DPAccessories D3116-HT-2305/100 Wheel Lug Nut – Great replacement Lug Nuts.

I have a ford transit connect and in ford spain’s ultimate wisdom, they decided to coat their lug nuts in a cheap metal that deforms after a couple turns of the lug wrench. What was a 19mm lug nut will now have the lug wrench spinning in vain- a terrible situation particularly if there’s a flat. Without the right tools i’d be stranded. These were recommended by amazon as a direct replacement. I was a bit skeptical because they are longer and look slightly narrower at the top of the cone where the nut presses against the wheel. I contacted dp and they confirmed these are the correct nuts for the factory alloys on the vehicle. I put them on and they do the job. I was reminded of ford’s terrible design because the 20th original nut would not come off, and with the help of the neighbor, a breaker bar, and a lot of swearing it finally spun. The factory nut is still wedged in my 19mm socket but thankfully this occurred from the comfort of my own garage, and did not leave me stranded on the side of the road. Thanks dp for a nice, reasonably priced product and the support to go with it.

Replaced the stock 2014 ford escape ones that was an inferior 2 piece design that swells and will leave you stranded because your 19mm lug wrench will not fit. These are solid, not capped like the garbage stock ones.

I first discovered these great replacement lug nuts when the ones that came on my lincoln became so distorted that they were almost impossible to remove. I ordered a set of these and now the dealer’s service department keeps the ordering information at their work station. So, i just bought another ford product that uses the same identical lug nuts and just went ahead and ordered the replacements. If you rotate your tires regularly, you will be thankful you replaced with theses.

First of all let me thank amazon icalculator for the help. My 2013 buick verano has open ended lug nuts with caps and caps keep falling off and i got tired of paying the dealership five dollars a cap. I went to the dealership to double check the size but amazon calculator said they will fit my 2013 verano, and it was correct. My wheels on my buick are original but a bigger size than their standard wheel so i was leery if these lugnuts would fit my car. The lugnuts are heavy they look great and went on with no problem. I probably wish i’d ordered the black ones but since i had chrome wheels i ordered chrome nuts, they look great but black would’ve looked great too. For $22 i got a set of lugnuts that fit my car are very heavy and i doubt i’ll ever have a problem with thank you amazon and thank you for your wonderful calculator i changed one at a time with my 4 sided lug not wrench and my wheels actually feel better with these lugnuts on then they did with the open ended original lug nuts, they feel more stable to me.

Fit my 2014 ford focus as advertised. The added benefit is that these are the same size as the lug-nut/jack tool so you don’t need an adapter to install or remove them. – short story -i went to remove the wheels on my 2014 ford focus and found out that the tool underneath the cargo compartment does not fit the factory lug nuts. Apparently, there is some adapter which we either lost or never got that goes on the lug-nut wrench to take off the nuts *facepalm*. So i mangled the factory nuts in the process of taking them off. These lug nuts are the replacement i ordered and installed. They fit the lug-nut wrench just fine.

The original lug nuts on my saturn aura were actually a two piece design rather than a solid chrome nut. After having been removed and installed a number of times (with what i suspect was an over sized socket) the outer chrome covering separated from the actual nut and looked terrible. Had a tough time finding the correct lug nuts. Wasn’t aware there are so many lug nut designs and thread sizes these days. These fit perfectly and are a one piece solid design so i’ll never have the issue i did with the originals.

Ever tried to take off a tire on a 2016 ford fusion?. You’ll get out your breaker bar. You’ll throw on a 3/4 socket. You’ll get all lined up on your first lug nut. Then you’ll loosen the other 4. Then you’ll raise the car and go to take off the first lug nut. And after 10 minutes of wondering what reality you are in, you’ll realize the nut was never loose.

Fit my 2014 ford fusion with no problems. Had to replace swollen lug nut due to oem sleeved lug nuts. These are full one piece, and work great. Someone needs to file a class act against oem for high price inferior lug nuts they are using.

We have a 2013 ford escape and a 2014 ford focus, both with the same rim size and lug nuts. We got a flat tire on our escape, but the lug wrench that came with the car wasn’t fitting the lug nuts, so we tried the same wrench on our focus, and it worked. We brought the escape to our mechanic and found the original lug nuts were swelled and pretty stripped, so i needed to buy new lug nuts before he could change the tire, because the factory ones were so bad he had to hammer the socket onto the lug nuts to take them off, so they could not be reused either way. We didn’t have the money to spend on the $60-$100 lug nuts we were coming across, so we shopped around some more and went with these, hoping they would fit and be of lasting quality since they are priced so low. When we brought them to my mechanic, he told us these were very good lug nuts and we shouldn’t have to replace them again- words we loved to hear. He showed us a comparison of our factory installed lug nuts to these ones, and these are all one solid piece, whereas the factory ones are 2 pieces. I would recommended these lug nuts to anyone in need of this size. If we need to replace the lug nuts on our focus, we will do so with this set.

I purchased these lug nuts when i was informed by my ford dealer that all my lug nuts were faulty suddenly and needed to be replaced. I was quoted $240, $10 each for the lug nuts plus installation. Until i replaced them they could not rotate my tires and was told i would have a big problem if i got a flat. I was reluctant ordering these but i did and received them quickly. I called my dealer and they agreed to install them. Just had them installed today and was told that they are better quality than the originals and they did not charge an installation fee. So it cost me only the $23 cost for these replacements. Highly recommend this seller and can definitely vouch for the quality of these lug nuts.

I just installed these on a 2016 corvette z06. The stock lug nuts were the common steel with a thin jacket, and i’ve had problems with them sticking in both 19mm and 3/4 sockets. These are shorter than the stock lug nuts with a smaller button head. I was surprised to find they have a slightly larger bearing surface. They weigh 5 grams less than the stock lug nuts. I am pleased with them so far and if they finish lasts they’ll be 5 star lugs.

Oem lug nuts on my car had thin foil coverings over a metal core. Over five or six tire rotations, that foil became torn and corroded and finally they just had to be replaced. Dealer wanted an extortionate amount of money to replace 20 lug nuts, these dpa ones are far better quality and i expect them to last the rest of the vehicle’s service life.

These are very high quality lug nuts. I originally bought a less expensive set i found on a popular auction site, making the assumption that lug nuts are lug nuts. Well, after only a month on my car, they already showed signs of rust. After reading all the reviews, these dpaccessories’ replacement lug nuts appeared to be what i was looking for. They’ve been installed for over 9 months, show no signs of rust or corrosion, and the chrome is still the shiniest part on my car. Now, if only i didn’t push the wrong tab while ordering, i wouldn’t have bought five sets, instead of just one. I guess i’ll have to either by a fleet of honda accords, or just change the set of lug nuts every year for the next five years. After that, time for a new car. Here are the specifications for the DPAccessories D3116-HT-2305/100 Wheel Lug Nut:

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  • SPECS: M12x1.50 thread – Closed End Bulge Acorn Style Lug Nuts – Conical 60 Degree Seat – 19mm hex – 35.56mm long – 22.1mm wide
  • WILL NOT FIT: Factory Toyota/Lexus/Scion OEM aluminum wheels. For OEM wheels see part number LCM3C6HCOCH04100.
  • WILL NOT FIT: Factory Honda/Acura OEM aluminum wheels. For OEM wheels see part number LCR2B6HCOCH04100.
  • FEATURES: Triple chrome plating with essential layers of copper, nickel, and chrome to provide exceptional strength, beauty, and corrosion resistance. Manufactured with cold forged and heat treated steel for dependable strength and durability.
  • INCLUDES: 100 Chrome Closed End Bulge Acorn Lug Nuts.

I have replaced the original lug nuts on a 2011 and 2013 ford fusion. These lug nuts have a thin chrome cover that when taken off with an impact wrench, they are easily damaged. This becomes an issue if you have a flat tire and your 19 mm socket is unable to grip the lug nut. I replaced all the lug nuts with the dpaccessories chrome lug nuts. High quality and now i feel better knowing my son and son-n-law have lug nuts that can be removed with no problem if they have a flat tire. Great pricing and dpaccessories ships their products the day or day after you place your order. Very pleased with their prompt service.

I have a 2016 ford fusion that has had the tires changed and rotated multiple times at both the ford dealership and walmart. My last trip to walmart, i was informed that they could not get the lugnuts off because the caps had swollen and would not let them put their lug wrenches on properly. I tried to remove them myself with the lug wrench that came with the car and i could not get it to go on the lugnuts eitheri realized if i had a flat out on the road i would be screwed as i would have no way to take the wheel off so i ordered a set of these. First picture shows the capped lug nut, then the actual all steel lugnuts once the cap has come off, and then this product. The second photo shows how the capped lugnuts deform and will not allow a wrench to seat properly on it. The third photo shows where i had to drive on an impact socket with a mini sledge hammer to get it to seat. The fourth photo shows where i had to use an extended cheater/breaker wrench bar to undo the lugnuts is my dewalt electric impact would not deliver enough torque. Save yourself a bunch of heartache and pain and replace them now and then never have to worry about them again. They appear to be extremely well-made and fit the same socket that came with your car so you can throw all the old ones away. Hope this helps and saves you the problem i had.

My husband wanted to take a moment to point out our positive experience with these lug nuts to help other potential buyers. We own a 2009 ford fusion with about 110,000 miles on it (as of this review), which uses the 17′ aluminum wheels so it has the ‘chrome’ lug nuts. As with most factory lug nuts like these, for whatever reason they are two piece and over time rust builds up between the nut itself and the chrome cap. Eventually you will have trouble getting a socket on them and you will be in for a real treat getting the wheels off. Please do yourself a favor, and every once in a while check the fit with an appropriate sized socket on all your lug nuts and also check with the tool that comes in your trunk. The easiest time is when you are changing the oil or rotating your tires – if you notice any of them starting to be hard to fit a tool on or get stuck in the tool, replace them all asap. You will save headaches later. Here are the pictures he took during the replacement of the lug nuts, one is of the originals on the car, the other is the new lug nuts. Another is a side-by-side comparison. Finally is the box, excuse the finger prints this was after he worked on the car and the box was perfect on arrival.

After a little research, i discovered that many consumers are having the same problem that i did with factory lug nuts. It seems that the factory lug nuts are carbon steel (?) with a chrome plated cap pressed over them. The problem is that the carbon steel (again, ?) begins to rust underneath the chrome cap over a period of time. This causes the lug nut to swell up, thus changing the outside dimensions of the lug nut. It is nearly impossible to remove the lug nuts if they get too bad. These lug nuts from dpaccessories are solid throughout, and thus do not have the swelling problem. On top of that, the dpaccessories lug nuts are much, much cheaper – go figure. I plan to buy more in the near future for another vehicle which will eventually have the same swelling problem. Awesome product and service.

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  • Better than factory lug nuts saved the day!
  • Great replacement Lug Nuts.
  • It is nearly impossible to remove the lug nuts if they get too bad. These lug nuts from DPAccessories are solid throughout

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