Cutequeen 31mm(1.25″) 12-SMD 12V Festoon Dome Light LED Bulbs DE3175 DE3021 DE3022 3175(pack of 4) (2835 12-smd’, white) – Super-bright- just hope it fits!

These lights fit my 2002 acura tl type s and my 1999 honda accord ex perfectly. I am a little disappointed in the tone of color of these lights. They are a definitely a cool white, no yellow at all – which is good if that’s what you’re going for. My acura tl has black leather in it, and these lights just make it feel cold rigid, not warm an inviting like the halogens did. They showed up very blue on the tan interior of the accord. I feel that they may be a little dim for white leds, so i’m going to be buying the ‘cutequeen white 300 lumens 5730 6-smd 31mm(1. 25′) 12v festoon dome light led bulbs de3175 de3021 de3022 3175(pack of 4)’ leds. The pictures of them appear to be much brighter and they seem to be a much more ‘pure’ white. These led’s are only 80 lumens while the others are 300, nearly 4x as bright. I give this product 3 stars because they didn’t meet my expectations and needs, but they did fit without a cinch.

I installed it in my 03 mazda mpv. I replaced the 2 bulbs in the dome lighting. Unfortunately, 2 of the 4 were bad, so i couldn’t replaced the one for the trunk. I like the bright daylight, which is what this is. For under $5, i didn’t want to deal with returning it. So i guess i got 2 led bulbs for $5. I’ve read some reviews where they only got 1 working bulb out of the 4.

Works and fits well in my 2017 mazda mx5. It is wider than the regular halogens so it may not fit in certain cars. On my car it was an exact fit. Another thing to note is that if it doesn’t work the first time you install it, just flip the connectors end and it should work. Oem halogens spread the light a little better, but these are much brighter than halogens and i’m happy about it.

I’ve seen other dome light/map light led bulbs that sell for over $20 that are brighter than these, but i felt those were too expensive, and in some way – almost too bright – like your sitting in a dentist’s chair. These, on the other hand are cheap, work perfectly well, and are easy to install. Best of all, they are definitely brighter than the standard ‘yellow’ bulbs that came with my car. The color of these is a bright white – somewhat in the ‘cold’ in hue, but not blue. These are most definitely neutral. The package came with the 4 replacement led bulbs – and thats it. Installationi installed these bulbs into a modern car and it was very easy. I just took a flathead screw driver, popped out the transparent housing on my dome light (most modern cars have this set up), and i took out the old bulb. (be careful in doing this because the old light bulb could be hot if you left it on recently. ) once the old bulb was out, i inserted the new led bulb, and it worked perfectly.

I replaced the stock room dome light of my 2008 toyota hilux double cab pickup truck with one of these. The difference was remarkable. This light is far brighter than the stock light and emits a brilliant white light that makes it much easier to find anything in the cabin at night. The led assembly fit into the vehicle’s 31mm fitting with relative ease. I have had several positive comments from friends and family about the light. It is too soon to talk about longevity, but i have 3 spare and all at a very good price. So far i have to say that it is an excellent product and well worth the price. Remember, if when you put them in they don’t work, try changing the polarity (slot them in the other way around), as unlike the regular bulbs they replace, these require to be installed in a specific way.

Used these in my overhead interior light and trunk light of a 2016 mx-5 miata. Worked flawlessly, no perceptible flicker and just simply worked. They even seem to fade down a bit as the lights turn off without flickering. I had a different brand in my previous car that would always flicker as the lights dimmed off.

Delivered on time and very well packaged. Construction seems very sturdy. A perfect match for the factory bulb it is supposed to replace (dimensions are spot on), so insertion is a breeze. I would imagine that the compact design will allow it to fit in almost any courtesy lamp housing that will accommodate the original bulb and most side marker lamp housings. Note that the led panel is 25mm wide whereas the ‘original’ incandescent bulb is 12mm wide. Hardest part was removing the lamp lens without scratching it. Installed it the wrong way around, switched it around there was light, lots of it. We need to remember that led lamps have polarity and only work one way, so if it doesn’t light up when first installed, turn it around the other way. I can’t really detect any blue in it. Cabin of car is now much brighter than it was before. Casts light in all directions, like the original bulb did. Haven’t tested all bulbs yet, so don’t know if any are doa.

As many others have noted, the length that is advertised (31mm) is not correct. I decided to take a chance to see if they would work for my application. I had to bend the contacts a bit, but i managed to squeeze the new bulb in. The correct length that i measured is 34. 8mm, so it is significantly larger than advertised. The bulb i pulled out of my truck only measured 29mm long. The width on the other hand only measured out to be 11. 5mm instead of the 15mm that is advertised. Would have given 5 stars if the length was advertised correctly. As far as the bulbs go, they are bright and white, just what i was looking for.

Hands down the absolute best $5 upgrade for any vehicle. These things are super bright compared to oem bulbs, and the color is so much better than that old smoke stain yellow hue. They popped right into the sockets of my center dome light and two map lights over the gear shifter on my 2006 honda civic ex coupe and yes, they do fade out (dimming) just like the oem bulbs. I’d highly recommend you do two things:1- have your sister call me, she’s hot.

I used these in an older toyoto pickup as the light was simply too dark and too yellow. But mostly because it would drain the battery when accidentally left on. For me, even if this was only 1 light at this price, it would be worth it to me versus some other products out there. So i find 4 at this price as a great value. Like other reviewers have mentioned, make sure to test them all when you get them so if you have any dead on arrival you can get help from amazon right away. I didn’t test all 4 of mine, so i can’t comment there. It’s a little on the blue side. But not as bad as other leds. It is very similar to the led lighting in my samsung fridge. So it is definitely white, but cooler temp of the spectrum. But if you are used to the incandecent bulbs in your car, at first it may feel annoying to have the cooler temp color. But that quickly changed for me and i to used to it and i love the brighter light. And i am happy that the battery doesn’t die if left on over night.

I bought my 09 lancer over this past summer (2015) and noticed that my right dome light was out. (the picture of my dome lights is the new led light on the right and the old classic bulb on the left) not liking the classic yellow-tinted look, i decided to buy some nice bright led lights to give it a more more modern feeling. I can say that i am impressed with the lighting quality and overall brightness. They were incredibly easy to install, all i used was a flat head screw driver to pop out my dome lights. I would suggest looking up how to take off dome lighting in our car on youtube. Overall, i am pleased with this product and will update if anything comes up.

Once i got the right size of these for my car, i was extremely pleased. Note of caution for those relying on amazon to say it fits your car. Amazon explicitly said these 31 mm led’s would not fit a 2003 honda civic. Well, they not only fit, they’re actually the recommended size according to the manuals. The 42 mm size amazon says will fit, don’t fit at all. So, after the fubar that was the 42 mm (i gave them a thumbs up mostly because these 31 mm lights worked so well and they’re made by the same people), i sent those back and ordered these based on the manual specifications. Now, these things are bright. I know some people say they’re dimmer than the incandescent bulbs, but i kept in the map lights (same bulb as the dome light i was replacing) and checked the brightness against them. The map lights were drowned out by the dome light.

These were not the expected length, as a few other reviewers have mentioned. But my car lamp receptacles are flexible and they work ok. I don’t know that they are brighter than the incandescents they replace, and the color is an uglier bluish tint than the familiar incandescent glow. But at least they draw negligible current, reducing the chance i’ll leave on on and run down my battery. I’d look for double the lumens if i were doing it again. Here are the specifications for the Cutequeen 31mm(1.25″) 12-SMD 12V Festoon Dome Light LED Bulbs DE3175 DE3021 DE3022 3175(pack of 4) (2835 12-smd’, white):

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Size: 15mm x 31mm (0.59″ x 1.25″)
  • Color: White (with 181 degree light output) Type: 1210 12-SMD
  • 2 bulbs included in this pack
  • Only for DC 12V vehicles
  • The 1.25″ (31mm) led light bulbs will fit 3021 3022 3175 6428 6430 DE3175 DE3021 DE3023 etc.

I bought these to replace the dome light in my 3rd gen camry. I have yet to manage getting the cover/lens off to replace the old incandescent i wanted to replace. However, the fuse-type bulb that lights the interior of my trunk when it is open was burnt out, so i replaced that. It was not an exact replacement (the ends of this product were too thick and not long enough- they just popped out), so i soldered it in place where the fuse-bulb would go and am very happy to have a trunk with well-lit full visibilitythis product received a high rating from me because it is extremely bright, does not get very hot, and is made with long-lived leds. It is not a universal fit (especially in the case of fuse-bulb replacement noted above) because the array of smds may not fit where a cartridge or fuse-type cylindrical bulb does; thus no 5/5 from me. Recommended for anyone needing lots of nice, bright, white light to replace old bulbs in their car. Remember not to look directly at these- smds can be very intense, even at lower wattages.

I brought these for the door lights and license plate light on my 2010 acura tlim glad i made this purchase because it really changes the look of my car. The factory lights that came with my car are the yellowish lights that most cars have. These lights gave them the blush tint i was i was looking for. They fit perfect in the light sockets. I read one review about the lights not working(make sure you put them in the right way) i though mine didnt work at first but i reversed the side i put it in and it worked perfectly. So far i have had them in for approx 5 months and have not had any issues.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Length not as advertised. Double check before purchasing.
  • A really bright idea.
  • Better light than stock lights

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