay for and you will have 5 years of awesome usage before the battery needs to be changed. Strongly recommend purchasing this product. It will never leave you stranded. As you can charge this unit in your home with the supplied power cord, or use the accessories outlet in you car or truck to charge when out on the road. The upgraded on off switch is a super feature that will allow you to connect and disconnect the power source as needed so you never have an issue with crossing the wires if you happen to leave the cables loose. The rubber bottom now has a non slip surface to it can be more shock absorbent when leaving the booster in the upright position on the floor.

Purchased this clore jnc770r, automotive jump starter for the specific purpose of bringing any of my vehicles back to life from a dead battery issue. I don’t drive my vehicles much, so knowing that a car battery discharges naturally from sitting idle for an extended time. After having this jump starter sitting in my garage ready to go, i finally used this heavy duty jump starter to on one of my vehicles, and this 20lb baby excelled at what it was supposed to do brilliantly. My old 1998 ford explorer started right up within a couple of seconds. This jump starter comes with heavy duty 4 gauge thick copper cables and heavy duty copper clamps for sure fire dependability. This unit has a digital volt meter and a light if needed and can also assist usb portable plug-in devices for charging. If you want industrial grade solid dependability this unit will easily handle the task. Do not depend on those pocket hand held, mickey mouse charging devices to get the job done, get a real clore jump starter. This is another highly recommended, must have device for any garage or family with multiple cars, that has earned it’s reputation for reliability.

Key specs for Clore Automotive JNC770R N-Carry Red JNC770R 1700 Peak Amp Premium 12 Volt Jump Starter:

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  • 1,700 Peak Amps; 425 Cranking Amps
  • Clore PROFORMER Battery Technology
  • 68″ #2 AWG Welding Cable Leads
  • Heavy Duty PowerJaw Clamps
  • Built-in 3A Automatic Charger
  • Indicator Display : 7 Segement

Comments from buyers

“Boy, this set is powerful!!
, High Quality and Built for a Pro
, Why Spend Half The Price For Simply ‘GOOD’ Cables . . .

I read in one of the reviews that this thing can jump start a dead cow. . I thought it was an exaggeration. . After i bought this set, i thought of testing it by jumping my cr-v after draining the battery by keeping the blinker on. . However i had a better testing opportunity presented itself to me. My friend’s dodge was dead like a dodo and the car has not been started for more than a year. I was nervous about being embarrassed of not being able to jump my friend’s dodge. Connected the unit to my friend’s car. First try and the car jumps back to life. After that i inflated the four tires of the dodge and jumped the car one more time. . And the charge on this unit is still close to full. I would say you can start even a dead horse with this set.Very very happy and satisfied indeed.

I’ve used this on all kinds of farm equipment, trucks, cars, and boat. Jump n carry stays in my truck.

I work emergency roadside assistance. One of the things i do every day is jump start a multitude of vehicles. I needed a new jump box because the other one i was using took way to long to charge, was having trouble jumping larger vehicles after usage thru the day, and i wasn’t happy with the length of the cables. This one charges quick, has really good length cables and i’ve had no problems jumping vehicles of different sizes. Bonus is the super bright led work light built in. I am very happy with this jump box.

I work as a police officer for the va and originally purchased several lithium jump starters to help out with the occasional jump start for individuals in need. All of our lithium jump starters stopped working completely after approximately 1 year of use. The units would show a full charge but would no longer effectively jump start any vehicle. There’s no such problem with this unit. I’ve used it repeatedly for jump starts and tire fills without a hitch. . This beast is extremely heavy. Especially when compared to the convenient lithium packs, but i’d rather have the continued reliability of using this pack instead.

Had a jnc660 for yearsthen, ‘b&d’. I actually forgot to get it on my way ‘out’. This unit, every bit the equal of the 660, plusif needed, i have a means to keep my cell phone powered-up; or, any usb device. This, as well as not just a very powerful 12 volt jump starter, but, a 12 volt ‘source’ forany 12 volt ‘need’. The cables on the 660 were only about 4ft. On the jnc770r, they are almost 6ft.

I bought a smaller version of this for myself a couple of years back and bought another for someone in a cold northern state, and it turns out this newer version also has a light on it that flashes or stays steady. Now if you’re out in the dark when your battery needs a jump you’ve got an easy way of seeing where things need to go, or even just to alert other drivers of your location. His even arrived fully charged (make sure you charge yours after usage, just to be safe.Charges in your home or car. )he hasn’t had to use his before but i’ve used mine a couple of times, for myself and a friend, and i’ve gotta tell you: it’s a lifesaver. This is way better than getting a jump from someone else because 1) you don’t need anyone nearby to get the jump from and 2) there’s no need to wait with the engine going for your car to get juiced enough; as soon as you’re hooked up and turn your ignition, the thing starts right up.

This thing was awesome but quickly decided it was not happy in our shop and ran away. I would recommend keeping it locked up so it does not get the notion to leave you.

I do roadside service and my old jump-n-carry w/ less features was stolen from my car at the subaru dealer while having air bags replaced. Upgraded to this and i really wasn’t disappointed. It reads the cars battery voltage, will warn you if you hook it up backward alerts you with a tone and the led readout displays the battery you’re jumpstarting’s voltage or it’s own battery voltage as well as the charging voltage from the vehicle running. The long cables are a real blessing and you don’t need to charge it after every use as the instructions indicate. I will get 20 to 30 quck jumpstarts sometimes before i’ll think to hook it up to my on board ac converter to recharge and it’s still cranking them over like a fresh battery. Always remember to have the switch in the off position when not in use and when attaching to any battery. If it has sat for a lengthy i am sure it would need to be recharged as well. I wouldn’t recommend this to someone to just have around to use once or twice a year but i would recommend this for someone who’s going to use this on a regular basis. This is one great addition do a daily use tool. Update after 7 months of heavy continuous use i had to replace the lugs where the cable connects two the clamps.

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