Core Tools CT128-LS-B Push Button Waterproof Switch : Water proof on the front. for full water proof you need to seal the seams as with all surface mount switches.

Fit perfectly in place of defective push button. Only issue was getting the rubber cover to fit back over the push button to make it weather tight. Wound up lining the inside of the rubber cover with some silicone and that appeared to keep it in place. Altogether, i’d say i’m pleased and the product is worthy of 4 stars.

Nice package, and very easy install. Initial impression is that it’s a pretty good quality, nice feeling rubber boot, stiff button. This installed very nice and easy on my motorcycle with only a 3/8 drilled hole. Really as easy as it gets for install. I did notice that the plastic ring in the bottom of the rubber boot that has the threads for screwing the boot over the button only has 1 thread on it. It would be nice if it had more threads than just once around the ring since the button side has lot of threads on it. You could probably easily overtighten the rubber boot and strip it out, but i didn’t have a problem with it. A nice little touch is that the rubber wraps around the bottom side of the plastic threaded ring, so when you tighten this down, the rubber grips on the panel you are mounting it too, which it seems will help prevent it from backing off in use. If this thing ages well, i might bump it up to 5 stars, and i definitely will use this again if i need another waterproof panel button.

This little switch was perfect for the project on my harley for controlling power to some led lights. It has a solid feel when depressing the button, conveying a sense of quality.

These are like any other water proof switch designed for surface mount. If you are mounting them where the front and back can get wet you need to seal the seam of the 2 pieces of plastic and the wires. I used plumbers waterproof adhesive to do this (basically encapsulate the switch).

If you put it underwater: you’ll want to apply several coats of liquid electrical tape. Still: i’ve had limited luck with this switch lasting for more than a couple dozen hours underwater. Consider an alternative if your application requires extended submersion.

Bought two of these to use as light switches on a pair of seadoo’s i own. They seem to be working just fine. Nice positive feel to the switch when pushed.

Core Tools CT128-LS-B Black Push Button Waterproof Switch, Pack of 10

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  • Perfect for Automotive, Motorcycle, ATV, or UTV electrical applications like lighting and accessories, this Push On, Push Off SPST switch also works great for most DC electrical projects
  • Waterproof Push Button Switch with Black Rubber Boot features 18 AWG 4.50 inch wire leads with 0.25 inch stripped end lengths
  • Constructed with high quality copper switch contacts and is rated for up to a 10 amp usage
  • Designed to mount in a 3/8 inch hole, allowing for a clean, professional look
  • Ideal for adding lights on a separate circuit from your stock lights, adding LED lighting, auxiliary spotlights, or switching a relay in higher power applications

I got this to replace the switch in my water tech pool blaster. The switch was ruined when the battery compartment leaked. It is exactly the same switch if you remove the rubber boot. I fixed the leak by making my own seal with rubberized gasket paper.

Very small and very delicate. I will be surprised this last very long. Plastic push button know also acts has nut retainer, there is the problem for me. Can’t hardly tighten at all or strips off. I put this on the side of a plastic battery box on a trailer to run 2 aux lights.

Liked that it was weather proof, what i didn’t like was no description about the length of the threads as i had to take a razor blade and modify the screen so the push button cap would screw on, other then that all good.

The size was surprisingly small, wish description had been more specific. Looks well made and on/off clicks feel solid. Pictures attached for size reference compared to a nickel.

Only complaint is that the push button doesnt have a noticeable amount of protrusion between on and off positions. Some buttons the plunger is far down for on, and far out for off. The only way i can really tell with this one is by checking my device for voltage. Probably will opt for a good toggle or rocker switch in the future.

I used this switch for some led lights i wired up in the bed of my truck and it works great. It’s been in the truck for over two years and has worked flawlessly.

I’ve purchased these elsewhere with bad results. Other identical switches i have tried are usually in the 5 for $7 range but they don’t last or work at all. This switch has been working now without fault for a few months. Nice click action and no false on/off or current flicker.

I really appreciate products that are exactly as described when i order them. These switches arrived quickly and i believe they will meet my needs very well.

I was looking for a outdoor switch for the lights on my snowblower. The switch will not stand out on the instrument panel of my snow blower yet will be easy to operate even with gloves on.

Switch on the light of my rv was very old, corroded, and damaged. Pulled it out, put this one in works perfectly. Took about 3 minutes to install.

Radio and other electronics was draining the battery when not in use. Worked great as a kill switch when not in use.

Core Tools CT128-LS-B Black Push Button Waterproof Switch, Pack of 10 : I got this tiny little button switch to put on one of the led fog lights on my motorcycle they have 3 modes (high, low, flashing) the way they change modes is by turning on/off/on and some times they get out of sync when i turn them on so i got this to put on one light to get back in sync works great this has a nice rubber cover over the switch button to make it water proof i have washed and rode in the rain too many time and never had any troubles with it i didn’t drill a hole to mount it (no place on my bike to do it) but i can see it would mount well it just have it zip tied out of the way like i said this is tiny so when i got it i was thinking i paid way to much for this tiny little thing but needed it /had it and didn’t want to waste time returning /ordering something else but now i have had it and been using it for some time now i really think i am glad i kept it and would buy this same tiny button switch its not a cheap piece of crap its very well made and very water tight so i would spend a little more for thisi know it took me some time to write a review on this but i like to use the product to see how it last and worksi am a real person that gives real reviews and buy the products for personal use and only write the review base on the product not for my mistakes or misuse and hoping that my review will help others make the best choice for them.

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