Cosco Shifter 300-Pound Capacity Multi-Position Heavy Duty Folding Hand Truck and Dolly – All Inclusive Review Including How To Change The Casters

I took a lot of time to get the details of this review right. I give it five stars for the following. Easily converts from flat storage to dolly to hand truck. It handles bulky and heavy loads that are usually reserved for heavy duty equipment. Very maneuverable in tight areas. Stores away without taking up much space. I give it three stars for the following. Like many other reviews state, if you’re not careful you can smash a finger or two while collapsing it flat.

This is a great little light duty hand truck for the $. Key words, ‘light duty’ and ‘for the $’. I got this in a hurry because i have a dryer delivery coming tomorrow and my usual go to guy for borrowing a heavy duty hand truck was out of town. This thing isn’t super heavy duty but easily handled my old 1980s era kenmore dryer that is admittedly light as these things go. Tomorrow will be more of a test since the new one is significantly heavier. I marked it down 1 star mostly because the lifting platform angle is weird. When you pull back on the handle to lift an object the lifting platform doesn’t correspond at first until it comes up on its stop. So you really need to grab ahold of the object and tilt it back mostly manually. Not a deal breaker but not ideal. This might be fixable with a simple modification.

Received and used this product 1st time today to move and relocate sandbags from hurricane hermine. A laborious task was rendered easy. I would highly recommend with my limited usage thus far. Will update my review if i feel the need in the future. I added a couple of bungee cords on the handle to expand the possibilities of its usefulness.

This is one of those products i wish i had found sooner, like when i was in the process of moving a few years agothe 2 best features are it’s versatility of 2 products in 1 and it’s small size making it very convenient for storage. I already have a heavy duty dolly, but it has been very large to store as it’s wheels stick out. I also realized a hand truck would have been more handy for other uses. The cosco hand truck/dolly makes it a snap (or two maneuvers) to turn the dolly into a hand truck or close it up for storing. I’ve uploaded photos with my old dolly and this cosco to give you an idea of the size. Note: the cosco has a 300 pound limit, as compared to the 500 lb of the other, so if you need something for moving extremely heavy items, take that into account.

This dolly is for indoor only. I used it only once outside and the wheels got really messed up. Many reviewers have already pointed out this fact so i am just adding on top of it. Yes, you can store it in your car easily but good luck on using it for grocery shopping. The paving will kill this item pretty fast. Update: this item will not hold 300 lb. Box and the metal starts bending. With that being said, anything under 180lb should be pretty safe.

I needed something i could fold up and put in my truck box and this works well. I use in as a dolly most of the time. I put a couple hundreds pounds on it and it handles it. I do try to be careful with it because i want it to last. Best compact folding cart i have found yet. I have used it to move several tools and my welding equipment all around the job.

It does what it is designed to do. I read a lot of the reviews and so far i have avoided being pinched by the collapsing wheels. My pet peeve, probably due to my lack of being mechanically inclined, was trying to get the large wheels to drop down properly as i brought up the handle to open the cart. I watched several videos, but none of them brought this point up. Now that i finally got the hang of it, and i’m trying to repeat the same mistake, of course it doesn’t happen. I am half blind, so trying to see the tiny images of the instructions on the handles was very difficult. The trick to getting the wheels to properly drop down is to grip the handle with four fingers, while placing the thumb on the plastic retainer and pushing down. Continue raising the handle to the upright position while raising the blade that scoops up the boxes at the same time. This should keep your fingers safely out of the way of the snapping wheels as they go into position. (someone mentioned always getting caught by the wheels.

I am currently working as a courier, and two of my most common customers load me up with up to 300lbs of either plotter paper rolls, or iv medication. I use the cart configuration for the boxes of medication, and have stacked up at least 280lbs on this thing in that mode (see the attached photo, those are boxes of paper). The smaller casters seem like they are ready to give (they have locked up on occasion), but they are still working. I use the two wheeler configuration for the huge boxes of paper rolls that can weigh up to 120lbs (when i load two at a time). The main wheels are much more reliable than the swivel casters, and give a very smooth ride (seem to be made of solid rubber). This thing comes fully assembled, and when folded up takes up very little space. I’ve been using it professionally since i received it in july (3 months ago), and besides the weak swivel caster issue, i have no problems with it, and would highly recommend.

I have enjoyed this cart but sometimes it has the tendency to fold out wrong – (see picture) and can be difficult to fold back into the proper position. But with some work, i was able to get it to work properly.

My original thought was just to have this for my car, so when i bought groceries i can use it to lug things to my apartment. Ended up using it during the move into my apartment. Moving items from the parking garage to my apartment on the 4th floor was great with this thing. Also, went to costco and got a lot of items. What would have taken me 3-4 trips without the cart was all done on one trip. Best thing i bought in 2015.

This is a great concept and it works really well for transporting, but it is very easy to get your fingers trapped by accident. My wife got her finger trapped while trying to switch between configurations, damaged her nailbed and fractured her fingertip. The doctor told her she will likely lose the nail and it may or may not grow back and may or may not be disfigured when it grows back. It also has a very strong springloaded mechanism when trying to close it competely which is very difficult to get started and then springs quickly and is very easy to get pinched. As a hand cart it works well but the handle is a little low. It is very compact and sturdy, which is nice, but it wasn’t worth disfiguring my wife.

Don’t put your hands near the large wheels when collapsing this cart. The only ‘instructions’ are small stickers on the handle that aren’t very clear. This combined with the fact that the large wheels weren’t folding in when i tried to collapse the cart led me to reach around from the back of the cart to the front wheel area to see if anything was stuck. The wheels are on heavy duty springs and they suddenly snapped shut on my fingers. Extremely lucky my fingers weren’t broken, as that’s what it felt like. This is a nice cart, but not having clear instructions is dangerous.

I bought this to carry my pa system and amps to practices and gigs. Based on other reviews, i did replace the smaller wheels with slightly larger rubberized wheels (lowes $13 total) that bolted right on. Here are the specifications for the Cosco Shifter 300-Pound Capacity Multi-Position Heavy Duty Folding Hand Truck and Dolly:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Heavy Duty – Durable Steel Frame with 300 lbs. Weight Capacity
  • Easy to Use – Quick Conversion with no pins or tools
  • Multi-Position – Use as a 2-Wheel, Upright Hand Truck or into a 4-wheel Cart
  • Folds Flat for Transport/Storage. Product Measurements : Height is 49.25 inches ,Width is 16.625 inches and Depth is 13.75 inches
  • Fits in most size car trunks. Weight : 14.92 pounds

I bought this help haul my daughter’s sports gear around. I bungee a tote on it, fill it up and we’re ready. I can also use the top of the tote to layer other items. Bungees come in handy for this. If you don’t have a wheeled cooler this can more than handle one. I did replace the small wheels with 3 inch rubber wheels i bought at rural king for $4. I read reviews on how to remove the original wheels, but many said to take to a mechnics shop to remove. Using pliers i gripped the flange of the wheel and braced it against the handle frame, using a 11/16 wrench i gave the bolt a firm twist and it loosened right away. Just hold the flange firmly and it’ll pop loose. It just took minute to remove and replace the wheels. Do be careful of your fingers when folding this. These are spring loaded rear wheels and they snap shut very fast and with a lot of force.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Very happy with it!
  • Good quality cart, but BEWARE WHEN FOLDING UP
  • All Inclusive Review Including How To Change The Casters

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