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Bought this for my husband for riding in states that require helmets. It’s the smallest one we could find that still has dot rating. It’s not a novelty helmet, it does offer some real protection. I borrowed it one day when my full helmet starting giving me a raging headache. Great for hot days when you want to feel safe and cool at the same time. The quick release strap is awesome too. I will still use my bigger helmet on cold or rainy trips but this is my go -to everyday choice.

This helmet is very light weight and does not give your head the “mushroom head” look. I purchased these helmets for myself, my husband and my son for our recent trip. The helmets fit true to size and did not stretch our excessively after wearing them. The flat black finish did not stick out to draw attention to our helmet. The chin strap did not dig into your neck and once secured kept the helmet tight in a comfortable position. I did find the toggle clip sometimes hard to buckle and am planning on purchasing a quick release mechanism for the helmet.

Purchased this helmet last week (3/21/19 received) and must say this is a very comfortable and nice looking helmet. I purchased a different one (different brand) and returned it right away because it gave that mushroom head look and was a little tight. When i ordered this one and tried it on, i was very impressed that it’s dot approved, fits perfect on the dome and doesn’t give that mushroom head feel. . Like i said before this helmet is very comfortable and sits perfect on my head. If i had to find something to complain about, it would be not being able to remove the padded liner, which isn’t a big deal at all, just being picky.

I was not expecting to like it as much as i do. I am a female and have a small head and this helmet in a small is perfect (head measures 21inches). May have been able to go with an xs even. This is the 3rd one i ordered from various places and im glad i gave it a shot. Much smaller than others i’ve tried as far as the mushroom head look goes. May even buy another as a backup.

Its more mushroomy than i thought after reading some of your comments but if you look at the pictures you can see how much it comes off your head. It fits comfortably and got the straps ready. Definitely not going to be one i use all the time, but will be good for passengers and such.

Absolutely love this helmet it’s so comfortable i had to check my mirrors while riding to make sure it was still on my head 😂 the quick disconnect strap it awesome no dealing with a dumb d loop and button so simple and making a few adjustments to the straps it fit me perfectly and i was worried because my head shape is round i only wish i got this helmet first instead of my hjc cl17 it is a dot helmet so there is still a slight mushroom head effect but not nearly as bad as most half helmets and with the free 1 day shipping i couldn’t be more happier.

I actually went exactly by their sizing chart. I use a medium in full face, but wanted this snug (small). Worked great while at myrtle beach during bike week and while it does have a little bit of lift during higher speeds (55+), it is an okay trade off for a cooler breeze than being in a sweat chamber (my full face). Much better than the d-loop setup. Allows for glasses to nicely sit in between your ears and helmet. Tiny bit of mushroom head, but i’d rather be able to talk to my kids if i come off the bike involuntarily.

I have a giant head full of deadlocks, and big helmets aren’t easy to find. The sizing provided was accurate. I’m really happy with my purchase. I may get a couple extras to paint.

  • Great helmet
  • Daytona slim half helmet
  • Outstanding for the price!

Daytona Helmets Motorcycle Half Helmet Skull Cap- Dull Black W/O Visor 100% DOT Approved

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  • PROTECT YOUR BRAIN! The fact that this helmet meets and exceeds D.O.T. Safety Standards FMVSS 218 means to you and your loved ones that: It can PROTECT YOUR HEAD in case of an accident! Simple! Mushroom or no mushroom look? Much less critical than the protection of your brain.
  • FOR SMALL & BIG HEADS – If you’ve been searching for a half-helmet with a wide range of sizes, then your search is over! We designed this DOT 1/2 Shell product because we truly care about those few with the smallest or largest heads.
  • BUY TRUE DOT ONLY! Not all helmets that claim to be Department of Transportation approved are made actually DOT approved! This is the smallest LOW-PROFILE DOT half helmet that has passed a certified lab test…unlike others.
  • NO PINCHING! The last thing you want to feel at higher speeds is a dig caused by an uncomfortable and narrow chin strap that pinches or painfully pulls your hair. That’s distracting and dangerous! The position of our chin strap can be adjusted forward or back to prevent this and protect the beard of those that have cared to grow one. Move one finger and presto! Our custom quick release lock.
  • 100% GUARANTEED! Does this come with a money back guarantee? YES! You have a 90 day no-risk, no-nonsense guarantee. Our helmets do not chip or change in color after prolonged exposure to the sun. No sticky paint….Flat colors remain flat, and glossy colors remain glossy. Always!

For starters, i have a large round head, 7 3/4 fitted mlb cap. Not as low profile as i would have hoped but i’ll take it for the safety of my big mellon. I wanted gloss black but couldn’t find a xxl for less than $61+. The flat black is just fine for the $36. 96 i paid with the 2-day free prime shipping. The strap mechanism could have been designed better. Somewhat a pain to deal with. But there is plenty of strap that i will be trimming.

From comparisons i did with other helmets this does appear to be on the thinner side as far as helmet thickness. There is less mushroom affect with this helmet than one i have of another brand. The only con for me is that the liner is not removable. Will probably buy another one at a later date. Hope this review is helpful.

I bought this to get the smallest half helmet i could because of the price and feedback. Once i received it and tried it on, i was surprised at how overall wide it was and gave that “mushroom head” look immediately. It was the correct size and all just bigger then expected, i did not want to fork out $110 to $130 for a crazy al’s smallest helmet but i can tell you from trying both crazy al’s beats them all. I was skeptical but i tried on a medium as i am in-between sizes and was immediately sold. It is worth the additional 50 to 60 bucks, again this helmet is not bad and was as described, the chin strap was awesome too. It just wasn’t what i had expected or was looking for, to be fair, it probably would be safer in an accident though due to its thickness difference.

This is by far the best helmet i have ever purchased. A little mushroom head, but honestly it’s not bad at all for being dot certified. The double straps and quick release are perfect. The helmet really fits my head well with no wind push up on it at all. Strap is comfortable and honestly i forgot i had the thing on after a few miles down the road. Only area that was a bit tight was near the temples so all i did was squeak it with my hands a few times to work the new foam inside and that fixed it. This is honestly a really great helmet for the price and i would buy again.

Ok i never write reviews but i have to for this helmet. I have owned this helmet for a lil over a month now. Last saturday i had a truck pull out in front of me and had to lay my bike down or hit the truck. I was going about 45 mph and my head hit hard but i was able to get up and was ok. The helmet did take some damage but that’s what’s it’s supposed to do instead of my head lol. All in all i am very impressed with this helmet so munch in fact i’m buying another one to replace the damaged one.

Comparing it too harley’s overdrive helmet, this is much smaller. The picture that shon m attached in the review is def not this helmet and it is not a dot helmet being shown, either he’s unaware he’s wearing a novelty helmet or he himself is one of the sellers trying to fool the buyer of the shape and size.

I dont really like how bulky it is, but for the money, this is the best helmet you’re going to find. I wanted my helmet to have a different look, so i also purchased a ‘sticker bomb pack’. It fits good, feels half way decent. I love the quick release on the chin strap. I dont think there is a better helmet in this price point.

I have a small head, wearing a 7 1/8′ military cap. The medium fit, but not too snug. I would be worried that a small wouldn’t fit at all, though. All in all, very happy with this purchase. It is the very lightest helmet i have ever worn in the years of riding. If you have the funds, measure your head and order this today.

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Daytona Helmets Motorcycle Half Helmet Skull Cap- Dull Black W/O Visor 100% DOT Approved
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