CURT 28276 6-Inch Caster Trailer Jack Wheel Replacement : Easy to install, rolls well, too large to use while hitched to vehicle

Replacement for the original on my trailer. I had been using a rubber caster, which did not allow easy movement of the trailer. This makes moving the trailer much easier once again.

This makes moving my utility trailer around by hand a lot easier. On my particular trailer, i have to take the wheel off when it is on my truck or it will drag at certain angles.

I wish i had bought the wheel when i bought the trailer. I’m glad i finally got one – i’m getting too old to lift and pull these trailers around.

I was very pleased to learn that this wheel ataches easily to my carry-on jack and i could roll my 6x 12 ft. Utility trailer easily on my concrete drive; its a back saver. You do have to take it off when towing but it is very easy to do. I expect it to last a long time as it appears to be made well and is sturdy.

For 14 dollars worth every penny. Pros:fit 2′ jack legnickel plating will resist corrosion for a whilemounts easyrolls and pivots easilybig 6′ casterconswon’t lastnot ball bearings has a plastic washer as the load bearing pivot point. No load on trailer caster rolled 2′ and had rocks embedded in it.

This product is very tall, i cannot drive while it’s attached. Moving my 6×12 trailer around in my yard can be difficult, even with the trailer empty the wheels doesn’t turn very well and eats up the grass.

Works just fine on my 10×5 steel trailer with low sides. I wouldnt use it with any kind of load on the trailer, but when the trailer is empty it makes life easier being able to push the trailer around without having to hitch it up.

This is a very well made jack caster. I just bought a karavan utility trailer, model number khd-2990-60-10-lr, which came with a jack stand but no jack caster. This jack caster fit the jack stand tube perfectly, with very little clearance, which is the way it should be. I haven’t yet picked up the karavan trailer because i’m having a curt class lll trailer hitch installed. Hopefully, nobody will steal the caster or switch it to a different karavan trailer before i remove my karavan trailer from home depot’s parking lot. I am 100% satisfied with this jack caster and i can honestly recommend it to anyone looking for a very well made jack caster.

  • A Great, Easily-Installed, Jack Caster but it would not give me enough Ground Clearance.
  • Makes moving our Carry On trailer so much easier!

CURT 28276 6-Inch Caster Trailer Jack Wheel Replacement, Fits 2-Inch Tube, 1,200 lbs.

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  • EASY MOBILITY. Add mobility to your boat trailer or utility trailer with this 6-inch x 2-inch trailer jack wheel. It attaches to the trailer jack and allows for easier movement of the trailer, especially when coupling.
  • RELIABLE STRENGTH. Perfect for a wide variety of trailer types, this trailer jack caster wheel is rated to support up to 1,200 pounds tongue weight.
  • VERSATILE DESIGN. Perfect as a trailer jack wheel replacement, the versatile mount fits virtually any trailer jack with a 2-inch diameter tube.
  • INCLUDED PIN. For immediate installation, this trailer tongue jack wheel comes with a safety pin included. The safety pin secures the wheel onto the jack and can quickly be removed if needed.
  • CORROSION-RESISTANT. This jack caster also makes an excellent boat trailer jack wheel. The bracket is constructed from zinc-plated steel and the wheel is made from durable poly for long-lasting corrosion resistance.

I ordered this for our 5×10 carry on flatbed trailer. Unloaded it wasn’t too big of a problem to move it but impossible when loaded. This jack caster assembly fit perfectly without any modifications and makes moving the trailer much easier. Some people commented on having to take the wheel off for transport because of clearance, but we have no problem pulling with our pick up. Note: we did measure the tube on the trailer carefully before ordering for a good fit.

None of the casters i saw listed on amazon mentioned the pipe size this fits over. So i assumed this meant that they were all standard. Well, if they are, then i have a non-standard tongue jack. My tongue jack needs one that is 1. 5″ i’m not sure why no one specifies this particular dimension.

Size is just right for my cargo trailer. I can only use it when the trailer is unhitched from my vehicle as the wheel extends too far down to use it while attached to the hitch – it hits the pavement at every dip or curb. However, it makes moving the trailer super easy when it’s in the garage or parked anywhere where i have to maneuver it.

Sturdy: easy to convert to a 3-wheel caster so you trailer does not sink in sand or gravel.

I bought this for our pop up tent trailer, my fault, i failed to measure. It is to big and the well goes off at an angle. If you check my reviews you see i did find the perfect fit for our 2008 rockwood freedom pop up tent trailer.

I really liked this jack caster, but, unfortunately, i had to return this ‘jack caster’ for a refund. My trailer jack is ‘permanently-fixed’ (welded) to my trailer, and my trailer jack did not lift this caster wheel high enough off of the road when i had the trailer jack ‘cranked-up’ as high as it would lift. Because of the insufficient ground clearance of my trailer jack (when fully-retracted), i was afraid that this jack caster wheel would ‘drag’ on the ground when i had my trailer hitched to my kia. I did not want to have to remove this caster wheel every time that i had my trailer hitched to my vehicle, and i did not feel confident that the easily-removable jack caster ‘pin’ would/could not ‘pop-off’ (and let the jack caster fall off of my trailer) when i was hauling my trailer.

Good quality product at good price. I had no idea how much better it would be than the older caster wheel it replaced. Easy to move the trailer now.

This helps a lot to reposition a trailer. I have a 16 foot camper and to twick it to that perfect position is great.

Installed on a small 5×10 enclosed cargo trailer. The diameter of my jack was about 1/4 less than the diameter of the female socket on the wheel, but after i installed the pin, it worked great. I had to hog-out the hole that was in my trailer jack just a little for the pin to fit, but all it took was about 20 seconds and a drill bit. Very pleased with the results. This wheel could probably handle a pretty large trailer. I had to do the modifications on mine since it was a lot smaller.

We’ll made, it does the job. I would give it 5 star if it had a better quality bearing at the rotating point of the wheel housing, it is just a washer, so keep it heavily lubricated with a good grease, if rust sets in, it would not work very well. I was able to maneuver my trailer heavily loaded in a flat driveway with no problems. The lock in the pin is a good feature. The finish is galvanized but is a good idea to coat it with a rust protector. This finish will rust eventually if left alone. The wheel it self looks very strong, made of plastic. The front of the trailer with the caster installed when up about 2 feets by accidentally putting to much weight at the other end and hit the ground with no damage to the wheel. Excellent value and fast shipping.

This caster does not have ball bearings. It is a vinyl washer between the base and collar. That being said i was able to use the castor to move my 2100 pound dual axel 7×12 vnosed enclosed trailer with ease. Even over the crushed concrete where it will spend the summer.

I got this for a friend’s trailer on borrowed and come off of a low curb and broke his, the shipping was 2 days and i returned the trailer with a shiney new dolly wheel. It’s been a year and no phone calls from my buddy so 2 thumbs up and 6 stars.

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CURT 28276 6-Inch Caster Trailer Jack Wheel Replacement, Fits 2-Inch Tube, 1,200 lbs.
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