Clore Automotive Truck PAC ES1224 3000/1500 Peak Amp 12/24V Jump Starter – reliable

I have borrowed a charger exactly like this one in the past, and know that it works great. An added bonus is the dc adapter which, when used in conjunction with a power inverter, converts the booster into a battery pack and opens up the device to a multiplicity uses (including — although this is no where stated on the promotional material with the booster — powering a laptop computer). My main criticism of the booster pac is not the item itself, but the so-called user manual. It leaves more unsaid than said about the actual use of the item, which is a shame.

Small compact yet packs a punch. When i saw aaa insurance used this to jump my car i asked how they liked it. They use them all day and the guy said they were great. I put jumpers on my truck for 10 minutes and still did not have enough juice to turn the car over (might have taken 40 minute) using this little box the car turned over like it had a new battery in it. This thing packs a punch for its size. Its almost 2019 and the thing works like new. Last time i charged it was 9 months ago and its still full, i jumped a neighbors car with it. I’m thinking this es5000 might be the toughest of all the jump boxes. I was going to get a jnc660 but now i am thinking the es5000 is more heavy duty and worry free.

After using this booster at work for several years it held up great and always works. It is one of the few i have seen in this price range that actually hold a charge and will start something bigger then a go cart. I also like that it doesn’t have the’extra’s’ on it. Given my good experience with this product i bought one to use around home recently. It came as advertised and it’s basic like i had hoped. I had a dead battery in my silverado this winter and it started it with no problem. My suburban also had a dead battery during the minnesota winter. The overnight low was around -30f ambient. This pack has been sitting in my pickup in those temperatures for weeks and held it’s charge. I was able to get my suburban started without any issues.

Used this today for the first time to jump-start a co-worker’s car and it worked great the first try even with the battery down to the second led and not fully green. The one issue that we had was that the clamps were way to thick because of all the plastic to fit on the positive terminal which had a bunch of extra plastic surrounding it after lifting the guarding plastic cap. I didn’t see any way to remove the plastic ring around the terminal so i used someone else’s actual jumper cables with much smaller ends (thanks to only being metal at the end) to extend the cables attached to the battery pack and it worked like a charm. Daisy-chaining for the win :dmy recommendation is to try and fit the clamps on your car’s battery as soon as you get this and make sure it works. If not, do like i’m doing right now and buy a set of ‘normal’ jumper cables to put in your trunk. Even if the batteries clamps do fit your personal battery, get a set of jumper cables in case you run across a weird battery that someone else has xd. Don’t fail that cute stranded girl because you were to bigregardless of the clamp size, don’t let that deter you from buying this kit. It is well built and good at what it does. I actually came across this because my personal battery died and i had to have aaa jump start my car. I asked the technician what the model was of his kit and bought this right-away.

Bought this 2011 and its performed reliably ever since. I charge it every 2-3 months just in case. Its been so long(its now 2019) that the battery is no longer showing a full-charge despite being plugged in for a couple of hours. Good thing is the lead acid battery is indeed replaceable, it’ll be labeled inside to show which batteries are compatible. I was able to use the 12v cigarette adapter port to charge up some usb devices. Although i think that may have dealt damage to the battery, as i just found out that lead acids’ shouldn’t be discharge too far down. Still works for the occasional jumpstart though. I’ll just keep it this it utterly fails, but my review will remain at 5 stars.

So i started off buying the stanley smartstart $55 and that only started my truck one time and then it wouldn’t work anymore ( waste of money) so i started looking for another one because when my truck sits for 2-3 months the battery dies. And this time nit even the dome light would come on. So after reading all of the positive reviews and one review talked about how aaa uses this brand i decided to pull the trigger and buy one. First use: i charge it for 10 hrs right when i recieved this charger, per instructions.Then i hooked up positive 1st and ground 2nd and by the time i hooked up the negative cable and walked to the cab of my truck all of the lights were on and it started right up. Cons: the only thing i dnt like about this is when its not in use u have to keep it charging it otherwise it wont last or hold a charge ( thats what the instructions say) and i only use a device like this maybe 1-3 times per year, so this might have been a bigger investment then i bargained for but for the price it still worked great.

The number one thing that makes this a great portable battery booster ( aka jump box ) is the extra long cables that allow you to sit the box on top of your grill or air cleaner and have plenty of spare cable to get to side terminals behind the battery without having the clamps snap off when over reaching with shorter cables. Heavy gage wire leading to heavy duty clamps means the proper amount of electrical current will have no problem flowing from the booster to your dead battery. 1500 peak amps/400 cranking amps is not always needed but in the winter or if you forget to recharge it you still can depend on this powerful unit to save the day. Easy to read led lights let you know the state of charge and unlike needle gauges uses very little of the battery to show state of charge. Is your electricity out in your home or changing a flat tire at night or camping ?. Outlet and coupled with an automotive spot light you will have an emergency light second to none. You can also use it for emergency cellphone charging if all batteries go dead at the same time. You get what you pay for and booster pac makes the best emergency jump box but if you have a small car you can get away with one of their smaller models but you will have to recharge it more often. The first time you use it you will realize it was money well spent but don’t be fooled by cheaper brands , i have been using these for years and the couple extra dollars for booster pac is well worth it.

Very sturdy, pretty heavy but i am a big guy. Technically works just fine. However, when it arrived the lower back was very busted/broken. Looks like it was due to the weight of the batteries versus the thin wall of the jump box itself. Called amazon and it was replaced within 2 work days. . The same thing happened to the second jump box. Had nothing to do with the shipping company. The boxes they were shipped in had not one single scratch on them.

I usually carry jumper cables in my car, but not anymore. Jumper cables: you should get a set longer than your vehicle, so you don’t have to back it out of a parking spot first. Then with the longer cables, you should get the heaviest gauge wire you can or you lose power through the cables. Then of course you’ll need someone with a car or truck to help yousolution: booster paci really like this battery pack compared to others. 1) no unnecessary gadgets like a flashlight, air compressor or 110v ac inverter. While these are handy to have they usually are of poor quality when combined in a package like this. 2) size is great and easier to carry. While all these jumper battery packs are heavy, this one is relatively narrow in width making it easier to carry at your side with arm extended. 3) takes up little room in your trunk and can be locked up with a bicycle cable lock.

Heavy duty, no frills booster pack (this is exactly what you want). Pro’s:- longer than average cables- arrived fully charged- utility lighter- status lights- heavy duty quality (from the clips, to the cables, to the plastic packaging, it all feels like good quality)- protected jumpers to prevent accidental sparkingcon’s:- costnow don’t get me wrong, this booster pack is worth every penny from what i’ve seen so far. But it would be nice if it were a tad less expensive. Even just breaking it down to $99 so it’s under the $100 mark would feel a bit better. This booster is exactly what you want if you are looking for a booster pack for your car. It has very good power, is portable, and holds a charge well as can be seen by the fact that it arrives at your house fully charged. Some might mention the lack of frills like lights, compressors, etc. As a negative, but this is really a positive thing. When you add all sorts of gadgets and electronics you get a constant steady drain on the battery. Even though this drain may be minimal, over a period of days/weeks it can easily drain a battery.

I bought this unit in 2014 have used it on my 2500hd sierra diesal a few times perfect start used it on my 28 foot boat mer cruiser 454 no problem used the cigarette lighter plug for radio operation on beach nice used it to open up slides on my 33 foot prowler and operate jacks and tongue easy peasy loaned it to other boaters they wanted it the owner at marina where i dock my boat impressed when i jumped the boat lifter with it he bought one. Its just a great piece of tech that if you need a jumper why go puny go large has all the juice you need and i think i just charged it just to top off never had it drained its a little pricey but worth it i never had a prob with it.

First i want to say that this product works excellent. One of my job duties is to travel and jump start commercial trucks. With this product, by the time i hook up this product. The truck starts every time. This product work on regular cars as well as commercial vehicles. If anyone is looking for a product that does both. You need to purchase this product.

This charger is simple with a quality internal sealed battery. Ofcourse you could damage the cables or casing if you were insanely rough with it but i have never had a problem. It stays plugged into the wall all the time and i walk buy and see its either charged or trickling back to full. It autoregulates its recharge while on the wall so its plug and forget. When i need it just unplug from the back of the unit and hall it to the vehilce in question and jump away. I have never had a charger that would just cold crank a big truck instantly that has a dead battery before this unit. It’s not plug in and wait, its plug in turn key unplug and leave. Here are the specifications for the Clore Automotive Truck PAC ES1224 3000/1500 Peak Amp 12/24V Jump Starter:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 12/24 Volt Operation
  • 3000 Peak Amps (12 Volt), 1500 Peak Amps (24 Volt)
  • 60″ #2 Gauge Cables
  • Industrial Grade, Hot Jaw Clamps
  • Automatic Recharging (ESA218 Charger Included)

I’ve had other jump packs that have all kinds of junk like lights and air compressors that wouldn’t last a couple minutes. Jumped dump trucks and 24 volt military trucks. You got something that needs more than just leaving your lights on, this is it. It’s like having a cordless electric battery charger. Also use it as my battery on my spraying rig to spray for weeds in my 5 acre yard.

Bought this after much research and reading many reviews for many different makes and models. Within 3 months of purchasing the jump box, my car was dead in a parking lot. This unit started my car instantly (even after unit had been sitting in my car for months after one initial charging). I drove someplace else, parked, came back out – same thing – dead battery, jumped right up. (turns out my battery had a dead cell. ) as far as i’m concerned, this item has already paid for itself. That, plus the piece of mind, totally wroth the investment. One more point: many, many months later i took the unit into my house and plugged it in, figuring after two jumps and the passage of time it probably needed it. It was fully charged again within mere minutes.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • When I saw AAA insurance used this to jump my car I asked how they liked it. They use them all day a
  • It’s worth the money
  • Poor User Manual

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