CURT 28272 Trailer Jack Foot : Once installed it looks great and works as it should.

I have a very small trailer that came with a wheel on the jack of my trailer, my trailer is so small its easy to move around with a wheel or just a foot. I always have to remove the wheel when traveling but, i can leave this foot on when traveling so the jack foot works well for me. I hate messing with removing the wheel then back on each time i hit the road then back on to setup at the campsite or storage.

Perfect replacement for the wheel that came on my aliner camper. Instead of taking the wheel off while traveling, and replacing it when in camp, i just leave this foot on all the time and use 3 lynx levelers under it when set up in camp.

Much nicer than going without. This foot does a great job and travels all over the place with us and we never take it off.

Fit my oem jack without any modifications. Pin fit existing hole and guide. If you don’t have a sled for the stock trailer jack it is a must have. Keeps dirt, rocks, and debris out of jack base and improves stability. The instructions recommend removing the foot while traveling although as most would determine on their own it retracts high enough on my trailer that i do not need to remove it.

It took a little nudge to get it installed since my jack was a tad out of round but it went on secure. I used a bolt and lock nut instead of the clip.

Fits my 2017 carry-on trailer i purchased at a local tractor supply store. I would like to see weep holes so it wouldn’t hold water. Will lead to rust and mosquito breeding ground. This is thick metal and should hold up well. I like it better than a wheel because the plastic wheels usually bend or break. 5×10 trailer is easily moved so a front wheel is not required. The only strange thing is the sticker on it saying it should be removed before transport.

CURT 28272 Trailer Jack Foot, Fits 2-Inch Diameter Tube, Supports 2,000 lbs.

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  • TRAILER STABILITY. Add stability to your trailer with this simple but sturdy trailer jack foot. It attaches to the trailer jack and allows for increased stability of the trailer tongue when parked or loading.
  • RELIABLE STRENGTH. Perfect for a wide variety of trailer types, this trailer jack foot plate is rated to support up to 2,000 pounds tongue weight.
  • VERSATILE DESIGN. Great for use as a trailer jack foot replacement, the versatile mount fits virtually any trailer jack with a 2-inch diameter tube.
  • INCLUDED PIN. For immediate installation, this trailer tongue jack foot comes with a safety pin included. The safety pin secures the foot onto the jack and can quickly be removed if needed.
  • CORROSION-RESISTANT. This trailer support jack foot is constructed from zinc-plated steel for long-lasting corrosion resistance in spite of rain, dirt, road grime and other elemental threats.

Great for heavy trailers where a wheel won’t roll and you want more stability. The price is great here too.

This jack foot is heavy duty and well-made. I’ve got it holding up a trailer with a tractor parked on it and it doesn’t sink into the dirt anymore. I use to have to use a block because there was no foot on there and this works perfect. This jack foot is heavy-duty and well-made.

This device does exactly what you’d expect it to do. It protects the bottom of the jack when it’s being used to support your trailer. It also helps protect your asphalt driveway. There’s a small design flaw. . It collects water and causes the exposed metal of the jack to rust. If you buy one of these and intend to use it out doors, i would suggest drilling a couple of holes in the bottom so the water can drain out. Small holes shouldn’t compromise the integrity.

This jack foot is satisfactory for the cost and appears sturdy enough to withstand heavy use. The only issue with this is that the pin sits a bit high inside the sleeve, meaning that the tongue weight of the trailer is being supported by the pin rather than by base of this foot. This may, however, be the fault of my trailer manufacturer; however, they are a very reputable company, so i can’t know for sure. Just be warned that a forward-loaded trailer may damage the pin on this foot; conversely, the pin may deform the holes in the trailer jack itself because of how it’s supporting the weight.

Like the rest of the guys say, the foot was true itself. I had to take a hammer and true the trailer jack and it was a snug fit. I replaced a wheel that was on it before that i broke from a curb but i think this stays up high enough when cranked all the way up that i won’t remove it as stated. Also i drilled holes to keep it from holding water. I think it’s a good investment.

For the price, this foot works perfectly and holds up a horse trailer without any issues.

Don’t understand why they don’t automatically include these with trailers. Curt is a trusted name not only with me but with others.

I have a large homemade trailer i use to haul rock and firewood that had a caster that fell off every time i connected to the truck. I read the warning on it… and on this item… that they should be removed prior to hitting the road with your trailer. For some reason, that never really made a lot sense to me other than the clearance to the road. Here in the land of if you can build it you can get it licensed and put it on the road i have seen my share of what can happen when the trailer separates from the towing vehicle… and in this state if that happens your insurance doesn’t cover any damage done when your trailer is traveling unattached. I recently saw the aftermath of such an incident when the jack stem dug into the pavement, became a pivot point and the back of the trailer came up and over it pretty much ruining the trailer and doing some sizeable road damage that the state will bill someone to repair. With my ja-frame jack all the way up this adds very little between it and the road… unlike the additional 6-inches for the caster. I drilled the jack stem and will keep this permanently attached to act as a skid pad in the unlikely event it ever hits the road while in motion. It has also prevented me for getting stuck on some uneven terrain on my all but even acreage. I’m not suggesting you ignore the printed warning on this by doing what i’m doing but i don’t think having that jack stand digging into anything is a viable alternative… but that’s just me. As others have mentioned a few weep holes should be added to prevent water accumulation and rusting.

Good fit and feels very sturdy. I do not remove it when i tow and have had no issues with it. The only problem is it is developing some surface rust on it, but not a big deal.

We had to play around with it to make it fit, but it didn’t take long and wasn’t frustrating. This is a ‘one size fits all’ type of product, so don’t expect it to be a perfect fit. Once installed it looks great and works as it should.

That’s all there is about a jack foot, right?. Yes, it’s a well-welded chunk.

CURT 28272 Trailer Jack Foot, Fits 2-Inch Diameter Tube, Supports 2,000 lbs. : It’s a good foot, but make sure you have a hole in the jack to put it in, or be prepared to drill a hole to install it (lol. I just assumed there would already be a hole).

This was a good addition to the jack i bought. Others have complained about water being able to sit on the inside of the foot, which makes a lot of sense. So i drilled a couple of small holes to allow drainage out of the foot bottom and used some rubberized tape along the bottom of the jack that inserts into the foot. The foot allows for far greater stability for my horse trailer and is well worth the few extra bucks.

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CURT 28272 Trailer Jack Foot, Fits 2-Inch Diameter Tube, Supports 2,000 lbs.
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