Cyber Acoustics Mono USB Headset – Works great with Rosetta Stone!

This is a great set of headphones for the office. I bought the single ear (usb mono), because in the office i need to know what’s going on around me. I used it for voip calls using skype, viber and google voicethe connection is usb digital sound, instantly recognized without having to install drivers or cd’sthe cable has an inline switch, that allows me to increase / decrease the speaker volume, and a mute on/off switch for the microphone, the switch is located about a couple of feet away from the headphones, which makes it easily accessible to my hands. The sound clarity is great; so far everyone that i have talked to using the headphones, have told me that they can hear me clearly without background noises, or distortions. The headphones are light weight, the band is adjustable, and the ear pad is comfortable. The ear pad rest over my ear, without enclosing it. That is something i appreciate, since larger pads that cover the ears have a tendency to feel hot after few minutes of usage. The microphone is flexible and it allows me to move it closer or father away from your mouth, which is a way of adjusting the sound for the listener in the other end. The cable is long; the headphones are plugged in the rear of my pc which is on the floor. The cord has a clip that you may attach to your shirt, for more comfort.

It does work with a mac – the great thing about a mac is it does so much for you automatically. Unfortunately, if an item doesn’t immediately work the moment its usb is plugged in, some mac users declare the item is not mac compatible. When you go to mac system preferences, you’ve got to go to both the output tab and the input tab. From reading some of the other reviews, it sounds like they failed to notice the input tab and failed to adjust accordingly; hence, why they claim the mic doesn’t work. Once you make adjustments to both tabs, this device works just fine. It has worked great with my mac book for years now. No, it does not have 5-star noise canceling and sound quality, like a bose headset, but you are not paying a bose price either$plus, as a single-ear usb headset, it is a safer choice for office and university environments where you want to be at least partially aware of your surroundings. Note: i am working with osx yosemite, but i’ve had the headset for years and it never had any problem with the previous mac osx versions.

It does the job for good price. I like having one ear on skype while the other can still hear the surrounding sounds in case someone needs my attention while i’m on a call. So this product allows that at an expensive price. My only complaint is that it’s a little tight from ear to the other side of my head above my other ear. My conference calls don’t last much more than 30 minutes which is a little over the limit for comfortable wear with this product. If you need something to use all day or more than 30 minutes at a time, then look elsewhere. Unless you have a small head then maybe this will work well for you. The spread from ear cup to head rest is about 3′ – 4′ in the resting position depending on how far you expand the adjustment. The more you expand it the smaller the resting gap becomes, but it will have more spring with the larger extension. My head is approximately 8′ from ear to ear so it doubles the the spread from the resting position.

I was skeptical from other reviews. I compared so many for days and read tons of reveiws on so many headsets. I specifically was looking for the type where only one ear is covered because i have kids and want to hear if they are destroying the house or plotting my demise. I used these for gaming through using predominantly discord, and everyone said i sound super clear and crisp. Also the sound quality is great too. My only complaint is they can be a little snug, and would be nice is they had a bit more flexibility.

I telecommute the majority of the time for work and with the intoduction of the computer based soft phones, i needed a headset. After searching amazon i decided to try this one. It was inexpensive enough that if it didn’t work well that i wouldn’t be too upset. I’m happy to report that i haven’t had any performance issues with this headset. Installation was easy, i just plugged it in to my usb port, ran the tuning wizard on my phone and that was it. My only problem is that it feels like microphone is too close to my mouth no matter how i adjust it. That’s just my personal experience and it doesn’t get a ton of use so i can definitely live with that inconvenience. Given all that i would still recommend to people looking for a relatively cheap headset.

I work from home a lot and tend to communicate (video chats, phone calls, and conference calls) all from my computer and these come in handy. They’re not too bulky and the cord is the right length when sitting at my desk or on the couch with my laptop. The sound is nice and clear, and so far i haven’t heard anyone on the other end complain about my mic.

Works great with rosetta stonei bought this product to use with rosetta stone. It works just as well as the original headset that came with the product. I have had no problems and the installation was easy. No additional software was needed to make the product work. Rosetta stone will test the headset microphone each time you start the program. It will ask you to count to five to test the microphone. After that, the program will start on your next lesson. Is the cyber acoustics headset perfect?.There are more comfortable and more adjustable units out in the market.

This was a worthwhile purchase. I bought it for use at a call center where i was working so i wouldn’t have to worry about trying to find a headset everyday. Pros:- ambidexterity- clear sound/mic quality (no static, no background hissing)- noise cancelling- volume control and mute on/off button- lapel clip- good cord length- incredible price- multiple options for headsets- flexible mic positioning- comfortablehonestly, the only ‘complaints’ i could give are these: it’s strictly a usb and the rotation of the mic gets loose after a while. What i mean by those is that the headset couldn’t be used for an iphone or something like that because of the usb, but this sort of headset is usually used at a computer anyway, so that doesn’t particularly bother me. Also, where the mic rotates on the headset can start to get loose and fall to the lowest position after a while (sort of like how the bands on cheap sunglasses will become loose instead of firm). However, the flexibility of the mic is such that this isn’t even that much of a problem. In essence, this product was exactly as advertised, at least in my experience. I love the pricing on this headset. I am the kind of person who researches for ages before buying a product. I saw many other headsets that only had some of the features that this one had, and those headsets were far more expensive.

I needed a usb headset and this had decent reviews for the price, so i gave it a shot. Well, i wouldn’t say this quite fits the bill of ‘you get what you pay for’, but sure if close. It is easy as chewing gum to set up, as in find slot, insert gum, er plug into slot and bam it’s working with no additional software needed for my mac. The wire has good length and seems strong and the mute and volume control works great. The mic works just fine too and is easily adjustable. I have wore it for about 2 hours straight being the longest and had no issues of it getting uncomfortable, as long as i had the head set part stretched closest to near the top of my ear as possible(opposite side of speaker ear). I hope that’s not too confusing so lets try this too. When the head wrap end opposite of the speaker was sitting high up on my head, i definitely noticed some discomfort and sometimes a little pain. So i adjusted it and stretched it down to just top of my ear and walla, no more discomfort :)the sound could be better for sure, as i was watching a few things with these testing them out and noticed my 10 dolla headphones sound more clearer than these.

1st lasted about 3 years of daily use. 2nd lasted 1 month before my 2 year old got a hold of it ;o)3rd is working great and trying to keep out of the reach of my kid. Great headset, they are comfortable, great sound quality, people have told me they can’t even tell that i’m on a computer when i call them. The fact that it is usb allows you to re-direct the sound of only certain applications to the headset w/out affecting your regular speakers. If you plug a set on the regular mic/headphone jack, you loose all other sounds. I use this with skype and i am able to do my calls and hear and speak with the headset while still listening to music and all regular sounds through my computer speakers. I also love the fact that it has a volume and mute buttons on the cable making it very convenient when on calls as you don’t have to reach to the computer.

Unlike a good majority of gamers, i was not looking for a high end/high quality/expensive headset for my purposes. Though headsets which block out all ambient sound except for in-game sounds and voice chat have their uses, i chose this headset specifically for use in my surround sound set-up. Currently, i have a surround sound set-up with two yamaha a1738s (tweeter, mid range, 15′ woofers), two basic insignia bookshelf speakers (6′ speakers), and one dayton 12′ subwoofer all hooked up to a yamaha rx-v573 receiver. As such, using a wonderful cable matters optical cable, i have hooked up my computer to this sound system and currently utilize my set-up for all games (dota, aoa, team fortress, etc. This headset allows me, through the one ear speaker and microphone, to hear and communicate with my teammates while also enjoying the full auditory pleasure provided by my speakers. Plus, without noise cancelling headsets, no one can sneak up behind me in the real world. Though any distraction in the real world often leads to my quick death in game.

This is a great simple solution for computer use. In my scenario, i had to use the headphones for access to a work vpn and ‘soft phone’ on my work laptop (windows). It provided exactly what i needed at reasonable cost. No failures thus far and the in-line controls are all that i need. I have also used these headphones on a mac with no issues.

So i got two of these to let my kids use skype on windows rather than using ipods with earbuds. These worked well, and skype easily supported having the ringer come in on external speakers, and using the headset for the actual call. You can’t make video calls now. )the other reviewer that said these were ‘small’ is right on — they fit my 3rd grader’s head beautifully, and those of us a bit older find these a bit of a squeeze across the head. However, sound quality is excellent, and the massively long cord means that i can plug these in to the usb ports on the rear of the computer and have it come up to the front with plenty of room to spare. The only drawback – the cord is still so long after that, that my puppy dragged the headset away and chewed one up today. I just ordered two more replacements – one to use and another as a spare (yes – he eats everything). I assume over time the band will loosen up on those of us with normal sized heads. Here are the specifications for the Cyber Acoustics Mono USB Headset:

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  • USB MONO HEADSET WITH UNIDIRECTIONAL NOISE CANCELING MIC: The noise canceling microphone is designed for reliable testing, speech, and other vocal use, in less than ideal environments.
  • IN LINE VOLUME AND MUTE CONTROL: Conveniently located inline volume and mute control makes it easy to adjust what your are listening to on the fly.
  • USB PLUG-N-PLAY: Designed to work with standard USB ports, perfect for newer and older computers and laptops.
  • DURABLE DESIGN: This hardwearing headset is long lasting, with an adjustable headband, easy to clean soft leatherette ear cushion for ultra comfortable fit on most any head size. Designed for daily use in schools, classrooms, or all day at work. Perfect to keep one ear free for those multi-tasking roles.
  • QUALITY GUARANTEED: Includes 1 year hassle-free warranty.

I use this on a mac with camtasia when i make video tutorials. It keeps the background noise completely out. The only issue is that i have to adjust the mic position each time i use this to avoid causing background noise from my occasional ‘heavy breathing’. That is to say, when you take a deep breath, you may ‘hear’ it on the mic. Also, with modest abuse, the foam falls off the mic and the side clip falls out of the holder. These are minor annoyances that do not detract from the utility for my needs.

I’ve only just received this purchase, and at first i thought i’d been sent the wrong pair. On the plastic packaging, it had a mac icon. But on the back the package said it would work with pc or mac (which is what the advertising implied), so after much struggling with the hard plastic of the package (seriously, what the heck is with that type of packaging?. I almost couldn’t get it open no matter what i used on it; forget about ‘saving’ it in case you want to return the product in original packaging), i plugged the head set into my windows xp pc. The computer found the device and it was up and working in minutes via usb. As yet, i haven’t tested it for what i bought the product for (using google voice to call friends in other states), but i did give it a test run using my free audio/record program and everything seemed to work just fine. Clear vocal voice recording, clear good stereo audio through the headphones. Well, maybe i should qualify that a bit – clear vocal recording after i adjusted the microphone away from my mouth. Otherwise, you will get that ‘too close to microphone’ distortion. The microphone seemed to do better with it situated alongside the mouth rather than directly in front of it (my other headset by another company was just the opposite – the mic was plastic with no cover and worked best by talking directly into it).

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  • Exactly As Advertised
  • Yes, this Single-Ear USB Headset is MAC OSX compatible!
  • Hard bargain to beat for this type of headset.

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