DipYourCar Brake Dust Pro 32oz – Touchless Wheel Cleaner : This product is okay

I have my wheels plasti dipped and this works perfectly for keeping them clean since brake dust and everything else sticks to them. Does it smell as others have said,oh ya. Does it work as advertised oh yause it out doors like your supposed to and it will not be an issue,and i hope they don’t try to change the formula for the idiots that don’t follow directions because,well,they are idiots.

It really dies a great job on my room’s, but the other users is where it gets used in or household. Gotte about those ac degrees and could it changing then like brand new. Pots and pans to name a couple more.

Pros:-clean wheels pretty well-turns purple showing cleaning process-literally see brake dust run off of wheelscons:-smells like sulfur, vomit, and burning flesh all mixed together.

This is by far the best wheel cleaner product on the market. Absolutely makes a difference from before and after. Highly recommended to anyone using aftermarket wheels. Will definitely buy again, only the larger size.

It works great, but in all honesty, the price is very steep. One bottle will last 2-3 cleanings on 4 wheels. I used almost half the bottle on one set of aftermarket wheels and brake calipers. So if you are a clean freak, plan on shelling out a lot of money on this product over time.

So, i saw fonzies review of this stuff and was reluctant due to the price, but when i weighed the possibility of it working like it did in the video against the time and effort to clean my wheels, i figured, ‘what the hell’ i can always return it via amazon. I got the 32 oz bottle yesterday and tried it out today. Sprayed liberally all over the wheel and waited two minutes, after which my wheel was covered in a purple liquid which held all the brake dust. Sprayed them off, and i’ll be damned if my wheels weren’t nice and clean. This is the first no-touch wheel cleaner that i’ve ever used. Ymmv if you let your wheels go without cleaning for weeks or months, but i would definitely recommend this for the enthusiast with plasti-dipped wheels or just if you want an effective no touch wheel cleaner.

It works, but like anything else you have to use a brush. Old toothbrush for the smaller areas. Probably dawn or tide would have done just as much.

I watched the videos online, i decided to give this product a try. It was used on an audi q7 2013 with oem rims that seem to be a magnet for brake dust. After reading the directions (and remembering the videos), product was sprayed on, waited a commensurate amount of time, and rinsed with a sprayer. Yes, the rims ‘bled’ brake dust. But, even after three (generous) applications, the rims weren’t as clean as seen on the videos. I mean, yes, it did what it said it would do, but not as effectively as seen online or facebook. The job was finished with a cloth and some elbow grease to get the rims cleaned. Overall, it’s a good product, especially if used in maintaining in between cleanings, but i wouldn’t call it great.

  • This thing smells like ass. The product works great but be careful
  • it’s a good product, especially if used in maintaining in between
  • This product just melts away brake dust and road grime making my wheels look brand new

DipYourCar Brake Dust Pro 32oz – Touchless Wheel Cleaner, Safe On All Wheels! Quickly Removes Brake Dust and Grime – Spray On and Rinse Off!

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  • CLEAN YOUR DIPPED WHEELS THE EASY WAY. Just spray on and wash off. Brake Dust Pro is a touchless wheel cleaner that easily removes brake dust, dirt, and grime from your wheels. A delicate yet powerful formula is safe for even the most delicate surfaces including PlastiDipped wheels.
  • CHANGES COLORS SO YOU KNOW IT’S WORKING. Just spray Brake Dust Pro onto your rims and it goes to work. Brake Dust Pro wheel cleaner goes on clear and begins to change color as it works. Once you see dirt running off your wheels and Brake Dust Pro turns a dark red, rinse with a pressure washer.
  • PH BALANCED ACID FREE FORMULA. Painted or powder coated, steel or aluminum, one piece or 2 piece, Brake Dust Pro is safe on all wheels. The acid free formula will not damage or stain your wheels. Don’t use other harsh wheel cleaners to clean your expensive wheels, trust the delicate formula of Brake Dust Pro.
  • VAULE SIZED 32OZ BOTTLE. Don’t be fooled by a less expensive wheel cleaner. Most of the other wheel cleaners are 16oz bottles. With Brake Dust Pro you get a huge 32oz bottle, twice the size of other wheel cleaners on the market. For only a few dollars more you get twice the product.

First, the product arrived without the sprayer. E-mailed we be honest and one was promptly sent. Thankyou this stuff does require some rubbing with brushes of several sizes in all the nooks and crannies to get all the brake dust off but, pdr works better than anything i have ever purchased. I used a garden hose to rinse, a pressure washer might have worked better.

I took my car to the car wash and parked in the back and applied this stuff and let it sit for 5 minutes. I then took my car into a stall and blasted my really dirty wheels clean. A few notes to mention on this product. If you have white plasti dip don’t let it sit on the dip for too long or once the product turns purple it may be difficult to get the purple cleaner color off. This cleaning agent stinks plenty. I would recommend wearing gloves and for the love of the world don’t get it on yourselfoverall: this is a great product that does what it said it would do.

This product is okay for removing break dust off when doing your breaks, but not for rims. It leaves them with a pale look that in order to remove it you still need to wash those rims with soap any way. Only if you have never washed your rims, like for years, then this will work to remove that accumulated break dust. But for those who do take care of their automobile, it is a waste of money, if water and soap, and a little elbow can take care on a weekend.

I have a 2016 dodge challenger hellcat with brass monkey wheels and brembo brakes. This product just melts the brake dust and road dirt off the brass monkey wheels. I’ve tried several other products but you can watch this one work. Awesome product that actually does what is says it will do. Look forward to trying their other products.

You all are upset at how is smells and everything. It’s a break cleaner not a house cleaner. What did you all expect it to smell like?. Roses no instead you got a product that you spray on wash off and not even have to scrub to get the break dust off. I did my two vehicles one has 44,000 miles and only the outside of rims got washed and another vehicle with 4000 miles and rimes never cleaned. The 44,000 mile truck took it off like nothing and the 4000 mile car the same. The rims are like new the stuff works great and i never had to scrub them. Just have to polish rims now.

The product works great but be careful of the supplied bottle cap. Mine was on the bottle but somehow came loose in my trunk and almost the entire bottle spilled in my car and my car has been smelling like ass for months now.

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DipYourCar Brake Dust Pro 32oz - Touchless Wheel Cleaner, Safe On All Wheels! Quickly Removes Brake Dust and Grime - Spray On and Rinse Off!
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