Crescent CX6PT20 X6 Pass-Through Ratchet and Sockets – Perfect for block-hugger headers

I am very happy with this product. The sockets appear well machined with a uniform black oxide coating that doesn’t rub off, and are clearly etched with their respective size. I personally like the x6 design although some reviewers have said that it lacks bite; i don’t use this set for automotive work where high torque is probably required more frequently, but for general fixing applications i have had no problems. The modular nature of the kit works very well: sockets are supplied for a wide range of sae and metric sizes and the hollow socket design allows this set to be used as a deep socket set (of infinite depth) as well as a standard socket set. The sockets and 3/8′ adaptor connect securely to the wrench and the tool does not feel like a gimmick as innovative products sometimes do. The wrench itself is of a typical size for the sockets included and had a smooth ratchet mechanism. The case that holds everything together is reasonable and i will keep the tool in this case in my shop. Very happy with the quality for the price i paid, the lifetime guarantee, and the innovative nature of the tool. Happy to recommend to others. I haven’t come across any negatives as yet.

Different looking and works very well in tight spaces. Sometimes the ratchet will hang up and not switch directions, but it is brand new and hopefully ‘wear in’ and be smoother. This gives you the versatility of a ratchet/sockets and almost as much clearance as a ratcheting wrench. The unique gripping cogs fit and hold very well, also. I deliberately used it while rebuilding the front suspension on my dodge truck. I reefed on big bolts/nuts purposely to test the strength of the ratchet, it held up great.

Worked perfectly for my situation. I don’t see using this set often, but problem solver tools are worth their weight in gold. I was working on a hot rod with an lt1 swap. It has block hugger headers, which make it a nightmare to change the front and rear 2 plugs. This tool makes it easy to change them without using shorter plugs, or removing the headers. My only small complaints are that the ratchet itself is a bit stiff and crunchy, and that the case is pretty useless.

I was going to give four stars because of the hanging case but since the price was very good i decided maybe that’s the reason for the great price. I know crescent has been around a long time and i haven’t heard of any problems with their tools or had any myself,i figured i’ll give it a go. As far as i can tell these are well made and very good quality. I noticed something else but it might already be listed here. (don’t know) i didn’t read all of the reviews but these will interchange with kobalt tools as well. I thought the cut in the tools looked similar but had to prove it. I listed some pictures to prove my point and they fit exactly. Sorry about the quality of pictures. Not the best camera or rather camera person.

Mine came without the adapter to standard sockets, looks like the wire tie holding it was cut. Probably not worth the effort to return. I’ll see if the manufacturer is willing to help out. I wouldn’t count on the ‘case’ being of much use, the sockets don’t stay in. Update: the manufacturer was right on top of this and willing to take care of my issue right away.

Most of the sockets fit snuggly into the case, except the bottom four. They seem to slip out fairly easily, so easily that somewhere the 3/8 socket fell out before it was packaged and sent to me. Edit: changed my review to 4 stars because replacement of the socket (entire product, through amazon) was simple, but removed one because the packaging still needs work, then added another star, because they (crescent) also sent me a replacement socket. Which i don’t need as the replacement now, however no notice was given to me that it was going to be replaced. So i give it an extra star for (back to 4), for good hustle.

  • the hanging case but since the price was very good I decided maybe that’s the reason for the great
  • Almost useless without an extension
  • Works in tight clearance spaces.

I got these because i saw how handy they would be for certain projects where easy access to tight spaces might not be available. I saw them as being that odd tool that totally came in handy when you needed it, but probably wouldn’t be used all that much. This tool has saved me tons of aggravation already in the few short weeks i’ve had it. It gets into all these impossible nooks and crannies that are too tight for a regular socket wrench. One of my better buys in recent memory.

I don’t know what they were thinking not including a 3′ hollow extension. When working on a vehicle i can think of two primary uses for this:1. ) taking off/tightening swaybar end links2. ) taking off/tightening the top nut on struts/shocksboth of these items usually need some kind of extension. Can you even buy a crescent hollow extension?. Not that i can find on amazon. You can buy a gearwrench brand extension but the 3′ is $11 and the 6′ is over $20. By the time you buy both extensions you’re in the hole for more than this entire set is worth. I ended up having to go to harbor freight and get their cheap set, and their case was designed much better than the crescent one.

These are good for reaching bolts in locations that regular ratcheting wrenches are too large for. This is like having a whole set of low profile sockets. I have had to no issues using them so far. This tool helped me remove two 17mm bolts in a cramped location faster than i could have with a box end wrench. I’m not a big fan of the plastic socket and wrench holder they come with. I don’t foresee this piece lasting very long. The wrench and sockets will probably last quite a while though.

I bought this to help me install a toilet in a tight, awkward space. The pass-through sockets were exactly what i needed. I got such a good deal on these, i thought they would be throw-aways— those cheap tools you buy for a single purpose and toss becuse they broke after the first use. But i am surprised at how solidly they are built. This set has replaced my standard, expensive socket set for me. I’m very pleased and know these will give me years of use.

I used it to get a bolt off the back of an engine 1 inch from the firewall. Just enough room to slip a socket over but not an ordinary socket wrench. Could not get to the bolt from the side with an end wrench.

Features of Crescent CX6PT20 X6 Pass-Through Ratchet and Sockets, 20-Piece

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  • Pass-thru socket and ratchet system eliminates the need for deep sockets
  • Fits 6 fastener types: Hex, Square, 12 pt., E-Torx, Rounded Hex, and Spline
  • Up to 40% stronger than standard ratchets
  • 5° ratcheting swing arc provides turns restricted fasteners
  • Up to 50% thinner than standard ratchets to give you greater access
  • Included adapter converts X6 box end for traditional square drive sockets
  • Pass-Thru system works over any length threaded rod, where normal ratchets and sockets won’t fit
  • Laser-etched sizing makes identifying the correct tool quick and easy
  • Wipes clean of oil and dirt easily

From the manufacturer

Crescent CX6PT20 X6 Pass-Through Ratchet and Sockets 20-Piece

The CX6PT20 pass-thru socket and ratchet system eliminates the need for deep sockets. This fits 6 fastener types: hex, square, 12 pt., E-Torx, rounded hex, spline. It is up to 40% stronger than standard ratchets and has a 5° ratcheting arc provides great access to fasteners. This set is up to 50% thinner than standard ratchets for greater access and the adapter converts X6 to a standard ratchet for traditional square drive sockets.

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Added Versatility & Convenience

The adapter in the CX6PT20 accepts standard sockets allowing the user to use the pass-thru ratchet as a standard ratchet. And all of the 18 sockets (9 SAE & 9 metric) in the most common sizes are able to act as both standard and deep sockets due to the pass-thru design.

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Innovative Design

The X6 design on the sockets allows for use on 6 different types of fasteners.

  • Hex
  • Square
  • 12 Point
  • E-Torx
  • Partially Rounded Hex
  • Spline

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

For some strange reason, the alignment guy at my local shop is afraid to torque the lower control arm bolts to spec, which is 222 lb/ft on an ’04-’08 f-150. (on the 2nd and subsequent trips, i left a shop manual open on the front seat, with the torque spec. ) as a result, the two sets of camber adjustment kits he installed (at a cost to me of $75 each, plus 4 hours’ labor to install) were both destroyed when the control arms shifted. The second set didn’t even last a day / 15 miles. Another shop was able to get my f-150 drive-able the day after the second alignment attempt (which was after the fourth trip to the first shop, where the owner suggested i not come back any more), but could not align the truck because the sheetmetal portion of the 2nd set of cam adjusters were flattened again. He got it as close as he could, and told me to change the adjusters out. (he didn’t want to fool with them)i was able to install these moog adjusters in a little over an hour, including jacking the truck, and installed them with only hand tools in the driveway. I do have a very long breaker bar, and i’m a big guy, so they are close to torque spec, but i still need to have the alignment done again.

This is a nice tool set, i dont use it every day, but there have been the occasion where i couldn’t even get small 1/4 inch ratchet stuff on a bolt head or nut and this set came in handy. It’s not quite as shallow as the gear wrench set one of my coworkers has, but it hasn’t let me down yet. Everything arrived intact, and all the sockets are easy to remove from the holder for me.

Pass-thru socket and ratchet system eliminates the need for deep sockets

Fits 6 fastener types: Hex, Square, 12 pt., E-Torx, Rounded Hex, and Spline

Up to 40% stronger than standard ratchets

5° ratcheting swing arc provides turns restricted fasteners

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Crescent CX6PT20 X6 Pass-Through Ratchet and Sockets, 20-Piece
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