Cousin Nylon Jaw Craft and Jewelry Pliers – Get what you pay for.

While they will do the job of straightening jewelry wire without marring it, the quality of the pliers is satisfactory but not great. I usually am willing to spend more and purchase quality pliers for jewelry work but since these were only to be used for straightening wire and would not be used for precision work, i did not think that an expensive plier would be necessary. However, in retrospect should i need to replace these i would definitely opt for better quality pliers.

I’ve been using these for the last several years. They are great for making jewelry without damaging stones & prongs. I am probably on my 5th or 6th pair now. My only complaint is that i can’t seem to find reasonably priced plastic replacement pads for the pliers. Because of this, i end up throwing away the entire pair instead of just changing out the pads. This is very wasteful & bugs me. Maybe i’m just not seeing the pads though. Please let me know if they are available. Other than this, these pliers are great.

Like others have already said, ‘they’re great for straightening and crimping wire’.

These pliers are just what i needed to ensure i could manipulate my work without marring the surfaces. The nylon jaws are strong enough to allow for manipulation of wire, thin metal and light chain links or jump rings. The lack of metal jaws allows me to not have to worry about marring the finish of these parts while i am working. Pros:- nylon is tough and able to manipulate the work. – pliers have a nice heft – sits well in the hand. – prevents marring the finish on projects for a nicer overall look. Cons:- the nylon jaws are a bit large – a finer point at the end would be helpful for smaller items. Overall – a good product for working with smaller metal parts that need manipulation.

Not sure how i’ve lived without these for so long. These make a huge difference when straightening wire and they’re great finger savers. I’d recommend this to anyone who is looking for reasonably priced nylon jaws. I’m ordering a second pair for back up.

These pliers are just what i needed for straightening wire and beading needles. ) they also come in handy when making spirals. After i’ve made the first loop with my round nose pliers, i use the tips of my nylon jaw pliers to grip the loop and start my spiral. It works very well and does not dent my metal. Note: the nylon material on the inside of the pliers will become ‘dented’ and uneven with normal use. Simply take some sandpaper as needed to smooth them out and ensure that the nylon on each jaw remains in flush contact with the other from tip to joint.

  • Get what you pay for.
  • Perfect For Straightening Wire And Making Spirals
  • Straightens wire nicely.

I bought two of these to use for wire wrapping because i’m a beginner and tend to leave marks in all my wire. I bought these to help prevent the marking. Overall they work well but they nylon part (white part) is a soft nylon and dents easily. I don’t use them that often, despite the lack of regular use they are all indented, gouged up, and are now hard to use with smaller pieces. The indentations compromise the gripping ability for smaller pieces. Despite this they are still a great item for a beginner, they do what they are,supposed to do, i just wish the nylon quality was better or stronger. Pros:prevent marks on wireeasy to usegood for beginnerscons:nylon is too soft and indents easilynot great for smaller piece once indented.

Out of the box, the two nylon pads don’t sit flush (first pic), so when you press them together firmly one of the pads tilts, pulling one end of one of the nylon pads off the metal behind it (pic 2), which is no problem because whatever adhesive they used to fix the pads to the metal teeth was really weak. Meh, for six bucks i don’t think i’m gonna send it back. The shipping alone would cost as much as a new pair, and they will work for my purposes. Just don’t order these expecting high quality craftsmanship or anything, you’re definitely getting what you pay for.

Standard plasticized rubber grips and average hand size, the only concern i have is that the nylon jaws are already showing wear. I use these for wire jewelery weaving and there are already grooves in the nylon from running copper wire through the jaws to straighten it. From what i can tell, the nylon isn’t replaceable, so i’ll gave to replace the whole pliers, likely in less than 6 months. Great as a cheap pair of back up pliers or something, but i’ll likely purchase a different brand next time.

For the price, if you want a pair of these to flatten out those fused claptons like squidoode on youtube, these work fine. I sanded the sides of them; they looke like they are made with hot glue. Even so, they do work and do not damage 36 gauge nichrome 80 wire the way flattened metal pliers do. There are plenty of other options for pliers like these out there; this was about the best price i could find and i am happy that they work great. I use them every time i wound smaller gauge wire around two strands of straightened resistance wire. Thank you cousin craft and amazon.

It looked a bit cheesy when i took it out of the packaging but i have to say it does the job i bought it for. That is, straightening wire. I have a bunch of used florist wire (~26 gauge) that was all kinked up. I used these nylon pliers and pulled the wire through the jaws and was able to straighten the wire nicely to reuse for another craft.

Features of Cousin Nylon Jaw Craft and Jewelry Pliers

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  • These nylon jawed pliers have many uses and will not damage soft metal findings like sterling
  • Comfort padded handles and durable double leaf spring construction
  • They can also be used to straighten bent wires and pins! Simply draw the wire through the jaws, turn and draw again to take out the kinks
  • Reduce the gauge of sterling wire by repeatedly drawing the wire through the jaws
  • Opens to . 75 inches, overall size: 5. 3 in. L x 2 in. W

Make sure this fits
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I am just getting started in the jewelry making hobby, and needed a pair of pliers that would not scratch the metal when bending. There are many high-end pliers that i could not justify spending money on, and than i found these green gems. They are comfortable and perfect for the use that i need them for. I have used them on about dozen of projects and they seem to hold up fairly well. Not sure if the fit the other replacement nylon jaws but will go to a hobby store and see, and even if they don’t it was money well spent.

I think these pliers are great i use the for straightening wire all the time and the overall do a great job and the grips are a nice smooth plastic however the only concern that i have is the pictures the tips on the pictures are white and clear the ones that i got were cleari also do wish the plastic was a little softer but overall i reall love this product.

I purchased 2 pairs over a year ago (because i always seem to misplace things) to straighten wire. I’ve used them on coated and un-coated wire. 28ga fine silver(all kinked up) round to 16ga square vintaj brass to 18ga black coated copper wire and they’ve never failed me. I just put another pair in my cart simply to ensure i’ll have a pair for years to come. Who knew such a low priced product would have such high quality?. I like that they are solid & don’t have replacement pieces to lose.

Absolutely love my nylon pliers. I waited and waited avoiding buying anything ‘non-essential’ so i could invest more in jewelry supplies, but now that i have them, they are a must have, straighten your wire all while giving it a shine and strengthening it as well.

These nylon jawed pliers have many uses and will not damage soft metal findings like sterling

Comfort padded handles and durable double leaf spring construction

They can also be used to straighten bent wires and pins!

Reduce the gauge of sterling wire by repeatedly drawing the wire through the jaws

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