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Ok here is the deal this is the only review you need, i am 5-9 230lb and with a jacket underneath it is great, i got a xl and if i had gotten a xx it would of been huge, built very well has draw string in hood and can fit the face tight, it also has the little visior on hood that sticks out to keep rain off glasses also has draw string in side on each side to pull tigt against back, two coat pockets, zipper and button in the front, leggs long long but you can always work around that it will pertect boots frommrain while fishing, materal could be thicker but then you would loose the flexablity of it should last a good while but it would not take a lot of abuse but i have not had it that long so that may not be afair statement. The storage bag know way you are going to get that rain suit in that, find a walmart bag or something. It also has some vents in it but it is pretty much air tight so put on in rain take off soon as you can so all in all come on for 30. 00 i do not think you will beat it, i am so sick of those yellow ones i just though a brand new one in junk, this does not stink like a lot i have had so there you go hope this helps.

20mm rain suit has been a solid purchase. I bought and have worn this (when necessary) for over a year. My primary use for it is at work. In my profession we work in all weather. This suit has been worn while repairing broken water lines in the pouring rain & cold and has held up great. I’m 5’9′ about 155lbs and a medium fits me well with jeans and sweat shirt. Considering the price it’s an incredible value.

We live in south florida, where it’s either scorching hot or hurricane-like storms. My husband called me last week to thank me for his rain suit, that had now spared him from serious downpours while getting in and out of a truck all day long. In case it helps, he normally wears xl and 38 pant size, and he’s 5’11’. The length and waist (and all) were just right.

I originally ordered a size too small. I am 6’3′ and the arms were really short on the jacket even though the pants fit no problem. They exchanged for an xxl for no problem. There is no insulation to this which i like because it makes it light and you are able to move. You will have to wear a sweatshirt of liner of another jacket underneath in colder weather.

Purchased to use at work, home depot stuff wasn’t cutting it. This is the same price as the general rain stuff, and is 100x better. I love it, used twice already in heavy rain and stayed dried, the opening for the pockets are so convenient. Perfect rain gear and i will keep on purchasing. Medium was perfect, pants might seem large but trust me makes it easier to overlap clothing and could slip on with work boots on and use buttons to hug the shoe.

Prior to this one i bought one of those yellow junkers from lowe’s for $30. The jacket itself has been excellent – it’s good quality and i have had no issues. The pants, however, have started to come apart at the crotch. I can probably patch it easily if it does, but i don’t expect this from one use. It’s not bad enough for me to return since i will probably need to wear the pants once in a blue moon but not pleased. For reference i’m not a big guy or wasn’t climbing around or anything. Just sitting occasionally when under cover and at a desk.

Took this to canada for a fishing trip. I was the only one out in the pouring rain completely dry and loving the fishingi bought large and am a 36/38′ inseam and 6’4′, ~230lbs and it fit perfect. (and i don’t like tight clothing) plenty of casting room in the arms.

I’d just like to address the durability of this rain gear. I wear commercial grade bib trousers for most of the year that can withstand the wear and tear. Oysters are tough on gear, so are the barnacles everywhere, and wire cages. For instance, i wear out three pair of work gloves per week. For the hot summer months i wanted to try something lightweight, that would still protect me. But i’ve worn them every day for over a month, and they have not ripped, and are very comfortable. But most people want to know if they remain waterproof. I wear them in waist deep water, so i finally brought them home, dried them out, put them on, and hit them with the hose.

Literally tore the box open, put both pants & jacket on and went out into a down pour. I was the envy of the grocery parking lot. Being a sailor and trying a variety of gortex/breathable foul weather gear, this simple plastic rain gear is the bee’s knees.You’ve kept my camp stove burning, lantern lit, and my body dry for 64 years.

Bought this for my son and he wore it for 5 days, 8+ hours each day during a fishing trip in alaska. It kept him dry and warm in rain and wind. I bought him a large – he is 5′ 10′ and about 155 lbs. He had room for jeans or sweat pants underneath the pants and a t-shirt, long-sleeved shirt and sweatshirt underneath the jacket without being tight. Fish blood stains wiped right off. The pant legs were wide enough to hang over his boots.

I bought the medium) seems like quality construction. I like that the pant legs have zippers that go almost up to the knee so that it’s easy to put on, even over my boots. There’s also a snap to tighten up the bottom around the ankle. The pants have pockets and a draw string waist. The jacket has several vents front and back, a draw string inside around the waste, nice reinforced cargo pockets, and velcro at the cuffs to tighten up around the wrists.

I’m man who is 5’9′ and 272 lbs and i ordered the xl size since that’s what someone about 20 lbs smaller than my size ordered and they said it would have to be a much larger person to need to order an xxl one. I’m glad i took their advice and only got the xl size. I suspect if i were to get up to 285 lbs that would be about the max i could weigh and still have it fit me. When i’m talking about my weight i’m talking about being fat as in a huge gut and unfortunately not muscle if that helps you get a mental picture of my body size and shape. Unfortunately i haven’t had a chance to test it in the rain yet, but based on it’s construction i anticipate it will work just fine. I wanted to get in my 2 cents on the size issue in case the information could be of use to others of similar size and shape. The pants legs are just a little too long but i don’t see them as being long enough to cause a problem. I wouldn’t hesitate to order this again as long as it functions properly and keeps me dry in the rain which i don’t see any reason it shouldn’t. If after using it in the rain if it fails at that important task then i’ll update my review to speak about that.

This suit does exactly as it says. I only gave 4 stars because i have seen other people’s rain suits and they seem more breathable and comfortable. With this suit being pvc it is not breathable at all. I come out of this thing sweating like i was in a sauna all day. And whenever i put it on or take it off i feel like i have to be very careful not to cause a tear because it does not stretch at all, again being pvc. But again, it does keep me dry from rain, just not sweat. The coat has pockets that keep things dry and the pants have access to your pants pockets underneath. All in all, not a bad suit but i don’t look forward to wearing it. Here are the specifications for the Coleman PVC/Nylon Rain Suit:

  • Durable, waterproof 20mm PVC with nylon lining
  • Drawcord adjustable hood & adjustable cuffs
  • Adjustable leg openings & drawcord at waist
  • Jacket has two slit pockets that allow access pant pockets worn underneath
  • Compact storage in reusable bag

I’ve used this suit since may 2017. I work outside everyday for 9 hours. Very active job, walking, climbing, lifting heavy items, etc. This suit hasn’t developed even the slightest hole or tear. I even put it in the washer to get the mud off of it weekly. It keeps the rain off everything but the top of my boots. Has a built in visor to keep rain out of your eyes.

I work in aviation as a helicopter mechanic. I’ve had over 15 different rain suits over the past 8 years because they all get torn by stuff i’m working around or they split because i’m climbing around in awkward positions often. These are well made and much more comfortable than any other rain jacket i’ve ever owned. It keeps me dry, its comfortable, and it doesn’t trap as much heat as other rain suits. I don’t know what more i could ask for. I would pick these over frogtogs any day.

Great looking rain suit with features you’d expect in something pricier. My husband originally wanted a knee-length raincoat for working in the yard. (he did not want a rain poncho or anything bright yellow). But the knee-length raincoats i found were pricey and unsuited for yard work. Then i came across this coleman rain suit and liked the look. I ordered it in size large (he’s 6 ft, 200 lbs, size ‘l’ shirts and 38×32 pants). He tried it on over sweatshirt and jeans. There was enough room to for him to bend, twist and turn without restriction.

Probably the best rain suit i’ve owned and i’ve owned a few. Most rainsuits are too light to be durable or too thick to be comfortable. This feels like a perfect mix of both, it is appropriately vented so it is fine to wear on a cool day but it is made of rubber so i wouldn’t want to be wearing it on a humid summer day. The material is thick enough to feel like i won’t easily rip it, as i did on a cheap set of froggtoggs. The pockets are a huge bonus, i’ve found most rainsuits don’t have pockets or even passthroughs to allow you to access your paints pockets, making it difficult to pull out a phone or your keys.

I have a pool route and occasionally have to deal with inclement weather. I’ve been using this rain suit since receiving it eight months ago and have found it is of great quality, far exceeding any rain suit i have owned previously. The coat is generously vented and roomy and the pants are roomy enough to where i can kneel or squat with room to spare. The pants also have ‘pockets’, but not real pockets. These pockets allow you to reach through the rain pants and get to your jeans pockets while keeping out the elements. The bottoms of the pants have snaps to allow you to take up any excess material down there to help keep water from splashing upward into your let openings from the pavement. The leg openings easily fit over my rubber boots. The only downer i can think of is that when working in 80 degree or warmer weather, it gets pretty steamy inside.

This suit is much better than i expected. I was expecting a portable sauna but it breathes well. Nice features, snaps and closures where you need thim. . Ankle zips to fit your boots. Only gripe is pocket slits in the pants, but no pockets. . You can access your undergarment pockets, but it lets rain in when windy. . I have to wear them pulled up to my armpits like grandpa edgar to keep the water out. Jacket has interior waistcord to keep it snug.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • I am 5-9 230lb and with a jacket underneath it is great, I got a xL and if I had
  • Tough stuff!
  • Bought this for my son and he wore it for

High quality, great that it has pockets, plus slits to reach your inside pant pockets. However, i am concerned about the bottom of the pant legs. They drag even when i use the snaps. They might as well not have snaps because they don’t serve me (i’m 5’4′). Velcro would have solved this. Also, while the hood is stiff enough to shelter your face from rain, it would be more effective it had a bill, thus enabling side views. I’m a crossing guard so this would have been helping so i wouldn’t have to turn my whole body just everything on my sides. I would have given 4 stars but the pant leg might be a deal breaker for me.

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